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Chevrolet GM2801150V
2002-2009 Chevrolet Trailblazer Tail Light Action Crash - GM2801150V
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Dodge CH2502101V
1994-2002 Dodge Ram 2500 Headlight Action Crash - CH2502101V
Priced From $27.25

Battery Cable Information

Keeping your car going is a priority to your everyday life. A frigid day or forgetting to unplug an auxiliary device can leave you stranded when you need your vehicle the most. If your lights dim or your automobile has trouble turning over, check the charge that your battery gives off to see if it needs to be replaced. This is a good time to clean your terminals and check your battery cables as well. If your battery is in good shape, evaluate your alternator for signs that it should be repaired. We at have battery cables for every make and model on the market from Audi to Volvo as well as for each terminal on the battery. We offer both original and aftermarket manufacturers to suit your budget while providing the best quality. Our 30-day return guarantee means your car will keep up and running when you need it the most or your money back.

What gauge are battery cables?

Cables for cars typically follow the Society of Automotive Engineers SGT cables. The SGT refers to the insulation that is wrapped around the wire. There are many options of gauges for your vehicle yet some will work better than others. Choose one that corresponds with the car that you own.†

  • Four gauge is used in most cars. It works for both accessory leads and for your alternator. It is also great for booster cables and ATVs.
  • Six gauge can also be used for accessory leads and almost all alternators. It is meant for small engines like golf carts.
  • Two gauge is meant for four cylinder engines and six cylinder on the smaller size. It can be utilized on alternators over 180A.
  • 1/0 gauge is best for high performance vehicles and stock V8 engines.
  • 2/0 gauge would be found in diesel trucks and other sorts of automobiles that have crank engines.

How much does it cost to replace battery cables?

Battery cables vary from $25 to $160 on The price you pay is determined by a few criteria:

  • The make and model of the vehicle.
  • Whether the car is foreign or domestic.
  • The age of the vehicle.
  • If you are purchasing an original part or an aftermarket cable.
  • What type of wire and the quality of the metal used to produce the cable.
  • What kind of engine is in your automobile.
  • Where you currently live in the country.

What are battery cables made out of?

The cable is constructed of one copper conductor inside insulation made of PVC or XLPE. The copper is pure and the ends are also of the same quality of metal. It is rigid and has trouble bending into place. It can also become brittle in the winter. The insulation is typically colored the same black and red that you find on your battery terminal. It is very similar to a welding cable except that the welding cable can be bent more easily which allows it to be used in more places. A battery cable is meant to be used between the battery and the starter only.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Battery cable

Battery cable was a perfect solution to an ongoing problem of corrosion on a broken cable. I will continue to use Parts Geek for my automotive parts store

1994 Ford Ranger Battery Cable

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Perfect Fit

These cable were a perfect fit and easy to install.

2007 Ford F350 Super Duty Battery Cable

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Rawr

Got it gud and work it did thing there yes yes powered shipship

1998 Ford F150 Battery Cable

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Tuesday

First time using this site and Iím not disappointed! Easy to use, fast shipping. The cables where prefect! Will buy from you all again.

2002 Ford Focus Battery Cable

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: I didn't know it was OEM!!!

I didn't know that I purchased an OEM part. Good deal!!!

2001 Ford Focus Battery Cable

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Genuine

This apparently was the genuine article. It was indiscernible from the original cable I was replacing. I question the original design by Honda however. The battery clamp seems pretty flimsy and might be why the first one broke while changing out the battery.

2008 Honda Accord Battery Cable