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Replacement Air Mass Meter Boot Information

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Air Mass Meter BootThe air mass meter boot is a component of your air mass meter, also known as a mass air flow sensor. Modern cars using fuel-injected engines have sophisticated computers that control the exact timing and frequency of fuel injection. However, in order for the computer to make the correct decisions about when to inject fuel, it needs to have a fairly good picture of the chemical processes taking place in the engine. As gasoline-powered engines all need oxygen in order to support combustion, one of the critical elements in the entire process is the airflow into the cylinders. Most air mass meters include a temperature sensor which provides additional information to the computer. The air mass meter boot is a rubber or plastic shell that covers the air mass meter, protecting it from damage from particulates or small pieces of debris in the engine compartment. The boot itself does not have a mechanical function, it serves only to protect the delicate air mass sensor systems. If the air mass meter boot cracks or breaks, it should be replaced as the readings from the sensor might be thrown off by the damage. Drivers who want the best performance from their car or truck will always ensure that the air mass meter boot is in good condition, protecting the important air mass sensors that help control the fuel injection system. If the sensors are damaged or become incorrectly calibrated, the result can be quite disastrous to both performance and fuel economy. Your car's onboard computer provides an ever-varying mixture of fuel to the engine depending on speed, engine conditions, fuel mixture, engine settings, and critically, oxygen flow. An incorrect reading about the airflow means that the computer will make incorrect decisions about fuel injection, leading to serious degradations in performance and fuel efficiency. If your vehicle's performance has fallen off for no apparent reason and there are no mechanical indications of a problem, check the air mass meter boot to verify that it is doing its important job of protecting the delicate electronic sensors your car now depends on.

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Air Mass Meter Boot Information

If your vehicle's Dorma Air Mass Meter Boot is compromised, the data from your air mass meter might be incorrect, which might impair performance and cause bad gas mileage.


Dorman Air Mass Meter Boot
Usually the most difficult thing about maintaining your vehicle is finding a dependable source for reliable parts such as a Dorman air mass meter boot. To increase the horses of your automobile's motor, add a selection of these optional add-ons that are specially designed to raise performance. Successful automobile manufacturers understand the inherent importance of high performance. If you bought that high-performance car for its awesome power and performance, protect that decision by using the best new parts. Your air mass meter boot is installed along with air mass flow sensor hoses and cutoff valves, helping your car to run efficiently. Positioned near your car or truck's air filter, your air mass meter boot is a vital piece of the truck's fuel injection system as it shields the air mass meter that measures and controls the amount of air that is funneled to the intake system. A working air mass meter boot is necessary for getting peak fuel efficiency for a vehicle. A cracked air mass meter boot will compromise your air mass meter, which could have a damaging effect on a vehicle's fuel economy and result in engine noise. When you buy a Dorman air mass meter boot from our team of specialists here at, you know that you are finding the highest quality parts at the lowest possible price.

Air Mass Meter Boot

Some idles make your heart skip a beat with a beautiful and steady purr. Some idles skip a beat themselves because they have a busted air mass meter boot. This exposes the delicate meter assembly to debris and damage, halting your idle and messing with your performance. Make sure you start smooth and operate efficiently by replacing your MAF boot at the first sign of damage.

An air mass meter boot protects the sensor that gives you the fuel economy and performance you depend on. Flagging efficiency isn't something that just happens over the life of a car for no reason. In fact, it's often the fault of decrepit sensors. Keep your sensors healthy by regularly checking and replacing this protective rubber housing.

With millions of parts in stock, is your source for all of your air intake system needs. We ship nearly every order we get within two days. We have an innovative inventory system that lets you see what we have in the warehouse, so be confident that those stock numbers are as accurate as possible. We have the best selection of manufacturers too, with names like Febi, Dorman, Genuine, Meyle, APA URO Parts and Professional Parts Sweden. Order now, and don't forget that your purchase is covered by a 30-day return policy.

What is an air mass meter boot?

These protective enclosures and seals don't serve any mechanical purpose. Instead, they serve to protect your MAF sensor. The sensor is a sophisticated apparatus that usually depends on precious metal wires to determine air volume and mass as it enters the engine. These wires get knocked around by debris or caked with contaminants if the air flow meter boot has faults or cracks.

How much is an air flow meter boot?

Different vehicles require various properties in their sensor boots, so prices vary. Reasons for different prices include:

  • Complexity of design
  • Temperature resistance of materials
  • Manufacturer of the part
  • Noise-dampening capability
  • Make of your vehicle

Depending on what you get, expect to pay $20-160 on average for one of these parts. Prices usually fall on the lower end of the spectrum, climbing for luxury cars.

How do you check a MAF sensor boot?

There are a couple ways to check your boot for damage. One is a visual inspection. Look for:

  • Cracks
  • Discoloration
  • Dry or chalky appearance
  • Holes or punctures

Any of these is a clear indicator that you need to replace your boot. If there are no obvious signs of wear and damage, check the air flow meter boot thoroughly with your fingers. It should be slightly pliable. If it feels brittle or it cracks easily while you're testing it, don't beat yourself up. These parts are extremely tough when they're in good condition, so it was time for a replacement anyway.

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2000 Infiniti I30 Air Mass Meter Boot

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The part was OE. I could not ask for a better part then the original ! I paid a lot less then the dealer.

Thanks parts geek!

2006 Kia Sedona Air Mass Meter Boot

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Part was received as advertised.

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