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Mercedes-Benz is a German company that manufactures luxurious automobiles, vans, and trucks. Currently, Mercedes-Benz is property of Daimler AG and holds a high percentage of market shares for luxury automobiles. Karl Benz, who is responsible for inventing the very first internal combustion engine, founded the company in 1886. While Marx was the founder, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach created the Bollee steam engine and petrol engine in 1873. Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft marketed the first vehicle in 1901, however; the first Mercedes-Benz branded vehicle was manufactured in 1926, following the merger of Daimler-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz is known for being a trendsetter and innovator, as they were the first automotive company to utilize next generation technology. Some of the technologies used in the 1800s are still being used today, such as the case with the Honeycomb radiator that Daimler created. It is currently used in all water-cooled vehicles. Prior to the invention of the fuel injector, the company created a float carburetor. Daimler was responsible for inventing the modern-day chassis, in which the carriage is set between the front-end and rear wheels. Before Daimler’s invention vehicles had several drive trains, rather than the front engine/powered rear wheels configuration.

In 1924 Mercedes-Benz was the first company to have brakes on all four of the wheels. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are known for their impeccable safety record, however; did you know their reputation dates back to the 1950s? They were the first company to begin using safety cages that utilize front and back “crumple zones” to protect passengers? Additionally, Mercedes-Benz was the first manufacturer to utilize a traction control system in 1959.

While Mercedes Benz was the lead innovator in the 1900s, their work continued into the millennium. In 2003 they were the first company to utilize a seven-speed automatic transmission. Mercedes-Benz is known for developing state-of-the-art equipment that saves lives, increases efficiency, and protects consumers. They were the first company to use airbags. Mercedes-Benz is credited for developing the most powerful eight-cylinder engine, the Mercedes-AMG 6208 cc M156 V8. The engine has over 391 kW of power.

In the event of a crash or accident, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are prepared for the worst. The vehicles utilize a next-generation Pre-Safe feature that prepares the vehicle’s safety systems for impact. Additionally, when drivers begin to show signs of fatigue, the Attention Assist feature is activated. Lastly, Mercedes-Benz invented the adaptive highbeam assist function, which changes based on outside variables. Over the years, Mercedes-Benz vehicles have proven to be reliable and safe.

Mercedes-Benz has an interest in Formula 1, as they are a joint owner of Team McLaren. The company has supplied McLaren with engines, dating back to 1995. Their partnership with Formula 1 has resulted in championships for drivers Mikka Hakkinen (1999) and Lewis Hamilton (2008). Mercedes-Benz formed the Mercedes Grand Prix, which will race in 2010. This new enterprise bought a 75.1 percent stake in the Brawn GP team, which includes players such as Hamilton.

Mercedes-Benz has an international appeal, however; they do not produce every vehicle for every country. Argentina is the home of the first non-German Mercedes-Benz factory. The company targets buses, trucks, and vans to Argentina while marketing their G-Class to Australia. The C-Class passenger vehicle is dominant in Brazil along with their buses and trucks. In the future, A and B-class vehicles will be produced in Hungary starting in 2008. C, E, and S-class vehicles are produced and marketed in Thailand and the SLR sports car is manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Mercedes-Benz has produced a variety of vehicles over the past few decades, including the SSK racing car, 770 ceremonial car, 260 D (first diesel car), Ponton, 300 Adenauer Mercedes, 300SL Gullwing, Fintail, 220SE Cabriolet, Grand Mercedes, Pagoda, S-Class, W114 Next-Gen Compacts, G-Class, E-Class, C43 (first Mercedes-Benz car), SL73 AMG (largest engine to date), M-Class, CLK, SLR, CLS, and Bluetec. Mercedes-Benz vehicles have been named using a set system that has changed over the years. Cars are named based on the type of engine and engine displacement.

While Mercedes-Benz is notorious for their luxury sedans and compact vehicles, they produce vans, buses, trucks, and bicycles. Mercedes-Benz bicycles are sold in Australia, Germany, and Russia. Popular models include the Automatic Bike, Carbon Bike, Fitness Bike, Hybrid Bike, Mountain Bike, and Street Bike. Prices range from $1,000 to $1,500, however; the Automatic Bike’s entry-level pricing begins at $699.

Mercedes-Benz has a variety of trucks on the market, including the Atego, which is a lightweight vehicle. The Axor is a mid-size truck that can handle rugged terrain and large loads. The Actros is a heavy-duty workhorse that can handle the heaviest of jobs. The Econic is a specialty vehicle because it has a low-floor for premium applications. The Unimog is an all-terrain transporter that is designed with tough materials that can withstand tough conditions. Lastly, the Zetros is an off-road vehicle for any terrain. The 1828L and 1517L are both mobile casualty treatment platforms used by first responders.

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