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Why Buy OEM Volvo Parts from Parts Geek?

Parts Geek is an online auto store with millions of car parts available for all models and makes. When it comes to cheap and genuine Volvo parts, we have OEM as well as aftermarket parts and accessories featured in our extensive catalog. You name it, we have it. Sure you will have to wait for a couple of days to get your parts delivered, but on the flip side, you will have a lot of money saved, as we provide great discounts on all genuine parts and accessories. With US-wide presence and tie-ups with some of the major manufacturers, parts availability will never be a problem.

Also, we have invested in building a website that’s easy to navigate and makes online shopping a hassle-free experience. Certainly, a website is cheaper to maintain as compared to a brick and mortar store. And we pass down our savings to customers by offering parts at wholesale prices. If you are not sure about the part name, visit our website, select your vehicle, and shop by part category.

Search Our Online Volvo Parts Catalog & Save

Now, you can certainly order from Parts Geek's online Volvo accessories and parts catalog if you wish, and we'll definitely get you the lowest price on those Volvo factory parts. But first, consider a few things about aftermarket Volvo parts.

Aftermarket or Genuine Volvo Parts?

The Great Debate among car aficionados of all stripes when it comes to replacement parts and components is: original or Aftermarket quality?

When it comes to your Volvo vehicle, original quality parts or accessories may not necessarily be the best or most economical choice, believe or not. It's true that in some cases, you should (and in the case of some warranty terms, must) use Volvo factory parts so as not to compromise performance. Nonetheless, there are many seriously good replacement alternatives to OEM Volvo parts that we offer at that you should be aware of.

What are OEM Volvo Parts?

The "OEM" in the phrase "OEM Volvo parts" of course stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer" – a fact of which you are already no doubt aware. A Volvo dealership will of course use only genuine Volvo parts when servicing your vehicle – and you'll pay more as a result. On the other hand, an auto insurance repair & maintenance shop will most likely steer you toward aftermarket substitutes in order to save the insurance company money.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, however – and often, is very much to your advantage.

It's hard for a lot of people to believe, but the fact is that aftermarket parts usually equal, and in many cases, even better than OEM Volvo parts. This is not always the case; one of the drawbacks of using aftermarket substitutes in your car is that the quality and pricing can be very inconsistent. Nonetheless, there are many good reasons that in most cases, you're going to get Volvo accessories that are just as good or better than OEM parts – not the least of which is that Parts Geek is very particular about what products we carry (which by the way all come with a one-year guarantee on top of any manufacturer warranty).

Details about OEM Volvo Parts

First of all, the original Volvo genuine component has usually been reverse-engineered by the aftermarket manufacturer. In the process of doing this, there is an opportunity to improve on the original design and eventually, performance. Secondly, the competition among players in the aftermarket auto part industry is nothing short of brutal – which is a good thing for you as an auto parts consumer. This means that there is a lot of incentive to provide a high-quality product at a reasonable cost.

Of course, when it comes to European imports, availability on OEM parts can always be an uncertain thing. On the other hand, aftermarket components are almost always readily available.

How to Select Your Vehicle and Buy Volvo Parts from Parts Geek?

Finally, if you are concerned about voiding your warranty (which is not usually an issue with vehicles that have more than 50,000 miles on them), you don't have to worry – as long as the aftermarket part in question is a direct replacement for the genuine Volvo item (so, a radiator for a radiator, etc.) Be aware however that if you replace a genuine OEM component or system with a custom one designed to alter the engine’s specifications or vehicle's performance overall and it's a newer vehicle, there may very well be some warranty issues. In this case, you should speak with someone at the dealer that sold you the vehicle before ordering from us.

Those issues understood, rely on Parts Geek to have the Volvo parts you need, when you need them.

Here, you can use the search bar option, select your vehicle, find parts & accessories (genuine OEM or aftermarket), add them to your cart, and shop for the Volvo accessories or parts that you need.

For customer service, or help regarding products from any brand, or to find parts, feel free to contact us.

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