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Car Bra Information

A car bra is an automotive accessory that is comprised of a piece of vinyl that covers the front end of the vehicle. Also known as a front-end mask, it protects the metal and paint on the front of the car from debris such as flying rocks and other things that could cause damage while you are driving. It prevents dents and scratches from plaguing the surface of the car, keeping it looking shiny and new for longer, while also adding a sleek look to the car. Customizable to the type of car you have, a car bra is available for most makes of cars. The covering has a heavy vinyl outer layer, but underneath there is padding so that the energy from whatever hits the car and the cover does not affect the surface and paint underneath it. Technologically, it does more than just protect cars. The covering also allows any car paint to breath, so that there is no degradation in paint quality with the application of a car bra. It can be installed and removed easily, so whenever you need to take it off or put it back on, the product will allow you to do so. It can also be custom fitted to cars. This ensures that no matter what brand or year of vehicle you have, you can find a car bra that can be fitted to the vehicle's specifications. Front-end masks are also available from many wholesale dealers, in various configurations. Some can be extended to parts of the hood and are also available for mirror assemblies. Extra features can include air intake screens to avoid the problem of having loose debris get trapped underneath. Other variants have micro-perforated finishes that permit moisture evaporation during wet weather conditions. All of these features of car bras will keep your car looking new for as long as possible, even if it is regularly driven in rough conditions.

Car Bra

If you drive your vehicle on the open road, you're bound to encounter road debris. The inescapable flying stones and onslaught of insects put your car's perfect paint job at risk on a daily basis. Shield your ride in style by investing in a car bra.

Designed to keep your vehicle's front end safe and secure from bugs, stone chips and a host of other road hazards, a car bra or hood bra can also be a fashionable addition to your vehicle.

Here at, we offer some of the best car bras on the market, designed specifically for your ride. Choose from our competitively priced, Covercraft car bras. In addition, our 30-day return policy allows you to buy with confidence. We make it our job to see that you get the best product available at the best price.

What is a car bra?

A car bra, also called a hood bra, front-end bra or car mask, is a piece of resilient, flexible vinyl custom-tailored to fit tightly over your vehicle's front bumper, grille and hood. The underside of the car bra is usually covered with a soft, felt-like material to protect your car's paint and clear coat. Functional and full of flair, car bras can defend your vehicle from the unrelenting realities of road life.

How much will my car bra cost?

At, car bras typically cost less than $100. Car bras are expertly designed to fit your car's individual make and model, so prices may vary.

How do I install my car bra?

Here is a simple installation overview for most car bra models.

  1. Take your car bra out of the package and let it acclimate to the outdoor temperature. It is best to install it when it's warmer so it will be easier to manipulate and wrap around the contours of your car.
  2. Clean your car's exterior and put on a protective wax coating.
  3. While the wax is drying, take a moment to read the manufacturer's directions and take stock of all of the parts and pieces. Gather your required tools- if any.
  4. Apply the car bra to the front of your car and appropriately position the straps and clips as necessary. Take your time to carefully align the car bra and tighten the straps. Double check your work as you go to make sure that each part lines up well with the design of your car's hood, headlights, grill and fog lights (if applicable).
  5. Stand back and admire your new car bra in action.


Above all, make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for your individual model.

How do I clean my car bra?

Simple, regular cleanings can keep your car bra in excellent condition. Consider these easy steps:

  1. Using a cleaning cloth, scrub the exterior of the car bra with warm water to clear away large bits of road rubbish.
  2. Mix up a bucket of soap and warm water and begin thoroughly scrubbing the car bra to free the smaller, caked-on debris (if any). Choose a scrub brush that is sturdy enough to remove the dirt, but soft enough to not damage the car bra. Make sure to rinse as necessary.
  3. Allow the exterior to dry before removing the car bra. Then, repeat the process on the underside.
  4. While the underside is drying, take some time to give your car a wash and polish before reattaching the car bra.

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Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Slam

Love it makes my Durango look meaner & it servers a major purpose because if you own a dodge you know how the body corrodes.. Covers my bumper perfect

2000 Dodge Durango Car Bra

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: Jose diaz

The overall product has been good it just seems to be a little small around the signal light but for the most part it's doing the job

2006 Nissan Murano Car Bra

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Duckie

1998 Dodge Durango Covercraft Car Bra

Covercraft MM42080.... fit like a glove as expected...

1998 Dodge Durango Car Bra

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: Pretty happy with this!

This was a replacement for one I had on my truck for years - that being said the fact that I had put a couple of these on before was the only reason I got this one on at all!

The instruction are horrible! If you haven't put these on before I'm not sure you'll get this on without some help - as it was it took me about 3 hours to get it done!

But let me say that the company was fast to fill the order and with no mistakes - the cost is reasonable and the product itself seems well built. But those directions - Yipes!

1998 Dodge Durango Car Bra

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Sexy Car Bra!

i figure this would be cheaper than a paint job. actually fit correctly, according to the instructions. looks pretty good! it could have so gone the other way...

1996 BMW 328i Car Bra

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: car bra

The car bra fit my car very well. It was easy to put on the car and it improved the appearance of the car. I am very satisfied with the product and will highly recommend the purchase of this product to others. The bra provides protection from road tar, bugs and rocks flying upon the front of the car.

2001 Chevrolet Malibu Car Bra