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Replacement AC Condenser Information

Choose from top brands including: Action Crash, Denso, UAC, APDI, Spectra Premium, GPD, TYC, DIY Solutions, OSC Automotive, Nissens, AC Delco, Behr and API.

AC CondenserThere's nothing more unpleasant than driving a car through the summer heat without air conditioning. Warm climate commuters know that a quality air conditioning system is an essential feature for any car or truck. One of the key components that keeps your cabin cool is the AC condenser. This little part looks and works a whole lot like the radiator. It is also located right in front of the radiator under the hood of your car. This positioning right behind the grille is important, because it is the job of the condenser to cool down Freon gas so it returns to liquid form. The strong breeze created by the movement of your car helps in this endeavor. Once the coolant has been successfully liquefied, it passes through an expansive valve so it can return to gas form and circulate through the cabin of your vehicle. This delicate system results in reliable, long-lasting winter temperatures in even the warmest of environments. For great prices and selection on a wide range of auto products, visit

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AC Condenser Information

For your AC to run efficiently, a Behr A/C Condenser condenses the freon.


Behr AC Condenser
We here at understand what it's like to love your vehicle, and so we are on a mission to help you find the right Behr A/C condenser. Commuting in poor conditions over rough ground can be safer with cutting-edge parts developed for superior safety. There are several options on the market in addition to generic components that will give additional enjoyment to the driving experience. If you want to ensure that your car's cabin is as agreeable as you wish it to be, you'll need to keep comfort-oriented components functioning at their maximum capacity. After the gas is cooled in the A/C condenser, your air conditioner sends the cold air into the inside of your vehicle. A high caliber A/C condenser will improve the power of any vehicle's air temperature system, which will enhance the agreeableness of your ride on a hot day. An A/C condenser enables the cooling fluid to radiate heat, permitting your vehicle's climate control to work. Climate control systems use coolant, which must be cooled by the A/C condenser.

Cooling systems must have freon, which is cooled by the Denso A/C Condenser.


Denso AC Condenser
For the most performance out of your car or truck, take a peek at a Denso A/C condenser. Driving in stormy climates over poor streets can be made more comfortable with cutting-edge parts developed for better safety. A car's comfort can magnify the motoring experience of the attentive driver for years. There are several options one can buy plus generic equipment that can add pleasure to your driving experience. Climate control systems use Freon, which must be kept cool by your A/C condenser. Once the gas liquefies in your vehicle's A/C condenser, the A/C sends the cooled air into the inside of the car or truck. An A/C condenser enables the Freon to dissipate its heat, permitting your vehicle's A/C to function. Your automobile's A/C condenser transforms your air conditioning coolant to a liquid then expels any heat. When you need a Denso A/C condenser, servicing your cherished vehicle with the best parts will pay off every single time.

Driving in a hot car without AC can be a miserable experience.  On the flip side, a properly working AC system can be a godsend on those warm summer afternoon drives.  One of the vital components of your car or truck’s air conditioning is the AC condenser.  Its job is to use the breeze created by the movement of your vehicle to cool the refrigerant running through the system. This impressive process results in cool, crisp cabin temperatures in even the warmest climates.

For great prices and selection on AC condensers, look no further than  Choose from top brands like AC Delco, Nissens, Motorcraft, Spectra Premium, Denso, Action Crash, ACM, Behr, TYC, GDP, UAC and ADPI.

What is an AC condenser?

The AC condenser is a heat exchanger in a mobile AC system.  While usually made of aluminum, older vehicle models may have condensers made of copper or brass.  Condensers look similar to radiators, only slimmer, and are usually found near the front of the vehicle since they depend on air flow.

Condensers are made up of tubes with fins around them.  Their main job is to release the heat that was absorbed by the refrigerant while moving through the AC evaporator.  They help to convert the refrigerant from a high-pressure vapor to a high-pressure liquid which then moves through an expansive valve and on through your AC system.

How much does an AC condenser cost?

You can get usually get an AC condenser here at between $50 and $70.  However, keep in mind that the year, make and model of your vehicle play an important role in the price difference of a condenser.  You should also look at the different components included with each product when considering cost.

Where is the AC condenser located in a car?

An AC condenser looks a little like a radiator, only it’s smaller.  You can usually find it located right under the grill of the vehicle, with the radiator usually sitting behind it.  This location can change, depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

How do you tell if your AC condenser is bad?

If there is any problem with the condenser in your car’s air conditioning unit, it can negatively affect the entire system.  Here are a few ways to spot a condenser gone bad:

  • The amount of cool air coming through your vents is significantly reduced due to restricted refrigerant flow
  • There are noticeable leaks due to either age or damage

In both of these scenarios, the condenser will need to be replaced as a whole.

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