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Replacement Carburetor Information

Choose from top brands including: Redline, Replacement, Uremco, Edelbrock, Volkswagon, Redline Preformance, Holley, SKP, Crown Automotive, Brosal and JP Group Dansk.

CarburetorMost people know that car and truck motors are powered by the combustion of fuel. To achieve this goal, the fuel must be precisely mixed with oxygen before it is compressed at high pressures. This is typically accomplished with an innovative component called the carburetor. Also called Cheap Carburetors, 2 & 4 Barrel Carb, New Carburetor Parts or differently spelled Carborator. It is up to the carb to combine just the right amount of fuel with just the right amount of oxygen. Getting the mixture perfect is important. Too little fuel in relation to air will result in reduced engine output and may cause internal engine damage. Too much fuel will waste gasoline and may result in a stalled vehicle. If this vital component stops working correctly, it often results in an inoperable vehicle. To get back on the road, you'll want to have an experienced mechanic look into the matter. The popularity of the carburetor has waned in recent years. This is due to the introduction of fuel injection, which produces less emissions and more reliable results. When it comes time to service your vehicle, replace broken components and worn-out auto parts the easy way at

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Carburetor Information

A new Redline Carburetor Kit is imperative for obtaining the correct combination of oxygen and gasoline.


Redline Carburetor
The perfect parts, like a Redline carburetor kit, are just a click away when you get them from PartsGeek. A car's performance is a composite of several factors such as high quality parts. The When you buy a vehicle engineered for high performance it demands top quality replacement parts. By enabling your engine to burn gasoline better, performance components raise horsepower while decreasing excess fuel wastage. Your vehicle's carburetor kit is a straightforward unit that injects fuel into the motor. Your car motor is essentially driven by the combustion of gasoline and to be able to accomplish that, the fuel must mix along with the proper sum of oxygen in the carburetor kit. A malfunctioning carburetor kit will often cause harm to your internal combustion engine. If your carburetor kit doesn't pass enough gasoline then internal motor impairment may be done, while too much gas might cause stalling. The purpose of your car or truck's carburetor kit is to infuse the correct quantity of gas with air so that your vehicle's engine operates properly. Your car or truck is really only as good as the parts it uses, like the Redline carburetor kit.


While carburetors have been phased out of modern autos entirely, there are still plenty of older vehicles that rely on this classic engine part to deliver peak performance. A broken or failing carb doesn't just impact drivability, however, it can also diminish fuel efficiency and even lead to greater engine damage down the road. At we have everything you need to get your old favorite ride back up and running smoothly in no time.

Whether you're looking for efficiency, some serious horsepower, or you're looking to restore a gorgeous classic car, you'll find a huge selection of aftermarket and OEM carburetors and toolkits for impressive prices. Choose from leading brands like Edelbrock, Holley, Volkswagen, Redline Performance and Motorcraft Remember, our 30-day return policy guarantees you get the part you need.

What is a carburetor?

Carburetors are the devices responsible for mixing oxygen and fuel in the right ratio to achieve optimum combustion within your car's engine. Getting the perfect proportionality is crucial. Too little fuel and your ride will ""run lean"", resulting in decreased engine power. On the other hand, too much fuel not only wastes gas, it's likely to stall your engine. Many older cars still rely on carburetors. However, modern autos tend to be equipped with a fuel injection system, which is more effective and emissions-friendly.

How much does a new carburetor cost?

Most of the carb kits available here on fall within the $100 to $500 dollar range. Pricing will depend on the make, model and year of your automobile, as well as what you're looking to get out of your engine's performance. You may simple want to replace a failing carburetor with a new, identical OEM part. On the other hand, you might want to look into aftermarket upgrades to improve fuel efficiency or get more oomph out of your engine.

How does a carburetor work?

At its most basic, a carburetor is simply a tube through which air is drawn into the engine. The carburetor functions to regulate this airflow while also mixing in a precise amount of fuel. This tube narrows toward the center at an aperture known as a venturi. This narrowing creates a natural vacuum that siphons fuel off from a float chamber (gas reservoir) through a small hole (the jet).

The end of this tube is capped by a throttle valve that opens as the car accelerates and closes as it slows down. This allows more or less air to flow through the carburetor throat. As airflow increases, the pressure differential between the float chamber and the venturi increases as well, leading to a stronger flow of fuel into the engine's air stream and greater power output.

What are signs that my carburetor may need to be replaced?

Since the carburetor is essential to good engine function, there should be a few clear signs that you have a part in need of repair or replacement:

  • Black smoke exhausting from the engine is an indicator that too much fuel is passing through the carburetor.
  • A noticeable reduction in engine performance, such as reduced efficiency, less power and sluggish acceleration may be a sign that the carb apparatus is not metering out sufficient fuel.
  • Overheating and backfiring are often caused by an engine that is running too lean. Continued use of a lean-running engine isn't just bad for engine performance, in some cases it can lead to severe engine damage.
  • Compromised fuel metering can also lead to increased difficulty getting your car to start, as well as issues with stalling.

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