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A Volvo V90 is the state of the art in form, function, and performance, and first-rate quality auto parts are essential for taking care of your vehicle on the road ahead. The police department requires your vehicle to run with the required safety-oriented equipment - eliminate tickets and accidents by installing the required equipment. Travel security should be your first concern; cutting-edge safety components are an important part of the equation. A breakdown can cause a lot of anxiety, but a site like will solve your problems in no time. Whether you're hunting for ordinary parts like radiators or something as sophisticated as harmonic balancers, PartsGeek is here to help you. When you order from the specialists here at, you know that you are finding the most high quality parts and the best possible price.

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Volvo V90

The Volvo V90 is the station wagon version of the S90 executive sedan. Introduced in March of 2016, this is a vehicle attempts to recapture some of the market share for station wagons, which has been overtaken by sport utility vehicles in recent years. It represents a return for the Swedish automaker, which was once a pioneer in the design and manufacture of such vehicles, then discontinued the line after putting out six million of them over a six decade period.

Like its sister model, the S90, the V90 is powered by a 2.0 liter, four cylinder VEA engine. This inline four is available as a gasoline or turbocharged diesel powered motor. The latter features a new technology called "Power Pulse." This technology eliminates what is known as "turbo lag," which is a delay in acceleration and throttle response typical of turbocharged engines. This is accomplished by employing a small electric air compressor, which pumps air into a cannister. When the throttle is applied, it opens a valve is opened, allowing the compressed air to travel into the inlet manifold - ensuring that there is air pressure before the turbo kicks in.

The diesel model also includes the i-Art fuel injection system. This is a closed loop control system that runs independently, making adjustments to the amount of fuel and spark timing based on feedback from the injectors themselves. Each individual injector has its own pressure sensor, which sends this information to the engine's main computer.

An plug-in electric hybrid variant, designated as the T8, is also available.

The V90 is a distinct improvement over its predecessor, the V70. Whe in come to the Volvo V90 vs V70, the V90 has the latter beat in the safety department. In keeping with its commitment to building the safest vehicles on the road, Volvo has equipped the V90 with numerous new safety features, including an upgrade of Pilot Assist technology. While this feature stops just short of making the V90 a self driving car, it employs numerous sensors that can identify lane markings as well as other vehicles on the road and even people an animals that may stray into the vehicle's path. This puts the Volvo V90 on a par with competing models such as the Mercedes-Benz E Class and the BMW 7Series

The interior is roomy, using upscale materials, offering a great deal of comfort on long trips. Leather and real wood trim is used abundantly. Seats are fully adjustable, and offer heating, cooling and even massage functions.

Initial reviews of the Volvo V90 in the automotive press have been excellent. Because the model is so new, finding a Volvo V90 for sale may be a challenge at the moment, as they have only begun to arrive in dealer showrooms. Orders are being taken for the Volvo V90 2017, however. Since all mechanical devices require regular maintenance and upkeep, you'll want to keep in mind for parts and accessories for your Volvo V90 when that scheduled maintenance is due.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: 1st Time Buyer

Very Satisfied... PartGeek is now my first stop when looking for parts for my Volvo. My first order was for struts, strut mounting kits, and shocks. Everything was shipped (3 separate deliveries) for free and within a week... very nice. Thank you, Parts Geek!

Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied
Reviewer: Tim

Plastic Part was broken in the unopened package. Hoping for a replacement no charge.

1998 Volvo V90 Fuel Door Hinge

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Excellent Service!!!

Thrilled to find new parts for my Volvo 1998 V90 wagon. Was told no one sells parts anymore. Received earlier than expected. Mechanic impressed we were able to get same brand name and new part. No problems. Even included any necessary parts without charging more or having to find out and place separate order. So glad i found partsgeek!!

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: The Final Piece

After purchasing a used Volvo I discovered a coolant leak. I replaced the hose in which the hose continued to leak. I then saw that the heater valve was cracked and causing the leak. When looking for the part I discovered parts geek. They had the best price online. Before you know it I am good to go

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: JeffinTC

worked perfectly easy to install and best of all... reasonably priced!

1998 Volvo V90 Tailgate Panel Kit

Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied
Reviewer: JeffinTC

Haven't installed them as of yet. seem to be quality product.