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Dodge W250

The Dodge W250 is still a well-loved car in collectors' hearts. If you're seeking to restore or repair your W250, there's no better place to turn than to us here at We have both authentic OEM and aftermarket parts to suit your needs and get your W250 back on the road or start your dream restoration today.

Common Dodge W250 problems

Every restoration project has its problems, and some are more common than others. Any older vehicle is fighting a losing battle with rust, but, with some replacement parts and proper sealing, that battle can be won. When looking to buy a W250 or, if you already have one you're seeking to restore, inspect the frame thoroughly for rust and any sections that have been rusted out completely. 

Another common issue for the W250 specifically is what people call the killer dowl pin or kdp. This occurs when the pin holding the timing gear cover shimmies out of place and falls into the gear train. This usually affects the years 1989-2002, but it's an easy fix. A simple replacement part is all you need. 

Others have also reported engine oil leaks from several places, including the valve and timing cover gaskets, the intake manifold gasket, and the distributor o-ring. A leak at the rear main seal has also been reported, but this is usually attributed to the bearing cap seal to the engine block, not the rear seal itself. These issues usually affect the years 1990-1993. Your best bet here is to take your W250 to an expert and have it checked over. Then, replace any parts identified as an issue.

The last and arguably the most serious reported issue is a transmission failure due to a lack of adequate lubrication. This may occur in the years 1990-1993 when the transmission oil cooler becomes pinched or otherwise blocked. This can be a pain to fix, as most experts recommend a full inspection and subsequent flushing of the lines and cooler if this issue is found.

Restoration tips

There are several tips and things to keep in mind as you make your vision a reality. Keeping these in mind helps the task become more manageable and less like an impossible goal.

  • Ensure you have the correct tools before starting
  • Divide the entire vehicle into smaller projects
  • Read all instructions
  • Search for video tutorials if stuck
  • Have a competent mechanic and expert by your side

Why choose us at

We have an expansive inventory of aftermarket and OEM parts that we are able to offer to you at wholesale prices. We can offer many times what any brick-and-mortar store can offer, and our user-friendly UI is designed with you in mind. We here at are committed to making your dream a reality. Get started on transforming your Dodge W250 into your perfect truck today. With our guaranteed quick delivery and 30-day returns, shopping is simple and easy. If something doesn't fit or isn't right: Send it back. If you have any questions about our website or parts, we are happy to assist you. Simply contact us through our website!

Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Jim

Great product as usual, I do quite a bit of bussiness with parts geek and I am never disappointed.

1989 Dodge W250 Valve Guide

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Bontrager

Couldn’t find it anywhere else. It works just like factory.

1991 Dodge W250 Spindle Nut Retainer

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Andy

Product fit exactly like original. It was priced right. It didn't take long to get it.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Bryson

great product. Worked great. As expected. Would recommend to another.

1991 Dodge W250 Turn Signal Flasher

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Steering Damper Kit

Product shipped very fast. Easy to install and works well. Would buy again.

1993 Dodge W250 Steering Damper Kit

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Works well

Easy to install, seals well, sticks well. Great deal for the money.

1983 Dodge W250 Door Weatherstrip