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Dodge W150

Dodge first began work on the W series as far back as 1941. The "W" designates that it is four-wheel drive and the "150" of this model informs drivers that the truck can haul half a ton without straining the gears or frame. These and other Dodge trucks were staples for delivery drivers, farmers and construction workers throughout the WWI and WWII eras and continue to be reliable work trucks to this day. Dodge no longer makes trucks after a split from Ram in 2009, but older W150s still show up as sturdy work trucks in farms and businesses, and Ram has continued the legacy of these quality vehicles. The story of Dodge and Ram's relationship is unexpected. Learn more about these reliable brands while you shop for value Dodge W150 parts at 


Dodge was founded by the Dodge brothers, John Francis and Horace Elgin, in 1900. Like many car manufacturing companies of the era, Dodge began production in Detroit. It started out crafting precision parts that were supplied to other companies like Ford and Oldsmobile. The brand released its first touring car in 1914, and it was so successful that the company was able to turn to car sales when Ford stopped paying stock dividends. Dodge produced several reliable war vehicles, which also helped put the name on the map. When the Dodge brothers passed away, the company was purchased by Chrysler, another major car company based out of Michigan. Throughout WWII, Dodge continued to improve its reputation.

Dodge Ram

The Ram branding on Dodge vehicles came about rather unexpectedly. In 1929 the management at the Chrysler Corporation agreed to exchange a new car for a hood ornament design by the penniless young artist and sculptor Avard T. Fairbanks. He designed a flying mermaid for the 1931 Chrysler Plymouth. This hood ornament was so successful that when Dodge, then a division of Chrysler, was looking for a new logo in 1931, Fairbanks was again called in to create a sculpture. After some debate, Fairbanks proposed the form of a wild mountain sheep, saying that this animal was powerful and unafraid. Walter Chrysler reportedly agreed that if he saw a wild ram charging at him, the first thing that would come to mind was "dodge," and the two names have been linked ever since.   


Although Ram was not originally a brand name, it became intricately linked with the Dodge logo, and the names were joined. After a successful run under the "Dodge Ram" name, Chrysler decided to break them into separate divisions, and in 2009, Dodge and Ram officially split. Dodge turned back to family vehicles and sedans while Ram now exclusively manufactures trucks. Both brands retain the mountain sheep logo in some form, but the famous hood ornaments have all but disappeared except in collector's editions. 

Although it's pretty common for vehicle brands to take their names from owners, locations or even best-selling models, Ram's origin story is truly unique. Even though Ram now holds exclusive rights to the W150's successors, between the logo and the quality engineering, it's hard to forget where these vehicles came from. 

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1986 Dodge W150 Exhaust System

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1990 Dodge W150 Automatic Transmission Pan

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1990 Dodge W150 Headlight Bezel

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1990 Dodge W150 Headlight Door