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Replacement Bumper Impact Strip Information

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Replacement Bumper Impact Strips
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Bumper Impact Strip Information

Bumper impact strips are bands made of rubber, metal and/or plastic. They are attached to the bumpers of automobiles to protect them from damage. Bumper impact strips do not protect the vehicle from damage due to high-speed collisions, but rather from damage caused by low-speed collisions. Impact strips are usually installed horizontally along the bumpers, but they may also be installed vertically along the upright bumper guards. On some vehicles, impact strips are also installed horizontally along the side of the vehicle to protect the doors and wheel wells. When they are installed on the side, they are also known as "rub strips." Bumper impact strips are usually a dark gray or black color, which simply reflects the color of the material of which they are made. In newer-model cars or customized vehicles, the strips may be painted to match the vehicle. If you are replacing the strips on an existing vehicle, you may prefer to paint the strips to match the vehicle. Just keep in mind that the colors from a can of spray paint probably will not match the vehicle color perfectly, because most cars are painted in a two- or three-step process. To replace a bumper impact strip, it is often necessary to remove the bumper from the car. Procedures for removing a bumper can vary from model to model, but here are a few hints that apply almost universally: ? Before removing the bumper, lay a thick blanket or other cushion in front of the car. This will give you a place to set the bumper so that it will not be scratched by dirt particles on the floor.

? Have a friend nearby to help you with the bumper; automobile bumpers can be surprisingly heavy.

? The metal screws that secure the bumper to your car are usually accessible from within the car. In other words, you will usually need to open the front hood or trunk in order to access the screws.

? In addition to removing the metal screws, you may need to remove plastic rivets from newer-model cars.

Bumper Impact Strip

Hit a curb or parking block, and you’ll feel a comfortable rebound as your car reacts to the force. This is because of your bumper, a miraculous invention created to protect you and your vehicle. All the components of your bumper are necessary for it to function at its utmost. Even a minor collision can damage some parts enough to merit replacing, despite no outward signs of trouble. A bumper impact strip is a small part with big consequences. Without it, your car would suffer more after low-speed collisions, such as backing up into a pole or rear-ending the vehicle in front of you in heavy traffic. makes finding an impact strip easy. We pride ourselves on carrying the finest quality strips from top brands like Action Crash, Genuine, APA/URO Parts and Putco. Discounted prices, fast shipping and a 30 day return policy are guaranteed with each purchase.

What is a bumper impact strip?

Although not as flashy as other parts of your bumper, an impact strip nonetheless plays a crucial role in keeping the body of your car safe. They are typically made from rubber, metal or plastic, and are installed horizontally along your front or rear bumper. They can also be found near the upright bumper guards or on the side of a vehicle to protect the doors and wheel wells. They are usually grey or black, although some owners enjoy spray painting them to match the color of their ride. Depending on your vehicle, your impact strip may snap on easily or require mounting by screwing or clipping.

How much do new bumper impact strips cost?

There are several factors that influence the price of a bumper impact strip, such as the year, make and model of your vehicle, the type of material used, what features are included, and the brand. carries products ranging between $5 and $130, with most falling well below $50 for added affordability.

When should I replace my bumper impact strip?

Your bumper impact strip is subject to wear and tear by debris and rust that can cause it to deteriorate. It can also become damaged from a collision. Since it is visible from the outside, some owners enjoying replacing it for purely aesthetic reasons. Keep in mind that spray painting your impact strip won’t automatically guarantee a perfect color match since to obtain the hue of the body of your car is a multiple step process.

How do I remove my bumper?

Installing a bumper impact strip might mean removing your bumper. The steps involved vary depending on what kind of car you have, but there are certain safety tips recommended for anyone attempting a disassembly.

  1. Work with a friend. Bumpers can be awkward to handle because they are large and heavy.
  2. Properly support your car by lifting it with a jack and propping it with a jack stand, especially if you’re going to spend a lot of time underneath it.
  3. Lay a blanket on the ground where you can safely put the bumper without damaging it.
  4. Consult your driver manual. It can provide valuable information, such as where the metal screws or rivets are located. In some vehicle models, they can be tricky to find; they might even be accessible only through the hood or trunk.

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Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: shawn miller

the product fit perfectly

1999 Ford F150 Bumper Impact Strip

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Wonderful product

Easy to install and fast shipping! I will defiantly order here again .

1998 Chevrolet K1500 Bumper Impact Strip

Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied
Reviewer: armnhammer

product was just as described, shipping was good, but trim had broken clip, had to use glue to hold in place.

2005 Lincoln Town Car Bumper Impact Strip

Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied
Reviewer: Catherine

part is slightly longer than it should be, so not an exact fit, but not bad for the price and you don't notice unless you are actually inspecting it, snapped on easily

2002 BMW 325i Bumper Impact Strip

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: GM1057145 Crash Bumper Impact Strip - Front

A very good reproduction of the original GM part. All the location features are molded well and this piece fits right where it is supposed to. Would recommend and only wished the strip for the rear bumper was offered.

1989 Chevrolet S10 Blazer Bumper Impact Strip

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Izzy.L

Product as described,very happy with purchase,A+..

1995 Chevrolet C1500 Bumper Impact Strip