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Replacement Accelerator Pedal Sensor Information

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Replacement Accelerator Pedal Sensors
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Accelerator Pedal Sensor Information

Every time you take your car out for a drive, you probably have intentions of putting the pedal to the metal and smoothly sailing to your destination. If pressing down on the gas pedal does not immediately accelerate your vehicle, there could be an issue with your accelerator pedal sensor. While this electronic control system is designed to last the lifetime of your vehicle, there are certain occasions where it needs to be replaced - especially if you live in an area with high heat. carries the perfect replacement for your faulty accelerator pedal sensor. With brands like OEM, BD Diesel, Bosch and Mopar, you'll be able to customize your vehicle with high-quality technology that will ensure your safety at all times. And with our 30-day return guarantee, you can purchase with confidence knowing that you'll receive an accurate and working gas pedal sensor--or your money back!

What is an accelerator pedal sensor?

An accelerator pedal sensor is an electronic control that replaces the carburetors of old. When you hit the gas pedal, the sensor communicates with the engine through an electrical signal that's transmitted to the fuel system. This ensures that you accelerate smoothly down the highway. 

How much is a new accelerator pedal sensor?

The cost of an accelerator pedal sensor can range between $50 and $250 on Since gas pedal sensors come specially equipped for each vehicle, you should make sure you're purchasing the exact accelerator pedal sensor for your car's year, make and model. This cost is also based on the brand desired and additional included features. 

What are the symptoms of a bad accelerator pedal sensor?

When you're accelerator pedal sensor is failing, there will likely be a few clear warning signs. Most visibly, the check engine light will start glowing. While this appearance doesn't automatically mean your accelerator pedal sensor is kaputt, it does mean that you should take your vehicle to a certified mechanic to see what's wrong. Additional signs include an inconsistent engine throttle and inefficient fuel economy. A failing accelerator pedal sensor will not be able to consistently control the acceleration and deceleration of your vehicle, which could get very dangerous on the road. Any time you press on the gas pedal, your engine should respond quickly and efficiently. If it doesn't, you should immediately pull your vehicle to the side of the road and make an appointment with a mechanic. 

Here are a few additional checkpoints to determine if your accelerator pedal sensor is broken or failing:

  1. You engine no longer idles smoothly
  2. Your vehicle stops accelerating after a certain speed
  3. You suddenly have low gas mileage

What should you do if your accelerator pedal sensor fails on the road?

There's a beauty to modern vehicles--they're equipped to deal with technological failings. In the case of a broken accelerator pedal sensor, your car will go into "Limp Mode," allowing you to safely remove your vehicle from the road. Immediately turn off your vehicle and call a tow truck company to transport your vehicle to the nearest certified mechanic. 


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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Jaime

Great product and fast shipping part is direct fit without any issues

2003 Mercedes E500 Accelerator Pedal

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Ohio buyer

Exact fit. Product was exactly as displayed. Great price.

2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer Accelerator Pedal

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Accelerator Pedal / Throttle Position Sensor

Worked perfect and resolved the LIMP MODE issue. Was able to slip off the sport foot pad and swap with this pedal so no need to spend the extra $50 for it :)

2005 Mercedes C230 Accelerator Pedal

Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied
Reviewer: Product ok, shipping not so much!

Product as advertised, but it took 8 days shipping. Should have purchased locally.

2001 Ford F250 Super Duty Accelerator Pedal

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Tim

I want to thank you for saving me 700.00.The Mercedes dealership charged me 116.00 for the diagnostics that showed I needed accelerator sensor. The total cost would have been 900.00 plus their cost. I looked the part up on your site and was thrilled to find you had it for less than 200.00.Free shipping helped also.Ordered part and 2 days later was on my front porch. Thank you for making our hard earned dollars stretch farther. Would return to your site for future needs.


2001 Mercedes SLK230 Accelerator Pedal

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Joe

Very nice value, extremely fast shipping, and excellent help on the telephone!

2003 Mercedes SL55 AMG Accelerator Pedal