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Replacement Driveshaft Information

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DriveshaftDrive shafts are one of the most basic suspension components of a vehicle. It is a steel shaft, usually with a universal joint that connects the transmission to the drive wheels. Drive shafts are a mechanical component that transmits both torque and rotation from the engine. Because the shaft carries so much load--the entire force of the drivetrain--it needs to be exceedingly strong though at the same time must not achieve this strength through increased weight of the metal used. In the case of an all wheel drive vehicle driveshafts connect to the transfer case then to your vehicles axle. Drive shaft problems happen more frequently with all wheel drive vehicles especially if driven off road or under hard acceleration.

This would result in too much inertia which would then feed back into the transmission and cause added stresses and wear during changes in speed. The unit is more than a simple shaft, it is a precisely engineered piece of an elaborate system that ensures that the vehicle will go when you want it to go and stop on demand without adding weight or points of potential failure. On occasion you need to get a Driveshaft for safe driving or functional reasons, while at other times it's an item to enjoy; either way, acquire the highest level of quality you're able to manage. When you decided on your car, you had an investment that likely will be with your family for years to come; protect your ride by installing only the best u joints and drivetrain systems and components.

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Driveshaft Information

In the event that the vehicle begins to make unusual vibrations it might be time to buy a new A1 Cardone Driveshaft.

A1 Cardone

A1 Cardone Driveshaft
Many times the hardest thing about fixing your vehicle is finding a dependable source for outstanding parts like an A1 Cardone driveshaft. Your vehicle needs the best parts that you can find. Your vehicle has a place in your heart due to its high performance and terrific style, so to keep it running in top form you want the ultimate in high-quality parts. By enabling your injectors to use gasoline better, performance equipment options raise power while cutting excess gasoline wastage. A dysfunctional driveshaft will typically produce vibrations that you will feel inside the car and may also enhance the amount of noise you hear while driving. Your driveshaft is a long tube underneath the vehicle which carries motion to all four wheels. An unmaintained driveshaft will create odd shuddering just before it fails. Your car's driveshaft goes inside of the hole of your driveshaft bearing, which allows it to spin.


When it comes to driveshafts, failing to fix a small problem when it starts is crucial to preventing potentially costly damage down the road: not only to surrounding parts, but also to the transmission itself.

On, you will find a selection of thousands of driveshafts, whether you are looking for a simple replacement or a major upgrade. You'll find equipment from top brands like A1 Cardone, EMPI, Genuine and USA Industries, as well as many OEM and remanufactured parts, all at excellent prices.

Use the website search function to find a particular part, or browse your options by the year or make of your car. Our 30-day return policy helps to guarantee that you find exactly the part you need to keep on truckin'.

What is a driveshaft?

The driveshaft is a precision engine component that is responsible for transferring rotation and torque from the drive train to other areas of the vehicle. Driveshafts connect the engine to the back wheels of a rear-wheel drive vehicle, and to all wheels in a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Because these components undergo great shear and torsion stress, they must be exceedingly strong. However, they should not be so bulky that the develop their own significant inertia (via weight). Too much inertia can result in force being fed back to the transmission, putting it under extra strain that can lead to premature failure.

While these parts are common in off road and otherwise high performance autos, not all cars are manufactured with them. Certain models use a set of gears instead of a shaft to transfer torque to each wheel.

How much do driveshafts cost?

Most of the driveshafts on cost between $200 and $500. Prices will differ depending on what the make and model of your vehicle is, as well as what type of performance you're looking for.

If you have a limited budged, you may want to consider trying to find a remanufactured driveshaft. Higher end parts often have features such as optimized weight reduction, extra torsional stiffness and precision joint design.

How do driveshafts work?

On its own an engine can't make the wheels on your car turn. For instance, in a front-wheel drive vehicle the transmission must somehow transfer power to the rear axle. This is done using a driveshaft which is also known as a ""propeller shaft"". Extending the length of the car, this part connects the engine to the final drive (differential) of the transmission, located on the rear axle. Driveshafts are also used to transfer torque and rotation to the wheels themselves.

What can go wrong with a driveshaft?

Since driveshafts must rotate at extremely high speeds and transfer heavy torque loads, they are especially exposed to the risk of becoming unbalanced or worn down. When this happens it can cause potentially serious issues that affect a vehicle's drivability.

Intense vibrations and unusual noises are two of the most commonly noticed symptoms of an ailing driveshaft. Worn bushings or U-joints can causes excessive vibration of the driveshaft. Not only is this noticeable within the cab, constant shaking can compound the wear on other parts of the drivetrain.

Worn joints can also lead to rattling, scraping or clunking sounds coming from beneath the vehicle. Either of these symptoms are sign that you should examine your drivetrain system as soon as possible. Failure to do so could lead to expensive transmission repairs or replacement later on.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: kelly

Thank you! I got my part within a few days from the east coast,and im on the west coast. It was in beautiful shape and bolted right on. The service was excellent. Il be coming back to you guys when i need parts.

1997 Honda CRV Driveshaft

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Carl

Great company great service

2001 Audi S4 Driveshaft

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Robert Kelsey

I'm looking for a front drive shaft.for my x5 4.4 2001liter v8..NOW WORD ON THE STREET U GUYS ARE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO A foreign car or truck.

2001 BMW X5 Driveshaft

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Michigan

Price was very reasonable, shipment recieved in a timely manner.. Over all very Happy with purchase I made..

2010 Ford Ranger Driveshaft

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: tourguide

Great product, and very easy to swap over. The total job took just over an hour and the parts were an exact fit. To be honest I was actually not looking forward to doing this job, but shortly after I started I was done. The only thing I would recommend if your bolts are rounded off I would recommend replacing them with new ones. If the bolt heads are rounded off it does make it hard to get a proper torque. This replacement part did not come with new bolts. Overall a great product!

2002 Jeep Liberty Driveshaft

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: chong 76

very happy that they found my part

2007 Infiniti QX56 Driveshaft