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The Nissan Xterra is one vehicle from this company that is built exclusively in the U.S. in a plant located in Smyrna, Tennessee. It offers good, reliable transportation at an affordable price: as the company's marketing slogan says, “everything you need, nothing you don't.” One thing that none of us needs is mechanical breakdowns and other problems. Fortunately, these are generally avoidable with proper maintenance, carried out on schedule as the manufacturer recommends. It's always a good idea to use top-quality components as well; they last longer and provide better performance for a longer time, meaning much less spent on major repairs later on.

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Nissan Xterra

The Nissan Xterra is considered to be a conventional vehicle, medium size in appearance and seated up to five people. It has very serious off-road competence. The body on frame of this vehicle has a stalwart construction as in the Nissan Frontier pickup. This vehicle is a beast on any trail and is tolerant when it comes to hardcore handling. One disadvantage is that it does not have any on-the-road polish like other SUVs that you may have an interest in.

The Xterra was introduced to the marketplace in the year 2000; at least, this particular model. Later models were the same in personality and appearance, but had a somewhat lengthier wheelbase as well as a more spacious interior, additional features and powerful engine. If you are truly looking for an affordable off-roader and don't like that the Jeep Wrangler is too crude for driving every day, then the Xterra is a viable option.

It comes with a very strong and powerful engine and built on a sturdy frame, which looks similar to a truck's frame. It gives you that high ground capability and clearance, which most SUV enthusiasts love to have. You can remove the seats or fold them down flat for more storage. The Nissan Xterra has great fuel economy, a useful traction control button, satellite radio capability when you plug in your iPad or other mobile device and the vehicle runs amazingly great.

When you drive this vehicle, you will feel as if you are invincible. It takes to the road well and even without the most currently technology, it is a beloved vehicle because of its obvious simplicity, but yet being a beast on the roadways, whether it rains or shines. You can opt for a manual transmission with six speeds or an automatic transmission with five speeds. Either way, you still have great fuel economy of about 24 miles per gallon. You can use this truck to haul large cargo or you can use to drive to work. Hitching cargo to your rear bumper is not unusually when you are going cross country. This is the perfect land rover for long distance.

The engine has a V6 cylinder. The vehicle comes with heated seats, navigation system, four wheel drive and Bluetooth connection, even though; this vehicle hasn't had a redesign for a good while. It has a basic entertainment system that you can live with because it doesn't freeze up or get stuck. The climate control and audio control are easy and simple to use. Throughout the interior, you will find tons of space for storage. The front passenger and driver seats provide a lot of comfort, and they are wider than the back seats.

The engine runs quiet enough for an off-road SUV. It is not difficult to neither drive nor park. There is a backup camera in the front dashboard to assist with parking. It would be a shame to remove the Nissan Xterra from the marketplace as was the rumor for the 2015 model. This is an excellent vehicle for millenials without children. If you own one of these vehicles and need Nissan Xterra interior parts, contact the gurus at You will also get an affordable price on Used Nissan Xterra parts. Just ask!

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Reviewer: West deptford

Fit good

2002 Nissan Xterra Exhaust Hanger

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I was happy getting these parts affordable ordering from geek parts..

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Light weight, easy to install and they arrived quickly.

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Reviewer: MTizzo

Part showed up when promised, it was a perfect fit/match! Could not be happier. If I would have taken it to the dealership it would have cost me 4 times as much to repair. In my case I replaced it in 15 min.

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Reviewer: Becoolvakg

This was exactly what I needed it. Always great service partsgeek

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I have used Partsgeek in the past and was and still am content on the whole process of ordering parts to delivery and getting what you paid for. Saved alot over what you would pay locally and quality of the parts.