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The Hot Rod Resource Guide

People have always adored their cars, but when it comes to hot rods, it's a whole other love. There is a pride that comes when one is a hot rodder, most build their own cars and then use them regularly; taking them to the road, they show them off around town, run them in the desert and they drag race. Sometimes hot rods are created from one make of car, but many are a mix and match of different makes and models, which gives them a unique look that sets them apart from the others. No one really knows where the term hot rod originated, but once it took hold, it became a standard.

Hot rods can also be purchased and are often seen at outdoor car shows, drag races for street-cars, and festivals. There are competition vehicles and wanna-be rods, but every driver loves the fact that they have put some of themselves into their hot rod. Whether built or purchased, very few hot rods sit untouched by the owner. If they aren’t adding to the rod itself, they are painting it, polishing, buffing or tuning it. Once or twice a year, many owners take their hot rods on the road and travel, stopping along the way at different gathering areas, shows and to race their rods. Anyone with an interest can get into hot rodding, all it takes is a little know how and a cool roadster!

What is a Hot Rod Hot rods are typically old, classic American cars with large engines modified for linear speed.

Hot Rods This encyclopaedia style site explains what a hot rod is, it’s eras, and definitions to terms.

Hot Rod Auto Parts Online A complete Auto Parts catalog listing of parts for old and new hot rods.

Clasic Vintage Cars A complete Auto Show listing of everything old and almost new.

Hot Rod Cars This page offers a description, definition and related topics for hot rod cars.

Almost as soon as cars were put on the market, young men wanted to tinker with them. The sport became most prevalent in California, where they started racing their cars as early as the 1920’s and that tradition never stopped. Model T’s were the car of choice because they were so inexpensive, could be adjusted and were easy to repair. The idea was to be light and fast, stripping off anything that would weigh the car down. Racing began on old dirt roads, moved to the streets and then to places like dry lakebeds, none of which were safe venues for racing. Today, there are a multitude of legal venues for racing and teaching people to race and the hobby and sport are thriving.

The Model T Ford Motor Company introduced its new Model T on October 1, 1908

First Car Race The race started in the early morning in snowy conditions!

Racing Culture The Evolution of Culture in Modified Cars

Ramblin Oldies Street rod pictures from the 20’s and 30’s

History of Hot Rods MSN autos John Warde speaks to the power, performance and freedom or owning a hot rod.

10 Races that Shaped Motor RacingThere were cars which were far from sophisticated.

Appletons, a blower, bullets, chopped, tudor and zoomies are all terms you may not be familiar with, but they are all words very familiar to hot rodders. Along with the hobby came a mix of usual auto terms, regional words and slang, which combined, created a unique language. For instance, “alky” is the word used for the alcohol fuel used by racers and a “lid” is the early hot rodders term for a cylinder head. Most have heard the term chopped, but few may have heard of a Tupperware car, which is a derogatory word for a hot rod with a Fiberglas body. If you’re going shopping for rods or parts, it’s good to know the language of the hot rodder.

Full Throttle Hot rod terms used in Southwest Virginia.

Chopped Modle A Cars, from the perspective of someone looking for a hobby, offer a lot of different things to different people.

Rod Building A rod building glossary of terms and definitions

What is a Blower? A supercharger (also known as a blower) is an air compressor used to force air into the combustion chamber(s).

Car shows let you view the newest cars available today, but a hot rod or roadster show brings you up close and personal with the cars enthusiasts love. Shows feature dozens to hundreds of the best of the best. Everything from custom rods, muscle cars, street machines and classics, to the newest hot rods out there today. Some shows are held outdoors, but many are indoors, either way a show offers the opportunity to look, love and reminisce.

Chandler, AZ Information page on this annual Arizona desert car and hot rod show.

Portland Roadster Show The Oregon Convention Center show coving 54 years.

Grosse Pointe, Michigan The construction of the MHRA Drag Strip.

San Diego, California News and Events of the San Diego Prowlers

NHRA Drivers A list of top NHRA drivers

The first hot rodders were considered more of a rowdy gang than a club, rodders often dressed in leather and jeans, they hung out in parkinglots and at drive-ins, which concerned the locals. During the 1950’s that all began to change, as hot rod organizations began to form, such as the National Hot Rod Association. They began to make the car owners seem more legitimate and more like a club. Unlike other car clubs where someone merely owned their vehicle, rodders worked on their cars and customized them to be fast and unique, which often set them apart and not necessarily in a good way. Today there are custom car shops that cater to hot rods and there are numerous shows and planned events. It wasn’t long before an entire industry was built around the sport and associations started around the country and later around the world.

New Zealand Hot rod association of New Zealand has clubs for adults and kids, as well as a photo library, list of events and more.

Buick Club of America Site contains a calendar of events, forums, news and photos.

Foothills Street Rod Assoc. A club for those living in Calgary and Alberta Canada

Connecticut Street Rod Assoc. A non-profit organization made up of street rod enthusiasts, with links to events, photos, news and more.

Midwest Street Rod Association page offers information on club charity work, membership, their mid-winter bash, activities, photos and links.

Street Rod Foundation Group offers innovative educational programs to help students in a wide variety of educational skills related to the industry.

Nat'l Street Rod Assoc. the UK's premier Hot Rod Association for pre 1972 Hot Rods, Street Rods, and Customs.

Australian Street Rod Federation includes: junior rodder, raffles, membership, buy and sell section, events and links.

Swedish Street Rods Available in several languages, offers information on shows, events and more.

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