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Replacement Coil Spring Information

Choose from top brands including: Moog, Bilstein, Suplex, AC Delco, API, Febi, Genuine, Old Man Emu, Mevotech, Pro Comp Suspension, SuperSprings, Professional Parts Sweden and Belltech.

Coil SpringSprings are an important part of a vehicle's suspension system. Their purpose is to absorb the impact of changes in terrain on a vehicle, thus providing a smoother riding experience and improving the vehicle's handling and braking. Suspension springs come in several varieties, including leaf springs, air springs and coil springs. Coil springs are probably what comes to mind when you think of a "spring." They are made of a bar of metal which has been tightly coiled into a tube. The use of coil springs is not limited to suspension systems; they are also used in mattresses, for example. A popular high-end customization for vehicles is the installation of new coil springs. The springs can be used to lower or raise the vehicle's profile, or to make the "ride" of the vehicle softer (to improve passengers' comfort) or firmer (to improve driving performance or load-bearing capability). Coils can also require replacement due to simple wear and tear. A car with a spongy ride, or a vehicle that "nose-dives" during braking, may require new coils. The condition of the coil is best determined by a knowledgeable mechanic, who can measure the car's height from the ground to determine if it is sagging or leaning. Other signs of a problem include missing coils, cracks or worn spots on the coil, or damage to surrounding parts such as bushings. Replacement of coil springs can be a dangerous undertaking. This is because the coil is typically under high pressure and storing a large amount of energy. The coil must be released in a controlled fashion to prevent it from abruptly springing out of its setting and injuring the mechanic. For this reason, many mechanics use a coil compressor to change the coil. With this specialized tool, the mechanic can keep the coil compressed until it is removed from the vehicle, and then slowly decompress the coil by unscrewing the compressor's through-bolt. Some very skilled mechanics use a floor jack and hydraulic lift to remove the coil, but this technique requires careful judgment and experience, and it should not be performed by amateurs.

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Replacement Coil Springs
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Coil Spring Information

The Bilstein Coil Spring is a heavy spring that keeps the weight of a vehicle's body plus any load it carries from resting on the tires.


Bilstein Coil Spring
Shop at whenever you desire the best quality automotive parts like the Bilstein coil spring. Protect your car or truck's systems by buying the finest in top-notch parts and accessories. Your vehicle has a place in your heart because it has great performance and awesome style, and to have it purring along in its best shape you'll need the best in top-notch parts. By enabling your injectors to use gas better, performance parts increase horsepower while cutting excess gas usage. The vehicle's coil spring is a compression spring in that it resists being compressed and is always trying to spread out to resume its original shape and length. If your vehicle's coil spring is damaged and has to be replaced, a compression tool will have to be used to control the spring and avoid serious injury. A vehicle's coil spring is a heavy-duty metal spring that keeps the weight of a vehicle's body plus any load it carries up above the tires. Shock absorbers are an important kind of coil spring that is designed to stabilize the weight of the car and absorb bumps as the car drives over the road. The perfect parts, like a Bilstein coil spring, are only a click away when you get them from

coil spring

Whether you need to replace an aging or worn out spring, looking to enhance passenger comfort or give your vehicle an extra lift for carrying heavy loads, new coil springs are an excellent investment.

On you will find thousands of coil springs and coil sets from top brands like Eurospare, Genuine, Osaka and Professional Parts Sweden. Use our website's search function to find a particular part, or brown your options by your vehicles make or year of manufacture. We take pride in offering a huge selection of quality parts at exceptional prices. And, our 30-day return policy helps to guarantee that you get the equipment you need to get back in the driver's seat.

What is a coil spring in a car?

Springs are a crucial part of an auto's suspension system. They are basically a sturdy metal bar which has been tightly coiled to form a tube. While there are several different types of springs for each type of vehicle, depending on suspension design, coil springs are by far the most common. They are sometimes also called ""helical springs"", in reference to their helix-like shape.

How much do coil springs cost?

Most of the coil springs on fall somewhere in the range of $50 and $150. They are available both singly and as sets. The cost of your part will depend on your vehicle's make and model, as well as that quality of the materials used.

How do coil springs work?

Springs hold the weight of the vehicle and absorb the shock of impact produced by terrain. They allow passengers to enjoy a smoother ride, expanding when wheel encounter dips in the road and compressing when encountering bumps or other obstacles. A good set of coils also helps to improve vehicle handling and braking. Coils are installed along with shock absorbers. While the coil springs compress and expand to keep passengers safe inside the cab, the shock absorbers help to minimize bumping, road noise and vibrations.

How are coil springs replaced?

Missing coils, cracking or areas of corrosion on the coil itself or damage to nearby parts, such as bushings and shock absorbers, are common suspension issues. However, it usually takes an experienced eye (and a bit of measuring) to determine whether the spring really is still in good working condition.

Coil springs must be put under very high pressure in order to effectively store compressive energy. This can make coil replacement an especially hazardous undertaking. Removing an existing spring must be done under very controlled conditions in order to prevent it from suddenly, violently snapping out of its setting. Many mechanics make use of a coil compressor, which keeps the coil tightly compressed until the spring is removed. Once removed, the spring can be slowly relaxed by loosening the compressor's through-bolt.

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