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Replacement Cruise Control Module Information

Choose from top brands including: Programa, Genuine, A1 Cardone and AC Delco.

Cruise Control ModuleIf youíve ever taken a long road trip (and most of us have), you understand the value of a good cruise control. Driving long distances can be tiring: itís amazing how difficult it can be to pick up your right foot and keep it hovering over the accelerator. Apart from the issue of fatigue, cruise control is a time-tested way to avoid traffic tickets: itís easy to speed on a wide-open highway when the only thing rushing past your windows is corn. Setting the cruise control can help you monitor your speed, which in turn helps you avoid speeding tickets and makes your drive safer. Your vehicleís cruise control is largely dependant on the cruise control module, which remembers the speed you have set, compares the speed signal from the vehicle speed sensor to the set speed, and sends pulse signals to the actuator to move the throttle linkage accordingly in order to modulate vacuum and maintain your speed. This component, then, is the glue that holds the entire system together: other components, such as the vehicle speed sensor, the actuator, the brake switch, the clutch switch, and the throttle linkage, serve more specialized functions within the whole. For great deals on cruise control components, visit

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Cruise Control Module Information

Your A1 Cardone Cruise Control Module is an essential part of a vehicle's cruise control system, which allows the car's driver to program a speed for the vehicle to maintain.

A1 Cardone

Every car will require replacement parts now and then, so when you need an A1 Cardone cruise control module, is here to help you. The supporting parts of your car, though not necessary for the smooth drivability of your car or truck, are nonetheless items you'll want to preserve in tip-top working order. Because the average motorist spends a great deal of time in an automobile, it is a good idea to install components that can make the daily commute more pleasurable. Your car's manufacturer is known for solid and rugged vehicles, but all vehicles have minor components that sometimes stop working or need repair - our site has the replacement accessories your car needs. The cruise control module is an integral piece of a vehicle's cruise control system, which allows the driver to program a target speed for the car to maintain. The car's cruise control module is an element that allows the driver to set velocity and allow the car to keep to that speed automatically. A cruise control module is featured on any vehicle with cruise control. The car's cruise control module can be repaired or replaced if the device is lost or damaged.

Cruise Control Module

For the lead-footed, cruise control is the only way to avoid racking up hundreds of dollars worth of tickets. While more moderate drivers won't need it to keep the state troopers at bay, cruise control is still extremely handy to have around. It allows you to sit in a more balanced posture during long trips. It relieves you of the need to keep your foot and ankle at awkward positions for extended periods of time. It even saves you money on gas by maintaining a constant speed. Another thing to consider is that erratic cruise control behavior routinely contributes to highway accidents. Keep yourself safe by acting immediately when you detect problems with your cruise control.

Your cruise control module contributes to the overall system by processing data and sending instructions. It communicates with engine speed sensors and the throttle actuator to maintain the speed you want. The module itself is an electronic component, usually encased in a protective plastic housing. Different makes have different locations for this part, so check your vehicle's maintenance and repair manual for identification and replacement procedures.

Fixing your cruise control is easy when you have access to the right parts. We have millions of brand new and remanufactured vehicle components at We're proud to offer discount prices on the best cruise control module brands, including A1 Cardone, Programa, Standard Motor Products and Genuine. We're also proud to offer you a 30-day return policy to protect your purchases. That's in addition to the excellent warranties many of our manufacturers offer.

What is a cruise control module?

Your cruise control module is the nerve center of your cruise control system. It holds the memory and processing functions that allow the system to do its job.

Cruise Control Module Function

  1. Your desired speed is recorded by the module.
  2. The module compares real-time speed sensor data to your settings.
  3. The cruise control module reads the differences between the two values.
  4. Electronic signals are sent to the throttle actuator to tell it to open or close, adjusting your vehicle's speed.

The module is usually a circuit board enclosed in protective shielding. If you're not sure where to find it, check your maintenance manual for a diagram. Otherwise, look for wires leading to relevant components, such as your engine speed sensor, throttle actuator and cruise control switch.

How much is a replacement cruise control module?

If you want a great deal on a cruise control module, it's a good idea to look into remanufactured options. The difference is striking. New parts often start above $400 and climb as high as $1,000 or more. Refurbished parts range from $60-200, on average.

The main reason for the price discrepancy is that the expensive module components are less likely to fail. That makes reworking a part at the factory much more efficient than manufacturing a new one in the majority of cases. This means big savings for you when you find a refurbished module.

What else contributes to cruise control failure?

Depending on your vehicle, your module might not be the only problem. Always check the following when you replace your faulty module:

  • Speed sensor and wires
  • Vacuum lines
  • Throttle linkage

If there's any sign of wear on these parts, replace them when you're working on your cruise control module. Save time and frustration by getting everything refreshed and ready for your next big trip.

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Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied
Reviewer: Joanthan Hanley

the part was in decent shape, clean and in working order.

1993 Chevrolet K2500 Cruise Control Module

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Mike

Great service excellent part!

1993 Chevrolet C2500 Cruise Control Module

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: Dennis Dorsey

Part was fine.... I've just been having EXTREME trouble trying to return the core. No response from customer service and no number to call.

1990 Chevrolet K2500 Cruise Control Module

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Electric Bill Cruise Control

Was skeptical at first because my chevy suburban was a 95 model. I took a chance and bought the 92 model and it worked perfect for me. Great price too......$250.00 les than the auto parts stores around my area !

1992 Chevrolet C1500 Suburban Cruise Control Module

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: S. Welch

This rebuilt cruise control module fixed my van problem. I had replaced the brake switch, and testing showed the steering wheel switch was working. Opened up the old CC module, and saw that the worm drive screw was crumbled and worn.

Thanks for the fast shipment on this quality replacement part.

1989 Chevrolet C1500 Cruise Control Module

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme A1 Cardone Cruise Control Module

I'm very satisfied w/ this product.



1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Cruise Control Module