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Choose from top brands including: Dayco, ContiTech, Gates, AC Delco, Mitsuboshi, API, Replacement, Motorcraft, Mopar, Genuine, Bosch, DIY Solutions, Febi and Dorman.

BeltsA vehicle usually contains a number of belts with varied functions. One of them happens to be the Timing Belt. Colloquially referred to as the cam belt or the Gilmer belt, the timing belt is made of tough rubber and resides inside the internal combustion engine and is a modified version of transmission chains that used to be a part of vehicles till the 1980s. Its main function is to allow the camshaft to be turned by the crankshaft. In other words, it regulates the timing of the valves of the engine, hence its name. The timing belt ensures that per every other revolution of the crankshaft, the valves in a four-stroke engine open and close. The timing belt is a crucial part of the vehicle in the sense that if it fails to function, the engine would stop functioning as well and can be seriously damaged. A Serpentine Belt, on the other hand, is almost single-handedly responsible for providing power to a host of parts like air conditioning, air injection pump, power steering, water pump, air pump, alternator, etc. Regular servicing of the serpentine belt is crucial as malfunctioning of this belt would directly translate to all the parts powered by it to stop working. The usage of serpentine belts (also known as multi-vee belts, multi-rib belts or drive belts) can be traced back to 1979, which is when Ford Motor Company first used it in their Mustang. The belt responsible for basic power transmission is known as the Vee Belt (or V Belt). It also prevents slippages, loss of traction and improper alignment, thus acting as a safety device. Multi-groove belts exist to add to the efficiency quotient of the vehicle, as it is a thinner belt for the same drive surface, thus adding to flexibility. Ribbed belts, with lengthwise grooves, ensure that the tension across the pulley is evenly distributed.

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Belts Information

The AC Delco multi rib belt is used to drive many of the systems on your vehicle.

AC Delco

AC Delco Belts
The AC Delco multi rib belt may be used to operate many of the accessories on your vehicle. Like the main timing belt, an accessory multi rib belt is prone to wear due to the amount of constant use it gets. You should take a close look at all your belts and change them when they begin to show signs of wear. This can prevent a more serious problem from a broken belt in the future. Look for your replacement belt here at

The Dayco multi rib belt is made to last for tens of thousands of miles before it needs to be changed.


Dayco Belts
Made of durable material, a Dayco multi rib belt is easier to install than a chain, but it must still be closely examined periodically to ensure that it is not becoming worn. At the first signs of wear on your multi rib belt, you need to install a new one. Look for your vehicle's make, model, and year to find the belt that will fit your engine. This is one of the many parts you can find here at

The Gates multi rib belt should be checked regularly for signs of wear and replaced when necessary.


Gates Belts
The Gates multi rib belt features ribbing for a better grip as it moves around the pulleys that drive this belt. For the best performance from your engine and to avoid a broken belt, you need to make regular inspections of all your engine's belts and change them as needed. If you need to replace a multi rib belt look up your automobile's make, model, and year here at to find a belt that will fit on your engine's components.

The Motorcraft multi rib belt is sometimes called a poly-v or multi-v belt.


Motorcraft Belts
The Motorcraft multi rib belt is also known as a multi-v or poly-v belt. The multi rib belt gets its name from the numerous ridges on its surface. These ribs help the belt to grip the pulleys as it moves around the various components of your engine. Look for a belt that is made to fit your vehicle by looking for the year, make, and model of your automobile. This is the fastest way to find the belt you need here at


You have likely heard about the looming doom of a malfunctioning vehicle belt, but do you really understand what all those pieces under your car’s hood are doing? Belts are an integral part of your engine functioning and your overall vehicle health. However, they don’t need to be scary, and they are surprisingly easy to replace. Regular checks and timely replacements can help you keep your car in optimal shape for years to come. has a wide variety of belts for a number of different vehicles. Offering a variety of brands like Dayco, Genuine, brando and others, we can help you find an affordable option to keep your car running. Our easy fit guide quickly points you to the part that is appropriate for your car, and the 30-day guarantee ensures overall satisfaction with your order.

What Is a Belt?

Your engine consists of a variety of interwoven mechanisms that help keep your car running comfortably. Drive belts serve as a central piece in allowing these parts to work together. The belts are responsible for providing power, helping ease driving, cooling your engine and keeping your interior cool. The alternator, water pump, power steering pump and air conditioning all rely on the functioning of the drive belts.

How Much Are Belts?

Belts cost around $9 to $40 at, and there are a variety of belts to choose from. The price of each product depends on a list of factors including.

  • The make and model of vehicle
  • Selected Brand
  • Type of Belt
  • Age of car

Ensuring that you are using an appropriate belt for your car is essential to a successful repair and replacement. As such, spend some time weighing the different price options.

How Many Belts Are in Your Car?

The number of belts in your car depends on the type of vehicle that you drive. Different cars utilize different types of belt systems. A V-belt system includes a number of different belts that come off of the crankshaft and connect to the different operational parts. This system was standard in older vehicles and came with some benefits. The shorter belts often slip less, and the failure of one belt doesn't result in total failure. A serpentine belt, also known as a multi rib belt, consists of a single long belt that runs the various components. These are standard in current vehicles, and they are easy to replace. Most new cars also have a timing belt, which has replaced timing chains. These turn the crankshaft in order to open and clothes engine valves and pistons.

How Often Should You Check Your Belts?

Due to their central role in car functioning, a malfunctioning v-belt, multi rib belt or timing belt can result in vehicle malfunction and failure. Regular checkups are essential to preventing the worst circumstances on the road. Most accessory belts can last 100,000 miles or more, but this does not mean you should forgo regular maintenance checks. The owner’s manual typically outlines how often you should check the belts. Many suggest checking them after the first 40,000 to 60,000 miles and then having them checked at around 15,000 mile intervals after that.

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