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The dependability and spirited style of a Jaguar XJ12 are good reasons for remember to use OEM and aftermarket systems with the same level of value; high-quality parts don't have to require a second mortgage. Jaguar creates critically acclaimed cars and trucks, particularly the XJ12, and they are commonly observed on roads in the United States. A XJ12 has a reputation as a nicely built vehicle but over time even the most reliable cars and trucks need routine maintenance or replacement of broken parts.

Shop whenever you want the best OEM or aftermarket car parts and you'll be rewarded by our friendly service and a great price 24/7. If it happens that your Jaguar XJ12 gets in an accident, the sensible answer is finding a new high-quality replacement or OEM auto part to keep your vehicle in the best running order. Top-quality parts and accessories are what repair techs need to keep that Jaguar in running order however tough the driving. Usually the hardest aspect about repairing a car is looking for a reasonable source of quality parts. When it turns out you need to order Jaguar XJ12 parts, it's a good strategy to find the best-reviewed parts and accessories on the market - and if you stick with Parts Geek you always see the most affordable prices on or off the Internet, along with the very best in customer service.

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Jaguar XJ12

The extra powerful XJ12 has persisted as one of Jaguar's major vehicles in its XJ line. With models produced as early as the early 1970s, the XJ12 lasted until the 1990s, a significant run, particularly for a vehicle for a very niche luxury market. The XJ8 eventually replaced the XJ12 in 1997. The Jaguar XJ12 remains a parts of automotive history. When released, it was the fastest sedan on the market, capable of speeds up to 140 miles per hour with a 0-60 acceleration of 7.4 seconds. This speed, acceleration, and the classic design of the car helped it persist on the market for nearly two decades.

Initially, when it was released in the early 1970s, the XJ12 was actually a car that came after its engine was designed. Jaguar first constructed the distinctive 12-cylinder engine, and later built the car around it. By late 1972, an alternative version with a longer wheelbase was also introduced. This car was dubbed the XJ12L. In 1973, Jaguar introduced another body style for the XJ12. The coupe model was called the XJ12C. These came out during the first series of the XJ series. There would be a total of three, plus other newer series.

The second series of XJ Jaguar cars started in 1973 and lasted until the end of the 1970s. Series II Jaguar XJ12 cars got a cosmetic update, but their overall appearance was marred by reports of faulty construction. Particularly in years such as 1974, Jaguar XJ12 parts were considered lackluster. The vehicles were constructed by the British Leyland Group, which was notorious for poor manufacturing and labor problems in the 1970s. Many have had to replace the faulty Jaguar XJ12 parts with new ones to make the cars drivable.

By the third series, Series III, from 1979 through 1993, another facelift was made to the design of the XJ Jaguars. This lasted until the early 1990s when Ford bought out Jaguar and vastly increased the quality of the cars. The XJ12 lasted into the 1990s with larger 6.0-liter engines and better quality. Americans were only able to purchase this third version of the Jaguar XJ12 in 1995 and in 1996. Model year 1995 cars all featured a standard, short, wheelbase, but those from model year 1996 were sold with a long wheelbase. This serves as a simple means of quickly identifying the year of a US-sold Jaguar XJ12. Sadly, the XJ12 was discontinued in 1996, and the XJ8 replaced the XJ12 as the vehicle downgraded to a more economical 8-cylinder engine in 1997.

Despite their rocky history and more recent comeback, Jaguar XJ12 cars remain a part of automotive history. As foreign import luxury cars, it may be difficult to find Jaguar XJ12 used parts or new components. Jaguar parts online are easier to find, especially if you use a site such as Let work with you to help you fulfill the parts needs of your Jaguar. With one stop, you can find what you need. Why go anywhere else?

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Reviewer: Reginald LeFlore

Have not install this yet but was very fast on getting my order

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Reviewer: Walter

Fast service. Good product.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: 1992 Jaguar xj12 MTC Subframe Mount

This installed easily and was a match to the original equipment.

Shipping was fast and packaged well. I will do business with partsgeek again.

1992 Jaguar XJ12 Subframe Mount

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Reviewer: A. Reese

The product was of good quality at a grate price will use them again.

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Reviewer: 1995 Jaguar XJ12 KYB Shock Absorber - Rear

Shocks arrived quickly enough and were priced very competitively.Kit is complete with all necessary parts. Recommended

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Reviewer: eastern air and endosurgrey

good site easy to find parts hard to find parts like for jaguar and other brands