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Replacement Bumper Brackets
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Bumper Bracket Information

Routine maintenance is vital for all of our vehicles to ensure that they are safe to drive and are in good working order. There are a number of components that all work together to make the vehicle run efficiently and if just one of those components fault then it can affect the entire car as a whole. However, there are some components that routine maintenance won't always fix because these components have the ability to be damaged in a vehicle crash or collision. The bumper bracket is one of the components that can be damaged during a car wreck. The bumper bracket is a piece of metal that connects the bumper to the frame or chassis of reinforcement. On most vehicles, there are bumper brackets on both sides of the bumper connecting it to the chassis or frame as well as one in the middle of the bumper. If you are in a car accident and your bumper bracket is damaged, it needs to be replaced immediately. There is no waiting time as this can affect the entire assembly of the car. In addition, without the bumper bracket assembly, which ultimately holds your bumper in place and connects it to the vehicle's chassis or frame, your bumper could fall off. This wouldn't be a good situation if you were driving down the road with a damaged bumper bracket, or without a bumper bracket at all, and your bumper falls off as you would be putting everyone else on the road in dire danger. Replace the bumper bracket as soon as you realize it is damaged or broken. It is an important piece to maintaining the safety of your vehicle, you as well as others. You can find the bumper bracket assembly at a local auto parts store or an auto parts store online.

Bumper Bracket

You need your car to be in its best shape all the time. That’s why it’s important to make sure your bumper bracket won’t quit on you. This little part might not sound like much but it has a huge responsibility—it keeps your bumper attached to your car. Because this part is so important, you want to make it’s replaced after an accident.

When it’s time to get replacement bumper brackets, is the best stop. We carry great brands such as Dorman and Action Crash, and we make it easy to find what you need for your make and model. We have all the parts you need for your vehicle, and our prices are great. We want you to be satisfied with your new bumper brackets, so we offer a 30-day return policy and fast shipping.

What is a bumper bracket?

A bumper bracket is the part which keeps your bumper firmly on your car. You usually have more than one, and these metal pieces attach to the front and sides of your car’s frame. Because the brackets are responsible for keeping your bumper where it belongs, it is important to replace them after an accident.

How much does a bumper bracket cost?

Replacement bumper brackets vary widely in price. On, they range from $25 to $80. Price usually depends on several factors:

  • The make and model of your car.
  • Features such as a light plate.
  • The mounting system.
  • The material.

Your new bumper bracket typically has either a multi-mount or universal mount system, and can be made from stainless steel or hard plastic.

When should I replace a bumper bracket?

You should generally replace your bumper brackets if they have been damaged in a collision. This is because these parts can be greatly weakened after an accident and may not be capable of holding up your bumper anymore. Bumpers may fall off your car if the brackets sustain enough damage.

How do I replace bumper brackets?

You can easily replace your bumper brackets yourself by following a few steps.

  1. Start by taking off your bumper cover. This can be done by unfastening the screws, which are usually in the wheelwell.
  2. Next, unbolt the brackets. These brackets are generally below your fender. This is a good time to ensure your car doesn’t have any damage you had not noticed previously.
  3. Use new bolts to fasten your replacement brackets and put the bumper cover back on. You want your bumper cover to sit firmly in the new brackets. Moving it back and forth can help you find the best fit. Once the cover is secure, you can put the screws back on.

When you replace the bumper brackets, make sure the fog lights and other electrical parts are unconnected. You can usually replace this part with a screwdriver and drill, and a trim panel removal tool if you have one.

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2006 Dodge Dakota Bumper Bracket

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Reviewer: Chuck

Price was great and fit was perfect, Thanks again

2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Bumper Bracket

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Reviewer: REY. V. OHIO.


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fast shipping. Product was high quality and fit perfectly! I am very pleased and highly recommend Parts Geek. I will FOR SURE us them again!!!

2010 Dodge Ram 1500 Bumper Bracket

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Would definitely buy from them again.

2003 Chevrolet Astro Bumper Bracket