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Bumper Reinforcement Information

When it comes to car safety, the bumper plays an important role. Once a bulky protrusion extending from the front and the back of the vehicles, today's bumpers are mostly concealed behind a painted fascia. In order to provide an added layer of protection against impact, many vehicles also feature a bumper reinforcement. Also referred to as the bumper bar, the bumper reinforcement is located on the inside of the bumper cover. The bumper itself features a bumper beam, which is supported by the vehicle's frame. This is then reinforced with the bumper reinforcement, which is connected to the bumper beam. In addition to reducing the damage caused by a minor collision, the bumper reinforcement also helps ensure the bumper itself stays in place even after being hit by another vehicle or object. Clearly, the bumper reinforcement needs to be made from quality materials and craftsmanship in order to provide the durability that is necessary to withstand an impact. As such, the bumper reinforcement is typically made from aluminum, tough plastic, steel or other similar composite materials. Absorbing materials such as plastic honeycomb or polypropylene are also used in the design of the bumper reinforcement, as these materials assist allow the bumper reinforcement to compress upon impact. Not only does this further help to reduce damage, but these materials also absorb some of the shock of the impact in order to reduce the risk of injury to the driver. When purchasing a bumper reinforcement, it is important to select one that is designed to match the size of the bumper that is already in place on the vehicle. In this way, the bumper reinforcement can be properly installed without needing to make adjustments to the vehicle, as adjustments can change the appearance as well as the safety of the vehicle.

Bumper Reinforcement

While the power of your engine or the speed of your car are exciting, there is little more important than the safety of your vehicle. Your bumper reinforcement is a part of the car’s collision safety system, and this part takes the brunt of many accidents, so it is important to have a good replacement protecting you when you’re back on the road.

At we have a large selection of bumper reinforcements to fit your vehicle. Since the correct fit is imperative to your vehicle’s security, our 30-day return policy can ensure the right replacement at the right price.

What Is a Bumper Reinforcement?

A typical car’s bumper is actually made up of three parts:

    the bumper cover, which is what you see when you look at a carenergy absorbers, which crumple with significant impactthe bumper reinforcement, which is the main event and the stronghold of your car for slower-speed collisions

The bumper reinforcement is made of a high-performance material, such as steel, aluminum or plastic, and built to protect your car or truck from a front or rear impact. Since bumper reinforcements are built to absorb the force of one major collision, finding the right replacement is integral to your safety.

How Much Is a New Bumper Reinforcement?

While new bumper reinforcements vary in price depending upon a host of factors, at a replacement bumper can often be found for between $50 and $150. Since this part is a large portion of the vehicle safety system, it is imperative that you purchase the correct bumper reinforcement. These parts are tailored for specific cars and trucks, which require the use of different materials. Prices vary based on the materials used in the bumper reinforcement and the year make and model of your vehicle.

When Do You Need to Replace Your Bumper Reinforcement?

Bumpers go through a lot of day to day wear and tear, but these small bumps should not normally require you to replace your bumper. However, after even a low-speed impact, it is important to inspect the damage that may have been done to your bumper reinforcement. This will require you or a mechanic to remove the bumper cover, as damage to a bumper reinforcement is not typically visible otherwise. A bent or damaged bumper reinforcement significantly weakens the entire bumper, and you will be much safer driving your car with a replacement bumper.

How Difficult Is Replacing a Bumper Reinforcement?

Replacing a bumper reinforcement yourself is possible, but it is not the simplest task because of the multiple bumper components involved. After you are sure you have the correct replacement, begin by loosening you lug nuts and putting the car up on a jack. Then remove the tire and wheel covers, and in the wheel wells are the bolts to remove the bumper cover. Once the cover has been unbolted and unhooked from the car frame, remove the energy absorbers. Keep each part together with the parts holding it onto the vehicle. Now you will have access to unscrew and take off the damaged bumper reinforcement. Next you’ll fit the replacement bumper onto your car. This should attach snugly, and if it doesn’t you may have purchased the wrong part. You’ll then put the energy absorbers and bumper cover back in place, taking care not to intermingle the screws. Put the tires and wheel covers back on, and you’re ready to ride again.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: RUSH RUN


2000 Ford Taurus Bumper Reinforcement

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Jerry Wilson

Order by phone. Staff was very helpful and easy to talk with concerning my product selection.

Product arrived within two days and was not damaged.

I recommend Parts Geek and will order from them again.

1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Bumper Reinforcement

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: 2010 Chevrolet Impala Action Crash Bumper Reinforcement

The product came well packaged and in a timely manner looks like factory original was very easy to install. Very well priced.I would recommend to others

2010 Chevrolet Impala Bumper Reinforcement

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: BUSTER

I was caucious after reading some reviews they were wrong Iwas satisfied with shipping and product exactly what I ordered Iwill be using parts geek for my future parts thanks for Ajob well done price was best I could find thanks again

1997 Ford Taurus Bumper Reinforcement

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Frank

Part was delivered quickly an perfect fit installed very easily

2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Bumper Reinforcement

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Blake

It arrived in perfect condition and the delivery was on time. All items were in new condition and in nice boxes. I would definitely buy from you again.

2006 Dodge Durango Bumper Reinforcement