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Engine Wiring Harness Information

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle’s engine, no stone is too small or insignificant to leave unturned. Your engine is absolutely critical to the overall function of your vehicle – so you want to be sure that every piece of the system is in perfect working order through and through. This is even true of your engine wiring harness, which should be in top condition at all times. Remember that your engine relies on a steady electrical source – and that the wiring that carries that electricity is as important as any other input. You’ll want engine wiring that is heat- and abrasion-resistant and is rated to a high temperature and even higher voltage. You want your car’s electrical system to be top-notch – so ensure that you have great wiring in place throughout, including in your pumps, fans, and lights. Additionally, remember to really think through your electrical system: don’t forget about connectors, terminals, and switches. All the wiring in the world won’t save you if the details aren’t there. Fortunately, has everything you need to maintain your electrical system at great prices every day.

Engine Wiring Harness

Your car’s engine wiring harness is much like your body’s circulatory system. Just as your veins distribute the blood from your heart throughout your body, powering your every movement, a wiring harness distributes electricity from your vehicle’s primary fuse box and delivers it to the various electrical systems throughout your vehicle. Your car depends greatly on this electrical distribution system. Without a properly functioning harness, your vehicle can’t power essential functions.

Although their work goes on under the hood, engine wiring harnesses are involved in many of the operations you undertake every time you get behind the wheel: putting on your turn signal, turning on your windshield wipers, clicking on your high beams or activating your defroster. This system of wires distributes the electricity needed for on-board computer diagnostics, fuel injection and ignition. If yours isn’t working properly, you’re literally left powerless.

Here at, we offer wiring harnesses for a wide variety of vehicles, and you can easily search for the one that matches the make and model of your car. We have both genuine and OEM parts, and our 30-day return policy ensures you get the part that works perfectly with your vehicle.

What is an engine wiring harness?

Put simply, a wiring harness is a set of wires, connectors and terminals that are distributed throughout your vehicle to bring power to the various components that require electricity in order to work. The wires themselves are made to resist heat and abrasion so they can perform properly despite the high temperature conditions and normal wear of your vehicle’s engine. Harnesses are specific to a particular vehicle’s engine, so it’s important to select the type that matches with your car’s make, model and year.

How much are engine wiring harnesses?

Harnesses have several components, and it’s not always necessary to purchase the entire system if you only need to service a particular portion of the overall part. We offer entire harnesses, which vary widely in price from several hundred dollars to over $1,000, as well as repair components that often cost less than $100. The price also depends on your vehicle’s engine and age.

When should I replace my wiring harness?

Wiring harnesses are built to withstand the demanding conditions within your vehicle, and they rarely need to be entirely replaced. The most common reason for a harness replacement is due to a fire under your car’s hood. Under normal conditions, however, the more likely scenario is that you’ll need to replace an individual wiring component. In either case, has you covered.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: thunderbird

i m very satisfied on the parts n service.

1966 Ford Thunderbird Engine Wiring Harness

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: jonturner

OUTSTANDING PRICE AND SERVICE! I ordered a Robert Bentley service manual for my Mercedes on a Thursday afternoon. Not only was it offered at partsgeek for $20 less than the cheapest price, but partsgeek's FREE SHIPPING had this giant (800+ pages?) hardcover book on my doorstep less than 12 hours after clicking "place order."

I am SO impressed -- I don't think I'll ever shop at the local parts store again!

1999 Mercedes C280 Engine Wiring Harness

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Tophat

Great service, great product, and unbelievable quick delivery.

2001 Volkswagen Beetle Engine Wiring Harness

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Ken

Wiring Harness works really good. Fast delivery.

1995 Mercedes S320 Engine Wiring Harness

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Very happy customer

I am very happy with the parts I got, great quality!

2005 Nissan Altima Engine Wiring Harness

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: jetta glow plug wiring harness

very satisfied, part was a original VW part and fit perfectly.

great price. thanks...

2000 Volkswagen Jetta Engine Wiring Harness