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Replacement Camshaft Information

Choose from top brands including: Mopar, Replacement, Genuine, Melling, Febi, AMC, SKP, DNJ Rock, Edelbrock, Kolbenschmidt, Competition Cams and Sealed Power.

CamshaftThe camshaft is an important part of any car or truck's engine that requires exceptional timing and design. The component consists of a series of lobes that press against exhaust valves to open and close them. Performance of the cams can be tuned to deliver better performance at low torque or high torque. Many passenger cars compromise by offering decent performance at both levels. A relatively new technology known as variable valve timing allows the car or truck to maximize output at all spectrums of RPM. Some cars on the road today feature a single overhead design, which means there is one cam per cylinder head. Many cars also feature a double overhead (DOHC) design that operates boasts two cams per head, which operate both the exhaust valves and inlet valves. A third design is the pushrod engine. This is similar to overhead designs, except the camshaft is located inside the engine block. Proper timing of the camshaft is critical for maintaining a vehicle's overall health. has a vast assortment of auto parts at the right price.

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Camshaft Information

The rotating cams on the Febi Camshaft push against the valves, causing them to open with precise timing.


Febi Camshaft
The parts you need, like a Febi camshaft, are only a few clicks away when you buy from Your vehicle demands the best components you can buy. Auto enthusiasts who love performance car or trucks understand that nothing is more vital than putting in the newest replacement parts for your car. People who want the most from their cars realize that only premium quality OEM and aftermarket parts should be installed. A camshaft moves multiple cams and is responsible for accurately timing fuel injection so the motor can operate at its best. Your engine needs perfect timing between the movement of the camshaft and other engine components in order to get the best gas mileage. Your car's camshaft should be considered a major component of the vehicle's engine that is placed under tremendous pressure. Your automobile's camshaft is constructed in such a way that it revolves on its axis and opens and closes the vehicle's exhaust valves. In your vehicle's engine, a camshaft is a rod running through the engine that moves the cams that open and close the car's cylinder valves. The metal cams on the camshaft nudge against the valves, so they open at exactly the right time. To get outstanding performance from your vehicle, take a peek at a Febi camshaft.

The cams on the Mahle Camshaft connect with the valves, causing them to open with precise timing.


Mahle Camshaft
When you buy a Mahle camshaft from the specialists here at, you can rest assured that you are getting the best parts at the best price. Whether you race your vehicle or just appreciate driving a high-performance vehicle, the best quality aftermarket and OEM parts are critical. Take your car to a more impressive level of power with performance equipment. Fantastic power and engine performance are derived from outstanding parts and accessories. If your engine doesn't have a premium camshaft your engine will not be at its maximum performance. In a car engine, a camshaft is a heavy metal shaft running through the engine that turns the cams that open and close the car's cylinder valves. A vehicle's engine must have perfect timing between the movement of the camshaft and other engine components in order to get the best gas mileage. The car's camshaft moves multiple cams and is responsible for timing fuel delivery so the motor will operate as designed. The vehicle's camshaft is probably made of some form of high-performance steel. The metal cams on the camshaft bump against the cylinder valves, causing them to open at the correct time.


It begins as a persistent knocking sound that accompanies the engine's pulse, and progressively worsens: the sound of a bad camshaft. This auto part is crucial to the effective functioning of your engine's fuel intake and exhaust system. If you suspect that something is wrong, you'll want to inspect the piece for signs of wear, which may be caused by poor lubrication. A faulty part will likely need to be replaced to avoid further damage.

Luckily, on you'll find an exhaustive selection of camshafts at competitive prices. We carry parts from industry standard brands like Edelbrock, Ford Racing, Volkswagen and many more, as well as plenty of OEM options.

Our online search process makes it easy to narrow in on a product, and with our comprehensive parts library, you're certain to find the perfect part to make your engine purr like new. Your purchase will be backed up by our 30-day return policy, so we can make sure that you're satisfied.

What is a camshaft?

A camshaft is a cylindrical, lobed rod that extends the length of the cylinder bank. These lobes force open exhaust valves in time with the rotation of the camshaft. The timing here really needs to be precise. In order to ensure adequate inflow of aerated fuel and the effective exhaust of waste gases, the opening and closing of the valves has to be synchronized with the working of the pistons. In fact, the camshaft is connected directly or indirectly to the engine's crankshaft.

How much does a camshaft cost?

The price of a new camshafts on ranges from about $100 to $600. Cost of the part will depend on a wide range of factors, such as: brand, make, model and year of your auto, and most importantly what type of engine configuration you have.

When do camshafts need to be replaced?

One of the first signs that you have a problem with your camshaft is a ticking or grinding sound. Other than faulty materials, lubrication issues are the most common reasons that this crucial part begins to falter. A failure in the engine oil delivery and return process can lead to unnecessary wear on the camshaft lobes. So can dirty engine fluid and contamination with other, potentially corrosive substances. Of course, these parts will also naturally wear down after extended heavy use.

What is the difference between single and dual overhead design?

Single overhead engine design has one cam for each cylinder head. In this arrangement an inline 4- or 6-cylinder engine would have one cam, while a V-6 or V-8 would have two. Double overhead design incorporates two cams operating each cylinder head. This configuration is typically used to  accommodate more intake and exhaust valves, resulting in increased engine power. While there are some engines around today that rely on a single overhead camshaft, most modern autos use a double camshaft arrangement.

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