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Replacement CV Joint Information

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CV JointYou already know that your car is filled with nooks and crannies filled with small wonders of modern engineering, each of which must be cared for and serviced according to its own needs and requirements. This continues to be true for the systems underneath your car – the ones that support the frame and keep the vehicle moving. Beneath your car, there is a very critical system that literally ensures that the wheels turn and the whole thing moves forward. One key part in this system is the CV joint, or constant velocity joint. This joint allows a rotating shaft to transmit power at a constant rotational speed but at a variable angle without boosting friction or play. Most cars feature this joint construction somewhere in the driveshaft region. The joint is most common in front-wheel drive cars, but can also be found in rear-wheel drive in some cases. Fortunately, these particular joints are generally very strong. That doesn’t mean, however, that you will never encounter problems. Be sure to maintain the rubber gaiter that covers the joint – because without this protective cover, the joint can fill with dirt, water, road salt, and grease, eventually causing the joint to lock up and the steering mechanism to fail. You can find everything needed to maintain this part of your vehicle at

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CV Joint Information

Your Replacement CV Joint Kit is isolated in a covering made of rubber which is commonly referred to as a CV boot.


Replacement CV Joint
The specialists here at PartsGeek know what it's like to take pride in your vehicle, and so we are on a mission to help you find the right Replacement CV joint kit. People who love their cars understand that only top quality aftermarket and OEM parts should be used for maintenance and repairs. Bestselling carmakers understand the inherent importance of great performance. Car or truck enthusiasts who enjoy optimized vehicles know that absolutely nothing is more important than having the most durable replacement parts for your vehicle. Your car or truck's CV joint kit is an indispensable element of your driveshaft. A well-maintained CV joint kit is designed to transfer force at a steady rate, even at an angle. In the event that the car's CV joint kit is cracked or otherwise damaged, a new part will be necessary. Your vehicle's CV joint kit is covered by a rubber sheath which is referred to as a CV boot.

CV Joint

The major reason you should care about your CV joint is that it keeps your wheels attached to your car. If it fails, you end up with a broken axle and your vehicle becomes multi-ton paperweight. This is especially dangerous if it happens while you're driving, leading to a loss of control and untold levels of collateral damage. Most drivers never have a problem with these joints. However, if you're hearing clunking or pops while turning, it's time to act fast.

Axle joints perform a complex and specific set of functions, but they're pretty simple when you get past the engineering jargon. They transfer power from your transmission to your wheels, and they minimize friction while they're doing it. This allows you have a smooth and safe experience accelerating over rough roads while swerving to avoid potholes. Look for two CV joints on each half axle: one connected to your transmission and the other mounted to the engine side of your wheel. They're probably each covered by a heavy rubber housing that looks like an accordion bellows.

We want to be your source for quality joints from great brands like Genuine, Meyle, ALLMAKES 4X4, G2 Axle & Gear, Scan-Tech and Original Equipment. That's why we stock millions of parts and offer discount prices every day. Our inventory system makes sure we show what we have and ship it fast. We also offer a 30-day return policy on our products to make sure you get exactly what you need.

What is a CV joint?

'CV' stands for constant velocity. These joints are designed to deliver a constant speed all along your drivetrain, allowing you to get power from your transmission to your wheels. They rotate smoothly while flexing at an angle, letting you move forward while turning your vehicle and going over bumps in the road. Engineers have also made them to handle high levels of torque from the transmission without heat or stress, allowing you to navigate your vehicle safely in any situation.

These axle joints work in a pair, one connected to your transmission and the other connected to your wheel hub. You have one pair on each of your half drive shafts. If you look behind the wheel where it connects to your axle, you should see an accordion-shaped rubber piece. That's the protective boot that covers your CV joint and holds in the necessary lubricants.

How much is a replacement CV joint?

An average price for a single CV joint is $50-200. Check to see if you have damage on both sides of your vehicle before you order your parts. Differences in the cost depend on:

  • Type of joint
  • Size and torque capacity of the joint
  • Materials used
  • Make and model of your vehicle
  • Types of boots included

What are some symptoms of a failed CV joint?

Axle joints are durable, but they do fail. Often, it's because the rubber boot is damaged and lubricant leaks out. Prevent this by doing a check as part of your regular maintenance. There are several warning signs that you might need some work:

  • Cracked rubber
  • Leaking lubricant
  • Greasy sprays on the axle side of the wheel
  • Noisy turns, especially at high RPM
  • Rough acceleration

Lubricant leaking and rubber damage might just require a boot replacement. If you're hearing clunking or you have choppy acceleration, it's probably due to joint damage. Get the affected joints replaced soon to prevent complete loss of control of your wheel and broken axles.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Replacement CV Joint Kit - Front

I was a little nervous ordering online, but after installing I was very comfortable with my purchase. No problems with Plus this is a Dorman product.

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee CV Joint Kit

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: gstorms

i was pleased with this product. the parts went together very well.

2003 Jeep Liberty CV Joint Kit

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Great Parts, Great Prices!

After a thorough review of local sources and internet websites, Partsgeek offered the highest quality part at the best price. The part came in in time and works fabulously.

2006 Hummer H3 CV Joint Kit

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: MIKE


2005 Dodge Dakota CV Joint Kit

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Linda

Looked for this product every wear.... Most places will only sale the whole drive shaft.not just the CV joint kit.....and a great price!!!

2009 Jeep Wrangler CV Joint Kit

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: cv joints

I purchased two units for left and right sides of front axle. The actual CV joints appear to be same as OEM. the kit included all necessary bits - grease, boots, boot clamps, c-clips... I was very disappointed that the axle nuts where different - one was the same as OE, but the other had a much larger diameter and required a larger socket. The boots have less pleats than OE, so I hope they last as long. The boot clamps require a crimping tool which I have, but not a common DIY tool.

2000 Land Rover Range Rover CV Joint