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Replacement Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Information

Choose from top brands including: Denso, NGK, Bosch, Walker Products, API, NTK and Mando.

Air Fuel Ratio SensorMost cars produced for the American market after 1980 have an air fuel ratio sensor, also known as an oxygen sensor. This device is part of the emissions control system and provides a data stream to the computer that manages your fuel ignition. By detecting the amount of fuel vapor in the air stream going to the engine, the air fuel ratio sensor can tell the computer whether it needs to adjust the fuel mixture to be richer or leaner. Every fuel has a slightly different formulation, but your air fuel ratio sensor is concerned primarily with ensuring that the fuel to air mixture is at the correct level for your engine. Depending on the engine, the ideal air to fuel mixture is about fifteen to one, meaning fifteen parts air to one part fuel. If the engine receives less fuel than this, it has a hard time combusting, producing poor performance and possibly damaging the engine. A too-lean mixture also produces excessive nitrogen-oxide pollution from your tailpipe. A too-rich mixture is just as bad, however. The unburned fuel creates pollution of a particularly nasty type, spewing gasoline directly into the air. To avoid both of these problems, it's important to keep your air fuel ratio sensor in good working order. A sensor failure will often be detected by the onboard computer, and will result in a check engine light or similar diagnostic message. You may also be able to detect a failing sensor if your fuel efficiency or observed engine performance begin to fall off without some other explanation. Replacing a broken or failing air fuel ratio sensor is not a particularly complicated job but it is critical to get the right sensor for your car or truck's engine control computer. Sensors are not generic parts and each engine computer has its own line of sensors. Be sure to get the right part to keep your engine working at its peak performance for year after year.

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Replacement Air Fuel Ratio Sensors
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Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Information

A properly installed Bosch Air Fuel Ratio Sensor examines the oxygen level that is feeding your car's engine cylinders.


Bosch Air Fuel Ratio Sensor
Usually the hardest thing about repairing a vehicle is finding a dependable source for quality parts such as a Bosch air fuel ratio sensor. Take your car to a superlative level of power and performance by installing performance parts. It doesn't matter if you race your vehicle or just enjoy driving a performance vehicle, the best quality aftermarket and OEM parts are critical. Auto enthusiasts who love optimized vehicles recognize that nothing is more crucial than having the highest quality replacement parts for your vehicle. A properly installed air fuel ratio sensor continually tracks how much oxygen that is forced your car or truck's engine cylinders. In cases where the air-fuel ratio is too low, poor performance will be the aftermath; at the same time, a too-rich ratio leads to excessive wear to your engine and unwanted air pollution from the car or truck's exhaust system. The air fuel ratio sensor has a crucial job: getting the engine to function productively without making exorbitant emissions. The air fuel ratio sensor calculates the air-fuel ratios in the engine, keeping them within established ranges for optimum performance.

A high quality Denso Air Fuel Ratio Sensor examines the oxygen level that is going your Denso's engine.


Denso Air Fuel Ratio Sensor
The perfect parts for the job, like a Denso air fuel ratio sensor, are just a few clicks away when you get them from PartsGeek. Your high-performance vehicle demands the best replacement parts that are available. No matter if you race or just enjoy driving a performance vehicle, premium quality aftermarket and OEM parts are crucial. An automobile's performance is the culmination of several factors including high quality parts. The air fuel ratio sensor has a vital responsibility: getting the vehicle to work effectively without causing unreasonable pollution. When your car or truck's air-fuel ratio is too lean, poor engine power will be the result; conversely, a too-rich ratio leads to wear to your engine and excessive air pollution from your car or truck's tailpipe. A high quality air fuel ratio sensor examines how much oxygen that is forced your vehicle's engine cylinders. A car's air fuel ratio sensor keeps track of the air to fuel levels in the motor, keeping them within established ranges for good operation. Your car or truck is really only as good as the parts it uses, such as a Denso air fuel ratio sensor.

A properly installed Walker Air Fuel Ratio Sensor monitors how much oxygen is going your Walker's engine.


Walker Air Fuel Ratio Sensor
If you're in the market for a Walker air fuel ratio sensor, restoring your car or truck with first class parts always pays off in the long run. Your car is special due to its excellent performance and great style, so to have it humming in its best condition you want the ultimate in quality parts and accessories. You purchased that high-performance car because it had high-end engine power and performance, support that investment by buying only the best new parts and accessories. To add to the horses of your vehicle's motor, add a selection of these optional components that are specifically built to raise performance. The air fuel ratio sensor has a key duty: getting your vehicle to function efficiently without causing unnecessary exhaust. A properly installed air fuel ratio sensor continually tracks how much oxygen is forced your vehicle's engine. If the air-fuel ratio is not adequate, reduced combustion will be the consequence; in addition, a too-rich fuel mix leads to wear to your engine and unwanted pollution from your vehicle's tail pipe. Because an inaccurate air fuel ratio sensor may wreck your finances by running too rich or too lean, replacing it will lower your stress over time.

Air Fuel Ratio Sensor

Are unexplained performance problems bogging you down? If you haven't checked your air fuel ratio sensor, go ahead and check it now. This sensor is part of your vehicle's engine management system: a computer-controlled array of self-diagnostic devices that monitors and reports everything from engine knock to crank angle in order to maintain optimum performance and efficiency.

The AFR sensor contributes to this system by reporting the concentration of gasoline vapors in the air. This allows the computer to adjust the gas content to make the mix richer or more lean. When this sensor fails, gas to air mixtures often stay out of an ideal range for extended periods of time. This causes low performance and rough idling, as well as increased emissions. Auto manufacturers are replacing older zirconium sensing technology with these more responsive wide range air fuel sensors. The two have almost identical purposes, and there are similar symptoms when they fail.

We're proud to offer millions of parts made by some of the best OEM and independent brands here at You'll find top sensor manufacturers, including Bosch, Denso, NGK and Walker. These fuel mix sensors aren't generic parts, so double and triple check to make sure you have the right sensor for your vehicle's engine computer. However, don't worry if you make a mistake in ordering. We're committed to getting you the right part, so every purchase you make is protected by our 30-day return policy.

What is an Air Fuel Ratio Sensor?

A modern air fuel ratio sensor maintains a stoichiometric optimum between gasoline vapor and air in order to ensure full combustion. The fast fuel mix ratio correction speed allowed by wide range air fuel sensors is necessary to deliver the high fuel economy and low emissions of contemporary vehicles. Precisely tuned mixes also contribute to smooth idling and peak performance.

How much is a new air fuel ratio sensor?

Each one of these AFR sensors should cost anywhere from $50-250, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Labor varies based on a number of different factors:

  • The mechanic's hourly rate
  • Minimum labor charges and fees
  • The location of the sensor on your vehicle

Most professionals do this job in minutes, but certain garages have a minimum labor charge of an hour. A few vehicles require significant disassembling to get to the sensor, but usually it's a quick fix.

Do I need an air fuel ratio sensor or an oxygen sensor?

There are many names for this part:

  • Air fuel ratio sensor
  • Wide range air fuel sensor
  • Oxygen sensor
  • O2 sensor
  • AFR sensor
  • Air fuel mixture sensor

They all usually mean the same thing, but always double check that you have the correct part for your year and model. You might also see any of them called a meter instead of a sensor. One last thing: don't confuse this part with a mass sensor. While it's closely related, an air mass sensor is a separate part that complements the functions of an air fuel mixture sensor.

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