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Replacement Cold Air Intake Information

Choose from top brands including: K&N, Replacement, AFE, Spectre Performance, Airaid, DIY Solutions, AEM, Volant, BBK, Banks Power, Injen, Crown Automotive, Corsa, Roush and Flowmaster.

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Cold Air Intake Information

Advantages Of An Air Intake System: If you want to boost the power and performance of your car or truck you can do so by installing a K&N intake system (or any other brand like AFE, AEM and Airaid intakes...etc). This is a modification that is actually not that difficult to put in place and one that can be done by any person with a moderate understanding of vehicle mechanics. Cool air induction systems have been around for a long time, evident on racing cars and high performance cars, though today more of us are chosen to explore the option of installing the set-up on our everyday vehicles.

For example a K&N cold air intake system would be installed in place of your original air filter and intake. This would require taking off the original tubing and breather box and adding the completely new system. By doing so you will be able to increase your vehicles horsepower, this is because it allows denser cooler air to mix with the fuel which in turn boosts the available horsepower. This lower temperature air moving into a vehicles internal combustion engine also tends to help gas mileage. Though the difference may not be massive it will certainly be noticeable.

At first glance an aftermarket intake system may look similar to the original engine manufacturers system. The primary visual difference is where the intake terminates. To ensure cold air is sucked in the end of the intake it needs to be as great a distance from the heat of the engine as theoretically possible. This means the actual intake is often found low down or behind the headlights. It is not just the boost to horsepower that attracts people to switching to cool air intakes; they can also increase your vehicle's overall fuel efficiency. This is a consideration that should not be overlooked with the cost of fuel rising on a seemingly monthly basis and with the trend almost certain to continue. You can potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars in fuel over the course of twelve months. Another factor that is thought of as desirable with a high performance air intake kit is that it alters the way a vehicle sounds.

Though this is solely an aesthetic consideration many car owners love the way it makes their engines growl. The noise can really make your car stand out from the crowd. A great aspect about opting to modify your vehicle in this way is that it can be done for a relatively small investment. Unlike other modifications, changing an intake system does not require a huge sum of money. The actual expense would depend upon the manufacturer and design that you opt for. Before you decide to alter you car or truck in this way it is worth noting that there can be the issue of water entering into the air filter and then into the engine. This would depend upon exactly were the intake is located. If it is close to the road there is more chance of this happening.

Always check out a number of options before deciding on a new intake system. The more time you spend researching the options the better chance you will have of making the right investment. You can do some research online by finding reviews before making a purchase.

Cold Air Intake

Ready to leave the competition in the dust? Intake and exhaust modifications are two of the fastest ways to increase horsepower and get to peak performance. Part of getting the power you want out of your car or truck is giving the engine what it needs to burn efficiently. Another part is reducing bloat in systems that choke out your airflow and cause heat to build up. A performance aftermarket cold air intake addresses several of these concerns.

Improved intakes increase horsepower by providing more oxygen for combustion and helping cleaner air get to your engine faster. Part of the reason these upgraded parts are so effective is that they're focused on performance. They employ shortened intake leads and more aerodynamic air pathways. This provides a steady stream of oxygen into the cylinders at all levels of operation, from an idle to a high rev. Most OEM parts engineers have other priorities that get in the way of these performance concerns, like emissions reduction and sound muffling.

We're just as enthusiastic about getting the best power out of cars and trucks as you are, and we're proud to be your performance upgrade source. We stock millions of parts to enhance your vehicle at, from everyday replacements to competitive components. We carry intakes from the industry leader K&N, as well as great options from Spectre Performance, Banks Power, AFE, Volant, Injen, Rugged Ridge, BBK, Bully Dog, Airaid, AEM and Corsa. We're committed to great customer service and satisfaction, so every purchase you make is covered by our 30-day return policy. Check out our selection, and order your intake today.

What is a cold air intake?

Thermostatic intakes that cool air during certain operating conditions were once standard on many vehicles. Now, they're usually only available as performance parts. They can increase emissions, so they're illegal in certain jurisdictions. Be conscious about any standards you'll have to meet and choose your intake apparatus accordingly to avoid failed inspections or fees.

These parts increase horsepower by supplying better air to your engine. The principle behind their construction is that cool air contains more combustible oxygen than hot air. Some aftermarket intake manufacturers might also use these other design techniques to improve your performance:

  • Improving aerodynamics
  • Removing sound-reducers
  • Reducing intake length
  • Normalizing intake air pressure

How much is a cold air intake?

Getting your engine to breathe easier comes at a significant cost. Choosing a cold air intake is more about performance than cost, but you want to make sure you get a good value. The most common parts in this category usually come out somewhere in the $225-350 price range. As with all performance upgrades, expect to see some outliers on either side from budget or premium brands.

Why install an aftermarket intake?

Unless you have a performance vehicle or sport trim package, it's more than likely your factory intake was designed to reduce sound rather than increase power or efficiency. Install intakes to see improvements in the following categories:

  • Fuel economy
  • Filter effectiveness and flow capacity
  • Engine and sensor lifespan
  • Horsepower
  • Acceleration

You might also want to improve the sound of your engine. While designs from the various manufacturers all make different changes to your vehicle's revving sounds, most performance aftermarket cold air intake systems create a fuller and more assertive roar.

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