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Choose from top brands including: Centric, Pronto, DuraGo, Raybestos, Akebono, TRQ, Wagner, API, Brembo, EBC, AC Delco, Bosch, Beck Arnley, Monroe and Textar.

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Replacement Brakes
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Toyota 912-027
1996-2001 Toyota 4Runner Brake Booster Replacement - 912-027
Priced From $125.95
Jaguar W0133-1657651
2002-2006 Jaguar X Type Brake Booster Bosch - W0133-1657651
Priced From $340.58
Volkswagen 904-817
2006-2014 Volkswagen Jetta Vacuum Pump Dorman - 904-817
Priced From $199.43
Toyota C660250
1995-2004 Toyota Tacoma Parking Brake Cable Dorman - C660250
Priced From $18.83
Dodge 904-810
1994-2002 Dodge Ram 3500 Vacuum Pump Dorman - 904-810
Priced From $198.43
Ford 904-214
1999-2010 Ford F350 Super Duty Vacuum Pump Dorman - 904-214
Priced From $68.43
Ford BR54107
2004-2008 Ford F150 Brake Rotors DuraGo - BR54107
Priced From $78.43
Ford BD80112
2000-2008 Ford Focus Brake Drum Pronto - BD80112
Priced From $50.43
Chevrolet 52-7371
2003-2006 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Brake Booster A1 Cardone - 52-7371
Priced From $163.98
Chevrolet 970-011
1999-2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ABS Speed Sensor Dorman - 970-011
Priced From $22.18
Dodge 904-810
1994-2002 Dodge Ram 2500 Vacuum Pump Dorman - 904-810
Priced From $198.43
Ford 904-214
1999-2010 Ford F250 Super Duty Vacuum Pump Dorman - 904-214
Priced From $68.43
Mercedes 53-3100
1998-2003 Mercedes ML320 Brake Booster A1 Cardone - 53-3100
Priced From $233.98
Audi W0133-1967388
2005-2009 Audi A4 Quattro Vacuum Pump Pierburg - W0133-1967388
Priced From $192.58
Mini W0133-1829193
2007-2010 Mini Cooper Vacuum Pump Pierburg - W0133-1829193
Priced From $131.58
Ford 912-033
2007-2010 Ford Edge Brake Booster Replacement - 912-033
Priced From $85.95
Chevrolet 912-031
1985-1991 Chevrolet Corvette Brake Booster Replacement - 912-031
Priced From $74.95
Ford 904-814
2011-2012 Ford F150 Vacuum Pump Dorman - 904-814
Priced From $269.43
Porsche W0133-1601793
1983-1991 Porsche 944 Brake Booster ATE - W0133-1601793
Priced From $199.58
BMW 998-008
2007-2012 BMW 328i Brake Pad Sensor Replacement - 998-008
Priced From $31.95

Brakes Information

Most drivers don't think too much about their braking system when they step into the car. That is, unless the car is having trouble stopping or returning a high-pitched squeal every time the brake pedal is pressed. That incessant whining is there for a reason, and serves as a warning that the brakes need to be replaced. Today's modern vehicle features one of two designs disc and drum. Drum technology is the older technology, but is still used to some extent, especially on hybrid vehicles. Disc technology is by far the more popular version, as it features better heat dispersal abilities. This results in a longer lasting, more reliable braking system. Whichever design is installed on your vehicle, the brakes work by being pressed against the brake pads to create friction and slow the car. This is typically done through hydraulic technology. Braking component should be checked during routine maintenance. They need to be replaced frequently due to the excessive pressures and temperatures they endure. is the online superstore that carries thousands of auto parts at exceptionally low prices.


They prevent collisions and tickets, but brakes don’t get much love. While it’s fun to brag about your engine or tires, fewer people are as excited to gush about being able to stop on a dime, yet few parts are as essential as working brakes. At we can help you maintain your brakes without breaking the bank, so you can focus more of your effort on the parts of your car that are more brag-worthy.

Whether disc or drum, keeping your brakes in good working order is simple at With quick shipping and a wide selection of products from top brands such as Bendix, PBR and Zimmerman, you should be able to replace your brakes in no time. We even offer a 30-day return policy to make sure you are getting the exact product you need.

What Are Brakes?

You probably know that the brakes on you car are what bring you to a stop, but you may not know why. Brakes work against the movement of your vehicle by taking the energy used to propel you forward or backward and converting it into heat. The energy is converted is through the creation of friction, and this is done through either disc brakes or brake drums. Disc brakes have a rotating disc touching the wheel, and when you press on the brake pedal, brake pads pinch the disc, creating friction and slowing the wheel. Drum brakes create friction through the inner drum shoe expanding against a revolving brake drum. Drum brakes do not cool down as quickly as disc brakes, and so more recently they have been used only on the rear axles of cars and trucks.

How Much Are New Brakes?

Replacing your brakes can mean several different things, so prices vary. Replacement brake shoes are typically between $20 and $50, while new brake pads start at $70 but can run into the hundreds depending on the performance you need. Materials have a large impact on brake pricing, as do the year, make and model of your car. It is important to make sure you know what the set you are purchasing includes, as many are sold just for the front or rear wheels. At we offer a variety of brands that should be able to meet your needs at different price points.

When Do You Need to Replace Your Brakes?

When it comes to your brakes, where you drive is often as important as how often you use your car. For those who are in traffic-filled areas, even low mileage cars can have significant wear on their brakes. A good rule of thumb is to have your brakes inspected every six months, when you get your wheels rotated. Outside of your mechanic, you need to listen for squeaks that might indicate your brakes are on their last leg.

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Reviewer: Wolfe

great for the price... No noise and great stopping power

2003 Nissan 350Z Brake Rotor

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100% Right On!

From order to shipment to being the right part! Thanks Parts Geek!

2005 Subaru Forester Brake Rotor

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Reviewer: op

I really like this company.

2007 Toyota Avalon Brake Rotor

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Reviewer: Foxden

good brakes good price

2004 Ford Explorer Brake Pad Set

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: alorenz5

The pads were as described, Price was very competative and the shipping was fast.

Just installed the pads and so far so good. (Going through the 500 mile break-in period before bedding them.)

2007 Ford Edge Brake Pad Set

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Reviewer: Sarah

Got here in a timely manner, quality product, cheap prices! Definitely coming to Partsgeek from now on.

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