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Whenever you want to shop for Jaguar XKE parts, it's smart to seek out the highest-ranked parts you can buy - and by shopping at you also get the most reasonable prices anywhere, along with first-rate order fulfillment. In the event that your Jaguar XKE needs work, the sensible answer is acquiring a new top-notch replacement part to preserve your car in ideal running order. On occasion the most annoying aspect about working on your car or truck is the need to find an outstanding source for reliable parts. Durable parts and accessories are necessary to keep your Jaguar in top condition whatever the conditions. Jaguar sells well-regarded cars and trucks such as the XKE, and they are frequently found on roads in the US.

The Jaguar XKE is regarded as a solidly built car but of course even the most reliable cars can't function without replacement part maintenance and replacement of broken systems. Utilize every time you desire the best OEM or aftermarket car and truck parts and be delighted by our fantastic service and a reasonable price every time you order. The value and excellence associated with the Jaguar XKE argue for always using replacement and aftermarket components of equal value; those parts don't always have to cost a fortune.

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Jaguar XKE

Though known to the rest of the world as the Type E, American markets called this Jaguar model the XKE. It lasted on the market for an impressive 15 years., from 1961 through 1975. Today, the features on the Jaguar XKE would be considered dull, but at the time, they were revolutionary, setting the bar for other vehicles to take their inspiration from race cars, too. The few Jaguar XKE cars left are collectors' items, and today's owners must work diligently to keep them running and looking good. For many of them, this means finding a reliable source for Jaguar XKE restoration parts.

The heritage of the XKE is firmly in the racing industry. Jaguar took the D-type race car that competed in races around the world and used it to create a passenger car. The Jaguar XKE came to be known as a race car for regular drivers. Unlike other cars of the 1960s, the XKE would use rack and pinion steering, tubular shocks, four disc brakes, and forged control arms, but the independent suspension was truly unseen until that time. This unusual design merged the upper control links to the halfshafts. Under the hood, the Jaguar XKE was a real racing machine. To save space and make the vehicle as light as possible, there was only a single transmission and engine option: the 3781 cc engine with a manual, four-speed transmission. Despite the lack of options, all XKE cars came equipped with a limited slip differential.

To keep with the racing theme, body styles were also limited. Only coupe or convertible were offered at first, but such sleek designs were expected. Later, Jaguar added the option for a 2+2, which also could be equipped with an automatic transmission. Replacement Jaguar XKE body parts may be hard to come by, and dependent upon whether the vehicle was a convertible or a coupe, but there are still sources to find these components when doing restoration work on one of these classic cars. After 1968, US legislation prompted major changed for the XKE, most notably the lack of headlight covers, a wraparound bumper, and aesthetic changes to the exterior lights. The last series, Series III, saw an even larger V12 motor installed into the vehicle, and other upgrades to make it a more powerful car. Sadly, the late 1970s saw many downsizing their vehicles to more economical, efficient cars, and the race-inspired Jaguar XKE was discontinued.

Though no longer in production, vintage Jaguar parts are still readily available for owners online. One of the best places for parts is They can help you with the Jaguar XKE parts you need to keep your car looking and moving as great as it did when it was in its prime. Even if you need other Jaguar Type E parts, you can also get those. Make your number one source for all the parts you have to have for your Jaguar.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: RED MGTD



1970 Jaguar XKE Brake Reservoir Cap

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Orrin Cross

Great produce, great price and perfect company. Hard to find parts for my '64 E type Jag were right on your list; easy to find and super price. I was amazed how fast everything arrived, just as ordered.

1964 Jaguar XKE Muffler

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: classic motor company

exactly what we needed,hard to find component that was priced right and shipped fast !

1965 Jaguar XKE Caliper Piston

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Jaguar hard to find Parking Brake Pad Set

Needed to replace my Classic Jaguar XKE parking brakes. Had a hard time find this item. I found it on on Beck Arnley website and was very satisfied with the quality of the parts and in addition the price and shipping cost and fast delivery.

1969 Jaguar XKE Parking Brake Pad Set

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: mike laughlin

The best of the Bay Thanks !!! Been restoring Jags for years and Partsgeek is by far the best parts house ever,!!!

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Chris

Always a pleasure doing business with you. Rapid delivery, first class products. Thanks.

1966 Jaguar XKE Sway Bar Bushing