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Replacement Cold Start Valve Information

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Cold Start ValveYou want a lot of things from your car – and one of them is that it must start consistently and without drama or error. Most drivers know that it is incredibly frustrating to deal with a vehicle that starts anything less than all of the time. Even an irregular, infrequent failure of the starting mechanism can be a deal-breaker and day-ruiner. This is why drivers place a premium on starting mechanisms that work without fail. One key component of an overall starting system is the fuel injection system. This system is responsible for providing your car’s engine with the fuel it needs. The fuel injection system is what keeps your car running – but it also plays a part in getting it started, as an engine simply will not start without a proper injection of fuel. The cold start valve, then, plays a particularly critical part in the fuel injection system that kick-starts an engine. This valve is different from the other injection valves in that it is specifically designed to start an engine that is cold. It is responsible for properly enriching the mix of fuel and air to ensure that the vehicle starts smoothly. When you need to make repairs to your fuel injection system, remember to head to for the best selection and prices.

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Replacement Cold Start valves
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Cold Start Valve Information

Cracked Beck Arnley Cold Start Valve might very well cause a difficult time starting your car's engine in winter weather.

Beck Arnley

Every car or truck will require replacement parts now and then, so when you need a Beck Arnley cold start valve, PartsGeek is here to help you find what you need. People who want the most from their cars understand that only top quality OEM and aftermarket parts should be installed. Your vehicle definitely requires the most top-notch replacement parts you can find. Successful automobile manufacturers grasp the basic importance of high performance. A well-maintained cold start valve will boost your vehicle's overall dependability on cold mornings. Cracked cold start valve can make difficulty starting the vehicle's engine on cold mornings. For optimal starting power, particularly on cold mornings, a cold start valve it is necessary. Your vehicle's cold start valve works a lot like your fuel injector valves, spraying gasoline into the fuel-air mixture.

Malfunctioning Bosch Cold Start Valve will likely result in difficulty starting the vehicle's engine when the weather is cold.


Bosch Cold Start Valve
Shop whenever you want high quality car and truck parts like a Bosch cold start valve. By enabling your motorist to use gasoline more completely, performance parts make for higher power while lowering excess gasoline wastage. Improved driving is a snap with after-market equipment made to function with the fuel system and suspension components. A vehicle's performance is a composite of myriad factors including quality parts. The car's cold start valve is similar in function to your standard fuel injectors, spraying gasoline into the fuel-air mix. For optimal reliability in starting, particularly in winter weather, a cold start valve it is necessary. Aging cold start valve will likely result in difficult starting the vehicle's engine when the weather is cold. A functioning cold start valve will increase your car or truck's total reliability when the weather is cold. When you decide to get a Bosch cold start valve, repairing your cherished vehicle with first class parts is the best strategy over time.

A working Standard Cold Start Valve will improve a car or truck's general dependability when the weather is cold.


Standard Cold Start Valve
Usually the most frustrating thing about maintaining an older vehicle is looking for a top-rated source for outstanding parts such as a Standard cold start valve. Protect your car's elements by purchasing the best top-notch parts. A new vehicle demands the most top-notch replacement parts that are available. People who appreciate performance know that only the highest quality OEM and aftermarket parts should be used. Your car or truck's cold start valve is similar in function to your standard fuel injector valves, spraying fuel into the fuel-air mix. For optimal ease of starting, especially in winter weather, a cold start valve is definitely recommended. Blocked cold start valve might very well cause difficulty starting your engine when the weather is cold. A functional cold start valve will add to the vehicles general dependability in cold weather. To get tremendous performance out of your car or truck, look at a Standard cold start valve.

Cold Start Valve

Can't start on cold days, or are you having trouble with choppy starts and rough idling even when the weather's fine? If you've been driving for a while, or if you're a connoisseur of classic cars, these issues might sound a little too familiar. A persistent problem in older cars was getting the correct mixture of air and gasoline necessary to start the engine. You could easily flood out with too much gas by opening a choke too wide. You might also end up draining the battery trying to ignite a lean mixture. The reason most newer drivers have no knowledge of this automotive tribulation is simple: The addition of a cold start valve to the modern fuel injection system.

Also known as cold start injectors, cold start valves enrich your fuel-to-air mixture when your engine is operating at low temperatures. They're usually screwed to the intake manifold, where they use a thermometer reading to determine optimum operating conditions. They're constructed similarly to your other injector valves, with the major difference being that their injection time is usually measured on a different scale.

Getting you out on the road with the right parts is our first priority at That's why we offer protection for all of your purchases under a 30-day return policy. Choose from great manufacturers, such as Bosch, Standard Motor Products and Genuine. Whatever you choose, trust our advanced computer inventory system to show you only what we have in stock. Even though we have millions of parts on hand in our warehouses, almost every order we get ships out in under two days.

What is a cold start valve?

Your cold start valve is part of your vehicle's starter system. It's attached to the fuel injection apparatus. Like many of the other valves and related components in the starter system, cold start valves play an important role in getting your car up and running when the engine is stopped.

The cold start valve uses thermometric readings to know when to release more gas into the intake manifold and enrich the air-fuel ratio. This is necessary for cold starts and starting up in cold weather. A failed valve might keep you from starting up, or it might run too often and make you lose fuel efficiency.

How much is a replacement cold start valve?

The good news is that you might pay as little as $10 for new cold start valves. The slightly less happy news is that you could easily pay several hundred dollars. It depends on the type of valve you get, as well as what type of vehicle you're driving and where you buy your parts.

How do I replace a faulty cold start valve?

Cold start valves are mounted to the intake manifold. They're usually screwed in, making it relatively easy to get them out. One thing to note is that you may want to take your vehicle into a shop if your valve looks like it's rusted in or fused to the manifold. Take care when removing the old part. Try not to break any of the plastic washers or screws, and follow safety procedures.

Switching Your Cold Start Valve

  1. Test for cold start injector failure. Proceed if you confirm your part is faulty.
  2. Locate the valve on the manifold.
  3. Disconnect electrical leads.
  4. Loosen and unscrew your defective valve.
  5. Carefully screw your new valve into the fuel rail.
  6. Reconnect your electrical wires.
  7. Place the key in the start position and let the injector run for a few moments before sparking the engine.

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