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Automotive Charging Systems

Car electrical systems have become more and more complex over the years. As a result the typical automotive alternator cost has gone up in most cases. These days, everything from a vehicle's headlights to the fuel injection system and engine computer system requires some sort of electrical charge. These vehicle components need to draw electrical power from somewhere for starting up, and in today's modern engine, that source is the alternator. This important engine part serves to recharge the engine battery and power your car's electric system. This is done by converting mechanical energy into alternating current electrical energy. As pulleys spin on the component, it captures and transforms the energy produced, passing it on to the battery and other necessary parts and systems. Newer versions also include a voltage regulator that delivers a constant voltage. This results in improved reliability and a longer lifespan. If it stops working, electrical systems will fail, the battery will eventually be dead and the vehicle will not start. The predecessor to today's engine power source was a component known as the generator. These larger, less efficient mechanisms have since been discontinued. is the place to shop for affordable auto parts and save time and a trip to the local store.

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Alternator Information

The Beck Arnley Alternator is a part that converts electricity for charging the battery

Beck Arnley

A vehicle is really only as good as its parts, like the Beck Arnley alternator. Auto enthusiasts who love to drive and revel in performance cars or trucks know that absolutely nothing is more vital than installing the most outstanding replacement parts for your car. People who love their cars realize that only the best quality auto parts should be used for maintenance and repairs. A vehicle's performance is the culmination of many factors including high-quality parts. Alternators transfer mechanical energy into electrical energy to charge the battery. Your alternator is installed to create electricity for amenities like sound systems, lights, fuel injection systems, which need more dependable electricity. A failing alternator might dim your lights or make your fuel injectors function poorly. Alternators create power by turning energy generated in the engine into electrical power, which is then transmitted to the batteries in your car. In a modern car, the 12-volt electrical system uses a voltage regulator, which lengthens the longevity of the additional 12-volt systems by providing an unvarying current to the batteries. Your car's systems, ranging from the battery to your A/C, require electricity to work; the resulting strain on your vehicle's alternator often causes this part to need replacement. An alternator is a unit that generates electricity to operate your ignition system. Any car will require parts once in a while, so when you need a Beck Arnley alternator, PartsGeek is the place to find all the parts you could need.

When the Bosch Alternator stops, the vehicle will still run but no electrical power will be generated. And thatís one of the serious problems


Bosch Alternator
The parts you need for any automotive job, like a Bosch alternator, are only a click away when you buy them from PartsGeek. An alternator is a crucial component of the vehiclesí electrical system. Preserve your vehicle's components by purchasing only the most reliable quality alternators and other parts and accessories. Auto enthusiasts who love optimized vehicles recognize that there's nothing more crucial than getting the most durable aftermarket parts for your car. Your vehicle is special because of its high performance and terrific style, so to keep it purring along in its best shape you'll want the best in replacement parts and systems. Whenever the alternator stops, the engine will still run but no electricity can be generated. Alternators power your car's battery by converting kinetic energy from the engine into electricity, which is then utilized to charge the battery subsystem. The alternator is installed to produce power for amenities such as cooling, lights, and radio systems, which require longer-lasting energy generation. A modern 12-volt system uses a voltage regulator, which improves the lifespan of the remaining electrical systems by guaranteeing a steady voltage to the battery. The alternator is an apparatus that manufactures electricity to power the ignition system. Your alternator transfers engine power to 12-volt electrical energy and transfers it to the battery. Every vehicle requires parts every so often, so when you need a Bosch alternator, PartsGeek is the place to go to find what you need.

The Denso Alternator is a component that converts electricity to supply the battery


Denso Alternator
The parts you need for any automotive job, like a Denso alternator, are only a few clicks away when you order from PartsGeek. Take your auto to a superior level of performance by installing performance equipment. People who want the most out of their cars understand that only top-quality auto parts should be installed. When you own an automobile designed for maximum performance it demands the highest quality aftermarket and OEM parts. Your alternator transfers mechanical energy into electrical energy then transfers it to the car's battery. Your automobile's alternator maintains a battery when you drive and also powers the electrical devices while the car is moving. Your vehicle's parts, from your headlights to your fuel injection system, draw on electrical power to operate; as a result, the workload for your vehicle's alternator can cause this part to fail. An alternator is used to light up the interiors and create electricity for various systems and accessories such as air-conditioning which calls for more consistent energy generation. Even if the alternator stops, the engine will function but no electrical power can be generated. An alternator is a unit that converts electricity to operate your starter. To get the best performance from your car or truck, consider a Denso alternator.

If the Motorcraft Alternator dies, the vehicle will still run but no electrical power can be created.


The perfect parts, like a Motorcraft alternator, are just a mouse click away when you order from You picked your high-performance car or truck for its high-end engine power and performance, keep up your decision with the best new parts and accessories. Top driving is a breeze with factory authorized equipment made to optimize the engine as well as guidance components. Whether you race your vehicle or just appreciate driving a performance vehicle, the best quality aftermarket and OEM parts are essential. If the alternator stops, the automobile will function but no electricity will be created. The alternator is installed to create power for amenities such as climate control which longer lasting power. Today's power system has a voltage regulator, which extends the lifespan of the remaining electrical subsystems by forcing a rock solid voltage to the battery. The alternator is a part that creates electricity to operate your electronics. Your vehicle's systems, from your headlights to the A/C, require electrical power to function; accordingly, the strain on your car or truck's alternator often causes this part to need repair. The alternator transfers engine power into electrical power and stores it in the car's battery.

