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Pontiac Replacement Shock Absorber

Pontiac ShocksPontiac engine parts and accessories don't have to break the bank; carries the parts your car demands at prices that you can live with. Drivers who acquire a Pontiac recognize that quality and comfort are well worth preserving; the right parts are sure to keep your car in the best condition. Pontiac is a renowned dealer of long lasting and powerful cars that that also provide superior styling and solid style on the road. The Pontiac Shocks dampen energy from bumps in the road to allow for a smoother drive. The role of the Pontiac Shocks is to minimize vertical movement caused by dips in the road and the suspension. Located between the suspension system and the frame of the automobile, this part dampens vertical motion of the suspension. Whether you own a smokin' hot rod or a station wagon, we have the aftermarket parts you are searching for right here. Keep your performance vehicle in the best condition by ordering vehicle parts that are reliable at our fully-stocked web store, where you'll see that our live professional automotive service experts will guarantee that you get the correct parts. If you need the very best deals on excellent parts at low prices, point your browser at!

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Some of our Customer Reviews
Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: 2001 Bonneville Rear Shocks

Fit perfectly and really improved the ride. Also replace upper isolator with Monroe part as well.

Odd things. Both the shock absorber and isolator included new metal "washers". So, there was an extra set that I threw away. Also, the nut included with the shock was not a torque-prevaling nut, so I reused the stock one. I could not find a torque for the single nut at the top of the isolator, so I used 30 ft-lbs.

The isolators included two nuts to attach them to the body, but since these were inside the car, the old nuts were still in good shape. However, the shocks did not include any hardware for the bottom end, and 3 of the 4 U-nuts broke taking the shocks off. I used the new isolator nuts down there instead. Keep in mind, if you only replace the shocks, you are probably gong to need to buy nuts for the lower mounts.

2001 Pontiac Bonneville Shock Absorber

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Fred

Fit, packing, and service were great. Plan on ordering for our next project real soon.

2000 Pontiac Montana Shock Absorber