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Replacement AC Expansion Valve Information

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AC Expansion ValveRegulating air conditioning temperature is important when it comes to staying comfortable in your vehicle on a hot summer day. However, the temperature of the AC components under the hood of the car is also important. If too much Freon enters the evaporator core, it will cause the component to freeze. Similarly, if not enough Freon is fed into the system, it will lack the cold necessary to cool your cabin. The key to maintaining proper engine temperatures for the AC components lies in the proper function of one of the six major AC components the AC expansion valve. This little valve accepts Freon form the receiver-dryer and feeds it into the evaporator. The valve opens and closes depending on the ambient temperature surrounding the part. A temperature probe on the valve is used to achieve this goal. With the proper amount of coolant flowing through the engine, you air conditioning remains cold no matter what the temperature outside. is your online superstore connection for finding all of your auto parts needs at an incredibly low price.

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Replacement AC Expansion valves
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AC Expansion Valve Information

Your vehicle's Denso A/C Expansion Valve is a key component of your AC system.


Denso AC Expansion Valve
For the best performance from your vehicle, look at a Denso A/C expansion valve. Driving in cold conditions over poor highways can be safer with optional equipment designed for superior road safety. If you truly enjoy driving, then you recognize the value of quality parts. The price of a comfortable car is important to consider making a purchase. As refrigerant flows from the receiver-drier to your evaporator, the A/C expansion valve regulates the flow and ambient pressure of the fluid. The A/C expansion valve is the unit which helps to move heat and cools the space of your car or truck. The A/C expansion valve is one irreplaceable piece of an air conditioning system. Although an A/C expansion valve isn't usually an expensive part, servicing it requires opening up the air conditioning assembly. The A/C expansion valve controls the volume of AC fluid into your vehicle's evaporator.

Your vehicle's Four Seasons A/C Expansion Valve is a key component of the air conditioning system.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons AC Expansion Valve
To get the most performance out of your car or truck, consider a Four Seasons A/C expansion valve. Though they aren't needed for keeping your car on the move, the comfort-oriented features of your car or truck are important to keeping your vehicle cozy and tolerable to drive, especially in extreme temperature conditions. There are many different options one can buy plus after-market parts that are able to add pleasure to the road trips. Traveling in cold climates over poor roads can be safer with top components engineered for greater safety. A malfunctioning A/C expansion valve will lessen efficient cooling. Even though the A/C expansion valve isn't usually a high-cost component, replacing it means disassembling the air conditioner assembly. Your car's A/C expansion valve is a key component of the A/C system. The vehicle's A/C expansion valve regulates the amount of AC fluid into the evaporator unit. Your car or truck's A/C expansion valve is the device that helps to pull heat and lowers the temperature of the passenger compartment in your car.

Your Motorcraft A/C Expansion Valve is one key component of your climate control system.


Motorcraft AC Expansion Valve
Usually the most difficult thing about repairing a car or truck is searching for a top-rated source for the best parts such as a Motorcraft A/C expansion valve. The value of a comfortable car is very important when considering before making a purchase. A satisfying driving experience is dependent on the comfortable function of several systems. Parts which make for an easier ride will increase safety and handling. An A/C expansion valve moderates the flow of coolant into an evaporator unit. While the A/C expansion valve isn't generally a pricy component, servicing one involves opening up the AC assembly. An old A/C expansion valve might lessen your car's optimal cooling capacity. Your car's A/C expansion valve is one key piece of your air conditioning system. An A/C expansion valve is the component that helps to move heat and cools the passenger compartment inside your automobile. The specialists here at PartsGeek know what it's like to love your vehicle, and so we want to help you find the right Motorcraft A/C expansion valve.

Keeping your vehicle’s AC temperature at the right level is important when you’re planning a drive on a blistering summer day.  However, the temperature of the air conditioner components under the hood of your vehicle is also very important. Your car’s AC expansion valve is the key to maintaining sustainable temperatures for your other AC components so that you always get that cool, crisp air blowing through your vents.

Whether you are looking to replace your expansion valve or upgrade it, look no further than  Our online superstore offers you millions of auto parts at incredibly low prices.  Shop from top brands like UAC, GDP, Denso, APA/URO Parts, Motorcraft, AC Delco, Four Seasons, ACM, Mopar, Genuine and OEM. We also offer a 30-day return policy to help ensure that you find just the part you are looking for.  See our wide selection of products below.

What is an AC expansion valve?

Your vehicle’s air conditioner has six major components.  One of those major components is the AC expansion valve.  Its primary function is to regulate the temperatures of the other AC components by regulating the Freon that flows through.  For example, if too much Freon enters the evaporator core, it will freeze over.  Likewise, if not enough Freon is running through the system, it will not be able to cool the cabin of your car or truck.  The expansion valve accepts Freon from the receiver drier and then sends it into the evaporator. The valve has a temperature probe on it that allows it to open and close depending on what the ambient temperature around it is.  When you have the proper amount of coolant running through your AC system, it will work no matter what the temperature is outside.

What does an AC expansion valve cost?

Here at, most of the AC expansion valves that we offer fall in the $20 range.  That price will vary, however, depending on the year, make and model of the vehicle as well as the listed features of the part.  Some expansion valves are compatible with multiple refrigerants and have different tonnage and superheat ratings. Be sure to look at each product’s specs and make sure it fits your vehicle’s needs before making a purchase.

What is the function of the orifice tube?

The orifice tube is similar to the expansion valve in that it is used to control the amount of liquid refrigerant that goes into the evaporator.  Likewise, it also regulates the amount of liquid refrigerant that comes out of the compressor. The orifice tube also serves as a dividing line of sorts between the low and high pressure sections of the air conditioning system.

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