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Engine Vibration Damper Information

The interior of an internal combustion engine is far from a peaceful place. It is filled with thousands of small explosions and, as a result, plenty of vibration and shaking. One worrisome area of movement is in the crankshaft. Here, the powerful impulses of an internal combustion engine lead to intense torsional vibration. The worry here is very real: it is possible for this torsional vibration to become strong enough and intense enough to break the crankshaft at high speeds. The key to engine health is to control vibration with an engine vibration damper. In many cases, this damper works more or less like a toned-down version of a clutch. To form the damper, rubber cones are bolted between the flywheel and the hub face. These rubber cones effectively reduce torsional vibrations by absorbing the energy, ensuring that the crankshaft will not splinter under strong forces. Like any other part based on shock-absorbing rubber, the damper will decrease in effectiveness over time. When you’re ready to replace this component, visit for top-notch service and great prices.

Engine Vibration Damper

Vibration dampers are crucial elements of any engine. Vital to the engine and critical accessory systems, dampers help to minimize harmonic vibrations that can damage motor parts and compromise performance and efficiency.

At you will find vibration dampers from top brands like A1 Cordone, Febi, Genuine, Scan-Tech and USA Industries, as well as plenty of options for Original Equipment and Original Equivalent parts.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, speedy delivery and an impressive selection of quality parts at a fair price. And, our 30-day return policy helps us to guarantee that you will get the part you need to get your engine running like clockwork.

What is an engine vibration damper? How does it work?

An engine vibration damper is a simple auto part with many names; vibration damper, crankshaft damper, harmonic damper and torsional damper are probably just a few common aliases.

This crucial piece is typically made of rubber and metal. Bolted at the head of the crankshaft, it helps to absorb the vibrations produced with each firing of the cylinder. Vibration dampers are also typically connected to the crank pulley, helping to power onboard accessory systems such as air conditioning.

The metal portion of the engine vibration damper provides the torsional and shearing strength needed to withstand high speeds and force. Meanwhile, the rubber within the pulley absorbs shocks in order to ease strain and wear on the crankshaft.

How much do vibration dampers cost?

The price for an engine vibration damper will vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle, as well as the material and design quality of the specific part. Most of the dampers available on fall within the price range of $30 and $150.

Why are vibration dampers necessary?

As engine cylinders fire they move up and down at high speeds, generating torque that transfers to the crankshaft. That is, the crankshaft helps to convert the raw combustion power produced by the engine into the rotational force needed to eventually get the wheels moving.

The forces needed to produce this much horsepower are huge, and the crankshaft is engaged every time a cylinder fires. This force has the potential to cause vibrations in the crankshaft itself. When the crankshaft vibrates at certain frequencies it can begin to resonate (or ""harmonize""), intensifying the shaking dramatically (hence the name ""harmonic damper"").

When vibration dampers begin to fail, the engine can begin to vibrate excessively, potentially cuasing issues such as a damaged crankshaft or displaced serpentine belt.

What can go wrong with an engine vibration damper?

There are several signs and symptoms of a compromised vibration dampers:

  • Engine resonance: one of the earliest marks of a weakened damper is intensified engine vibration, particularly at certain crankshaft frequencies. When dampers deteriorate, they may not be able to effectively absorb shock, increasingly the likelihood of harmonic interference.
  • Misaligned timing marks: many balancers are made up of two pieces of metal separated by a layer of rubber capable of absorbing vibrations. Timing marks are stamped onto the outer portion of the pulley. When misaligned it can become especially difficult to time the engine properly.
  • A separated vibration damper: the rubber portion of this auto part is unfortunately prone to dry out, crack and wear out after consistent use. In extreme cases this can lead to the complete failure of the vibration damper, as well as engine accessories such as air circulation systems.

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