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Volkswagen OEM Parts

OEM Volkswagen Parts Or Aftermarket Replacement Parts?

It's a matter of often heated debate. On the one hand, the Volkswagen factory parts usually cost more. Of course, if you are still driving a classic air-cooled Beetle or bus from the 1960s, 70s, or 80s, you may not even have an option – since Volkswagen stopped making parts and accessories for those vehicles years ago. Otherwise, you may be surprised to learn that in most cases, it doesn't matter whether you use original Volkswagen parts or not – except of course the aftermarket versions usually cost less.

Hard to Find Aftermarket and Replacement Genuine VW Parts and Accessories

If you are determined to use factory parts however, you'll definitely find the best pricing in our OEM VW parts catalog on our complete selection of VW components for all models.

For the two or three of you reading this who weren't aware of the fact, the initials "OEM" are an acronym for "Original Equipment Manufacturer." These are the genuine Volkswagen parts that come straight from the factory in Germany. When you take your late-model VW to the dealer for repairs, chances are that all they are going to use are VW OEM parts. This costs a bit more. On the other hand, if the vehicle is damaged in a collision or other type of accident or vandalism, you may wind up taking it to a repair service authorized by your insurer. Naturally, an insurer is going to insist on aftermarket components, which are a close alternative, because it'll save them a buck or two (or even three).

Not necessarily. In fact, factory VW parts are not necessarily better than their aftermarket versions. While all popular products from our Volkswagen OEM parts catalog come with a one-year guarantee from Parts Geek, you may find it advantageous to buy aftermarket Volkswagen parts. Just visit our store, select your vehicle, and pick the genuine Volkswagen accessories and auto parts.

Should you be concerned about the Quality of Aftermarket Parts?

Now, the quality of aftermarket VW parts and accessoriescan vary a great deal from one manufacturer to another. However, often they are not only equal to, but actually in some cases better than VW OEM or genuine Volkswagen parts. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that when it comes to creating an aftermarket replacement for Volkswagen OEM parts, these are usually "reverse-engineered." During this process, it is possible that design flaws are discovered in the genuine part – giving the aftermarket manufacturer a golden opportunity to make improvements.

It doesn't always work out this way – but since the automotive aftermarket is extremely competitive, there is some serious incentive to keep the quality high and the prices low.

The other good thing about aftermarket components is that they are virtually always available when and as you need them – whereas sometimes it can be tricky to get your hands on original factory equipment Volkswagen parts.

Save Big On Genuine VW Replacement Parts & Accessories

One thing that you can definitely count on is that whether it’s OEM Volkswagen parts or aftermarket replacements, a vw radiator or interior trim -- you name it, and you'll be able to find what you need at the lowest prices right here at – your Internet wholesale outlet for virtually everything auto-related. With easy navigation and a search feature based on make and model, buying from our website is a breeze. Select your vehicle and find the part you need without leaving your comfort zone. Most of our orders ship within twenty-four hours, and should you need it right away, there is overnight delivery and second-day shipping available. In case you have a question, contact our customer service at a time that suits you.

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5 of 5
Verified Customer
3/31/13 02:10 PM - USA

Glad to find this part. It arrived quickly. My only complaint is the packaging was a foreign language which I could not read precautions/safety info. - On The Road Again...

- 1976 Volkswagen Rabbit Mechanical Fuel Pump
5 of 5
Verified Customer
3/29/13 05:26 AM - USA

Very good service and quality parts! - Mark

- 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit Caliper Bushing