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Pontiac Replacement Driveshaft Supports

Pontiac Driveshaft SupportWhen you get a Pontiac, you enjoy the satisfaction of quality manufacture, which is very satisfying. People who thrill over performance vehicles know that absolutely nothing is more crucial than installing the best replacement parts. Your Driveshaft Support will only rarely become worn, however it may need to be removed when you rebuild the driveshaft or the driveshaft bearing. A Driveshaft Support is a system found on the vehicle's driveshaft, that transfers power from the engine and transmission to the rear axle on rear wheel drive vehicles.

The Driveshaft Support is an integral piece of your drive train, which attaches your transmission to your car's axles. On most rear wheel drive vehicles, a driveshaft is comprised of two parts and is supported at the center by a Driveshaft Support at the center of the vehicle. When the carrier bearing breaks, the car's Driveshaft Support will have to be removed and rebuilt or replaced. The Driveshaft Support contains a driveshaft bearing which distributes the power from the vehicle's forward drive shaft to the car's rear drive shaft. The Driveshaft Support is a component that is usually attached to the vehicle's body and acts as a support to your, which supplies energy from the vehicle's transmission to the vehicle's axle.

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