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Replacement AC Receiver Drier Information

Choose from top brands including: Four Seasons, UAC, GPD, Denso, Behr, AC Delco, ACM, APA/URO Parts, Motorcraft, Hella, Mopar, Santech/ Omega Envir. Tech. and Nissens.

AC Receiver DrierIn an automobile air conditioning system, one of the components on the high pressure side of the loop is the AC receiver drier. This unit has a couple of very important functions and is required for the long-term efficient operation of the air conditioning system. The primary function of the receiver drier is to collect and store the liquid coolant fluid that comes from the condenser. The condenser is the unit that turns the coolant back into liquid after it has been vaporized and cooled. The coolant enters at the top of the receiver canister and moves to the bottom. A tube with a filter in it then draws up the coolant fluid and transports it to the expansion valve. Inside of the receiver drier, a desiccant removes any water moisture than might have entered the stream and a filter removes any solid particles that might have been introduced into the closed system. Sometimes you want a Drier for road safety or performance reasons, or possibly it's something to have fun with; regardless, acquire the best performance you're able to swing. Usually the trickiest aspect about restoring your vehicle is the need to find a quality source for the best parts. Your car or truck is only as good as the parts it uses, and so the team of experts here at PartsGeek is excited to help you find the best OEM and aftermarket parts for your vehicle.

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Replacement AC Receiver Driers
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AC Receiver Drier Information

The Behr A/C receiver drier gets moisture out of the refrigerant on the low side of your air conditioning system.


Behr AC Receiver Drier
The Behr A/C receiver drier helps to keep your air conditioner running at its best. When the refrigerant enters the low side of your A/C system it is in a vaporous state. The A/C receiver drier separates out liquid moisture and dries it away while the vapor continues to the compressor. Excessive moisture in the vaporous form of your refrigerant can cause cooling inefficiencies. If you need a new receiver/drier, look here at

The Delphi A/C Receiver Drier stores excess refrigerant and removes moisture from the refrigerant.


Delphi AC Receiver Drier
The A/C Receiver Drier stores excess refrigerant and removes moisture from the refrigerant. It consists of a tank, a filter, a drying agent, and a pick-up tube. Damage can occur from excessive A/C moisture, which can cause corrosion .The receiver drier should be replaced any time the system is opened for service. The desiccant is only capable of absorbing a certain amount of moisture, and when the inside of the system and/or the receiver/drier are exposed to the atmosphere, the desiccant can become very quickly saturated from humidity in the air. If this occurs, the desiccant is no longer effective, and will not provide future protection. When you need to replace your drier, consider the Delphi A/C Receiver Drier, available from PartsGeek. Delphi is an Original Equipment supplier to over 25 vehicle manufacturers and is the largest and most diversified supplier of automotive parts to the global aftermarket.

The Denso A/C Receiver Drier stores excess refrigerant and removes moisture from the refrigerant.


Denso AC Receiver Drier
The Denso A/C Receiver Drier stores excess refrigerant and removes moisture from the refrigerant. They are usually located in the plumbing between the condenser outlet and the expansion valve inlet, although some may be connected directly to the condenser. Their receiver function is to act as temporary storage containers for oil and refrigerant when neither is needed for system operation. Their drier function is to use desiccant to absorb moisture that may have gotten inside the A/C system during manufacture, assembly or service. The A/C Receiver Drier should be replaced whenever the system is opened for service. When that time comes, consider Denso A/C Receiver Drier, available from PartsGeek. Denso can guarantee the quality of the product they produce because every component that leaves their factories has been designed with precision, manufactured to the strictest OE standards and subjected to rigorous safety and performance tests.

The Four Seasons A/C Receiver Drier should be replaced anytime the A/C system has been opened to insure optimum performance of the vehicle's air conditioner.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons AC Receiver Drier
The Four Seasons A/C Receiver Drier, also referred to as the A/C accumulator, removes any moisture trapped inside the sealed and pressurized A/C system. Over time, and the after routine maintenance has been performed on the A/C system, the A/C receiver drier can become saturated with moisture and should be replaced. Ideally, this component should be replaced anytime the A/C system has been opened, or contaminated, which will compromise the efficiency of the air conditioner.

The Motorcraft A/C receiver drier removes water from your air conditioning system's refrigerant after it leaves the evaporator.


Motorcraft AC Receiver Drier
The Motorcraft A/C receiver drier is used in your air conditioning system after the evaporator. When refrigerant leaves the evaporator, the A/C receiver drier pulls liquid moisture away to dry it up. This prevents contamination of the refrigerant, allowing better operation. To be sure that you have the right part for your vehicle, check the part's compatibility against the make, model, and year of your automobile.

Have you ever hopped into a hot vehicle in the dead of summer only to find out the AC system doesn’t work?  Rolled down windows and temporary baseball cap fans can only do so much. The truth is that no vehicle is complete without a functioning AC system.  One of the crucial components that makes up that system is the AC Receiver Drier. This drier servers as a storage container for oil and refrigerant, filters debris, and absorbs excess moisture to help the AC unit avoid corrosion and maintain the compressor’s performance.

Here at, we have a wide selection of AC Receiver Drier parts available to keep your drive cool and crisp on those long summer road trips. Browse our selection below to find driers from top brands like Denso, Metrix, GDP, Behr and more. We make it easy to find the perfect part for your specific make and model. Not only that, we offer a 30-day return policy to ensure that you’re happy with the part you’ve purchased.

What is an AC receiver drier?

An AC receiver drier is one of the high-pressure loop components in your vehicle’s air conditioning system. It works directly with the condenser. The condenser in your AC system is responsible for turning coolant back into liquid once it has been vaporized. The primary function of the receiver drier is to collect any liquid coolant fluid that is put off by the condenser and to then store it. The drier also contains a desiccant that removes water moisture that might have gotten into the closed system (aka the “drier” function).  The drier also has a filter that traps and removes any solid particles that may have entered.

How much does an AC receiver drier cost?

Here at most of our AC receiver driers fall between the $12-$17 range, but it all depends on the year, make and model of your car and the brand of drier you’re looking at. Check each products’ specs to find a receiver drier that’s right for your vehicle.

How often do I need to replace an AC receiver drier?

Typically, you should replace your drier either every 3 years or whenever the AC loop is opened to the air (like during a replacement of the condenser or compressor). Whenever the inside of the system is exposed to the atmosphere, the desiccant becomes saturated and will no longer provide protection.  This causes the oil flow and refrigerant to diminish.

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