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AntennaRadio waves are all around us. However, without the ability to collect and transmit these invisible sources of entertainment, you would never know it. In terms of automobiles, access to the radio is the only thing keeping commuters sane during their daily traffic jam. As such, radio reception is important to many drivers. The key to keeping that crystal-clear sound pumping through your speakers is the vehicle antenna. This component is typically a long metal rod, although newer antennas are sometimes shorter and covered in molded rubber. Some types can retract into the car's frame when not in use. Others dutifully stand at full mast for eternity. Whatever the shape or size, proper function of the antenna improves radio reception for long-lasting enjoyment. Essentially, they work by generating an electromagnetic field to create an alternating current that collects and sends radio waves into your stereo. The farther away from a radio station's tower, the more likely the need for a high-powered radio receiver. High-gain models are available for maximum performance. Everyday, hundreds of drivers choose for affordable automotive products.

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Antenna Information

A motorized Dorma Antenna enhances a truck's looks and averts antenna accidents.


Dorman Antenna
A car or truck is really only as good as the parts it uses, like a Dorman antenna. The minor parts of your car, though not absolutely required for the continued operation of your car, are nonetheless components drivers like to keep in perfect functioning. New automobiles are jammed with new features that call for premium parts. Every car has a variety of features that range in scope from grilles to mud flaps. In some circumstances, an antenna won't operate correctly if its wiring becomes damaged or unhooked. On those lengthy journeys, on those rural byways or the open road, listening to the radio is a great source of entertainment and information. Getting a radio signal, however, is dependent on the quality of your antenna. Antennas work by concentrating broadcast radio waves from the air then directing them to the car's stereo. Your antenna can fail if it is bent in an accident, and also might occasionally oxidize; regardless, top quality substitute parts are easily found. Your antenna might be contained within the auto structure, connected to the outside, or even deploy when used but be contained in the body otherwise.

Your Hirschmann Power Antenna might be permanent or powered and allows your radio to capture radio stations.


Hirschmann Antenna
When you purchase a Hirschmann power antenna from our team of specialists here at PartsGeek, you can be certain that you are choosing the best parts at the lowest possible price. The latest optional parts provide a more enjoyable travel experience. The minor systems of your car or truck, while not necessary for the smooth functioning of your car, are nonetheless items you should preserve in tip-top working order. The newest cars are jammed with some of the newest features which call for the best replacement parts. Your vehicle's power antenna can be contained within the car frame, connected on the hood, or may deploy when the radio is on but be stored in the body otherwise. In some circumstances, your vehicle's power antenna will cease functioning correctly if its wiring has become rusted or disconnected. A car's power antenna can snap if it is stressed by a shearing force, and also might occasionally oxidize; regardless, fine substitute parts and accessories are readily available. When you take lengthy drives, on blue highways or leafy suburbs, listening to the radio is a source of music and companionship. Getting that strong radio signal, however, requires the good function of your vehicle's power antenna. Power antennas function by marshalling broadcast radio signals from the air then sending them to your car's radio.


Whether it’s your own version of carpool karaoke or listening to your favorite host Monday morning quarterback the big game, your car radio makes the ride more fun. Antennas can be broken or damaged, hindering your ability to pick up the stations you love. There is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic with only the sound of horns honking to keep you company, so it’s important to make sure your car’s antenna is at the top of its game.

Here at we carry a wide variety of antennas to suit virtually all vehicles. Our unparalleled selection allows you to choose from top brands such as AC Delco, Crown Automotive, Hirschmann and Action Crash. We want you to be happy with your purchases, and to ensure your satisfaction we offer a 30-day return policy.

What Are Antennas?

In order to rock out on your morning commute, your car needs a way to process the radio waves being transmitted from your local radio stations that exist all around you. That’s where a car antenna comes in. It takes these magnetic waves in the air and sends them to your vehicle’s radio receiver, which turn the waves back into music (or talk, if that’s what you’re into). All of this magic happens through the antenna apparatus, which traditionally has been a long, thin metal stick. More recently, short antennas have become popular that are covered in rubber. Power antennas run on a motor that raises when in use and retracts back into the car. A high performance aftermarket antenna allows you to pick up radio stations that may be outside the range of a typical receiver.

How Much Are New Antennas?

Prices vary depending upon the type of antenna you purchase. For example, most power antennas cost between $150 to $250, depending on the manufacturer’s brand and the make and model of your vehicle, while some non-retractable antenna replacements cost as little as $10.  

Why Should I Replace My Car’s Antenna?

If your ride is getting a bit long in the tooth, a replacement antenna can make a big difference in your radio reception. There have been great advances in technology that have improved the caliber of both reception and sound. Many antennas have also been damaged from exposure to the elements, and even power antennas have gone through a car wash or two. This small change could bring hours of entertainment to your next road trip.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: RBW

This product was priced fairly, identical to the OEM, and came promptly. I saved a bundle over having the dealer install it. Thank you.

1997 Mercedes S320 Power Antenna

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: Walt

The antenna was a perfect fit and with little effort to install, IF IT WASN'T FOR THE PRICE, I would have giving it a VERY SATISFIED. Not PARTSGEEK FAULT!

1998 Volkswagen Beetle Antenna

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Herman

Just plain lucky that someone carried this product. It works awesome, thanks for being here and providing what we needed.

1991 Volvo 940 Power Antenna

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Brandon F.

This antenna works perfectly for my 2008 Jetta. My previous antenna was broken. All I had to do was unscrew the old one, and screw in the new one. Brainless, and now my radio works like new.

2008 Volkswagen Jetta Antenna

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Gerard

Excited to have my car restored to its original vintage look,awesome!! TY geeks

1991 BMW 325i Power Antenna

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Easy Installation

I've owned my BMW for 25 years, and have replaced the mast 3 times. The antenna finally stripped out, so I replaced the whole unit this time. Easy to install and working great. Just hope it has more oomph, as promised, than its predecessor.

1989 BMW 325i Power Antenna