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Replacement Bumper End Information

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Bumper End Information

The bumper is a component on a car that everyone sees and knows about but hopes will never be used. The bumper is often a simple plastic covering over a sturdy steel plate designed to collapse in the event of an accident. Sometimes this covering is part of the aerodynamic design of the vehicle and is part of the overall aesthetic. In vehicles with standard, more traditional bumpers, the ends of the plastic covering are known as bumper ends, and along with the rest of the bumper assembly, in the event of an accident, they will need to be replaced.

The purpose of the ends is to act as a cap for the larger bumper and protect the steel assembly inside from water, dirt, and other corrosives that can affect the metal parts of the vehicle. They fit snugly into receiving holes on the bumper and the specifics of their attachment differs from vehicle model to vehicle model. Sometimes the most frustrating thing about repairing that vehicle is looking for a reliable source for quality parts. If your end becomes too worn, the right plan is buying a new well-rated replacement or OEM auto part to maintain your vehicle in optimum running order. Buyers who select a fine car or truck realize that quality and style are well worth every penny; the right parts can keep your vehicle on the road.

Bumper End

Nothing spoils the look of a beautiful car like a crumpled bumper corner. A seemingly minor damage like this can have a major impact on a car’s resale value if it isn’t repaired. Rather than replacing your entire bumper, a replacement bumper end offers an economical option to resolve this unsightly issue. New bumper ends can also offer a new aesthetic to your car or truck without spending a significant amount. Bumper ends come in a variety of finishes, so whether the goal is to have it blend in like nothing ever happened or stand out to make a statement, will be able to help.

We have a large selection of bumper ends available from top brands at reasonable prices. At we also offer a 30-day return policy to make sure that the bumper end you choose fits exactly right and give you the look that you need.

What Is a Bumper End?

Anyone with a small garage can see the benefit of end bumpers, a device that attaches to the corners of your front and rear bumpers to protect them from the nicks and dings that come from everyday use. The great thing about bumper ends is that they can prevent you from needing to replace the entire bumper cover by taking the brunt of wear and tear.These are typically made of plastic or steel, and in addition to reinforcing the strength of the car’s bumper, bumper ends can also customize the look of your vehicle. Bumper ends are sold individually so that they will correctly fit your car or truck. This also enables ends to be helpful if you are in a collision. Depending upon the damage, a bumper end may help restore the original appearance of your vehicle for a more economical price than replacing the entire cover.

How Much Are New Bumper Ends?

The price of new bumper ends depends primarily on the make and model of your car. At we offer a wide array of bumper ends to fit many different vehicles, with many running between $30 and $80. The price is dependent on whether you choose plastic or steel ends, the finish you purchase and the brand who manufactured the bumper ends. We offer top brands including Phoenix, Dorman, Action Crash and Genuine.

Are Steel or Plastic Bumper Ends Better?

The benefits of steel versus plastic ends has everything to do with why you need bumper ends. steel bumper ends are more heavy-duty and resistant to damages. On the other hand, plastic ends weigh considerably less and do not require significant installation fixtures. For many drivers plastic will be enough, but it won’t hold up as well in collisions.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Toni

Good fit and quality.

1989 Dodge Ram 50 Bumper End

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Diesel Calhoun

Great price, fast trackable delivery, perfect fit. A perfect 10!

2004 Nissan Xterra Bumper End

Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied
Reviewer: Elise

Customer service great took a while for representative to answer but helped us out a great deal. Ordered the part and it worked great.

2006 Chevrolet Colorado Bumper End

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Chris

Produce arrived in a timely manner and looked very sharp, did wish it had the connecting screws but it was a high quality item overall

2006 Nissan Xterra Bumper End

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: jbonnes

thorough and quick...good value too.

1993 Jeep Cherokee Bumper End

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Dan

Fast and easy. No messin around, i will be back to order more.

1997 Jeep Cherokee Bumper End