A Valeo Alternator transfer's engine energy into 12-volt electrical energy then transfers it to the car's battery.


Valeo Alternator
A vehicle is only as good as its parts, such as the Valeo alternator. By allowing your motorist to employ gasoline better, performance equipment options increase horsepower while cutting excess gas usage. Whether you race or just take joy in driving a high-performance vehicle, the best quality parts are essential. When you have a vehicle engineered for high performance it requires top-quality auto parts. Your alternator translates engine energy into electrical energy then transfers it to the car's battery. Alternators create power by translating mechanical energy generated by the motor into electrical energy, which is then directed to the battery storage of your car or truck. Your alternator is used to generate electrical power for luxuries like video screens which need more efficient power production. An alternator is used for charging a battery while you drive, and it powers the electrical devices as the engine is moving. If the alternator is broken, the automobile will run but no electrical power will be created. Today's 12-volt system contains a voltage regulator, which improves the durability of the remaining 12-volt parts by ensuring a constant voltage to the battery. When you want a Valeo alternator, restoring a car or truck with first class parts is the smartest move, time after time.

Alternators / Generators

Once upon a time, vehicles had cumbersome dynamo generators under the hood that sucked up horsepower and added tons of weight. Modern vehicles have alternators instead of dynamo generators. Alternators are technically generators too, but that's where the comparison ends. They're much lighter and more efficient than their dynamo predecessors.

Your alternator produces AC current by spinning a magnetized rotary element within a static set of coiled wires called stator. Your engine drives the rotor via a serpentine belt, so a car alternator is only able to operate while the engine is running. While they're running, they power various electrical components and charge your battery. has almost any car alternator you could want, along with millions of other parts. If you need anything else to complete your electrical system work, like belts or wiring, order online and get them shipped fast. We have leading brands like Mitsubishi Electric, TYC, Auto 7, Volkswagen, Motorcraft, Powermaster, Pure Energy, Bosch, Denso, Remy, Valeo, AC Delco and USA Industries. Make sure to check out the core rebate program. We have deals with major refurbishing companies to get you the best money for your busted parts, but it's only good for complex and expensive parts like some alternators. Keep an eye out for these deals while you're shopping. Also, remember that your purchases are protected by our 30-day return policy.

What is an alternator? What does an alternator do?

Alternators are the power plants of your engine. They are driven by a serpentine belt and run off of engine power. Your alternator is responsible for supplying electricity to your vehicle for several important duties:

  • Battery charging
  • Wiper operation
  • Defogger power
  • Cabin heating
  • Lights

How Alternators Work

Since alternators only run while the car is on, these systems draw power directly from the battery when the car's engine isn't running.

These devices work by using a spinning electromagnet mounted to a rotor. As those magnets pass the bundles of wires that surround the rotor, electrical current is generated. The current is then rectified and sent out to power systems and charge your battery

How much will it cost to replace an alternator?

The good news is that modern alternators are durable, so they tend to last 8-12 years. The bad news is that, after this amount of time, normal wear and tear can make it necessary to replace the part. Alternators are precision parts, and they contain valuable metals, so they tend to be on the expensive side. The average price for these parts is between $150-480. They vary in price mostly based on the design and the manufacturer.

What are the signs of a bad alternator?

If your electrical systems aren't working, there could be a number of reasons, and itís easy to identify the warning signs. To confirm that it's a problem with a car alternator instead of wiring or other possibilities, test your battery to see if it works and generates an adequate current. Get your voltmeter ready and make sure to follow any safety precautions necessary for dealing with live electricity.

What are the Symptoms of a Failed Alternator?

Here are some of the most common symptoms to spot a failed alternator:

  • Headlight lamps are dim or flickering
  • Random electrical failures in the system
  • Weird noises due to failing bearings or other unusual rattles
  • Battery dies out too quickly
  • Car fails to start

Alternator Battery Test

  1. Turn off your engine and pop the hood.
  2. Attach the positive lead to the positive battery terminal and the negative to negative.
  3. Confirm your battery is charged to 12.2 volts. If not, get it charged up before proceeding.
  4. Start up the engine and rev up to a high RPM.
  5. Retest your battery with the engine running.

If you have somewhere above 13 volts on your second reading, then your alternator is functioning correctly. It should stay above 13 even when you rev the engine with all of the electrical components running, such as heat, lights and radio.

How to make your alternator last longer?

Like any other component in cars, alternators are exposed to elements and generally wear out over time and with use. But you could improve the overall life of this vital component by replacing wearable parts with the new ones before they fail, such as bushings or the belt that drives the rotor. You may also want to check the voltage regulator every two years and take preventive measures to make your alternator last longer.

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