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Whenever you're going to get Toyota Supra parts, the best approach is to find the most reliable OEM and replacement parts available - and at Parts Geek you'll see the best prices online or offline all handled with the very best in service. Often the most frustrating aspect about working on a vehicle is the need to find a good source for the best parts. Quality auto parts are necessary to keep that Toyota in great condition however tough the environment. If it happens that your Toyota Supra has problems, the optimum approach is a well-rated OEM or replacement part to preserve your car in perfect condition. The dependability and high value that come with a Toyota Supra require always acquiring performance and aftermarket parts with a similar level of value; those parts don't have to empty your wallet. The Supra is regarded as a well built car or truck but over time even the most well-protected vehicles need servicing or replacement of damaged components. Toyota produces best-selling automobiles, including the Supra, and they are frequently driven on American roads. Shop at PartsGeek every time you desire top quality automotive parts and be rewarded with our outstanding service and a great price year-round.

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Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra was introduced to the marketplace in 1979 and was embraced by many households as a family car. It has established itself as being reliable and safe to drive. The Supra has four generations. You can find one that can go up to 160 miles per hour and one that has similar parts as the Celica. The 1993 version of this vehicle is turbo charged to go to high speeds. It has a massive brake scoop, well-shaped grille and bright headlamp lenses.

The rear wing seems to have been plagiarized, unfasten from an Aerospatiale manufacturer and praised by the consumers that purchase it. The 1993 version of this vehicle is said to share its inline six, 3.0 liter engine with the Lexus GS300 and SC300. It produces horsepower of 220 at 5800 rpm. There are twin turbos included and for this reason, it produces an extra horsepower of 100 and pound-feet torque of 315 and this is 32 times more than the Nissan 300ZX.

You can expect that the turbos found in the Toyota Supra are sequential. The bigger one produces a thrust of 4500 rpm and the smaller one produces a trust of 2500 rpm, giving an uppercut kick like that of Evander Holyfield in his boxing matches. Once you get this engine revved up, it produces a force to be reckoned with. Try to examine the turbos to see if the switchable traction control is in play. The vehicle has a lot of throttle, but once the car starts up, the drama will subside and the compression and suspension will level out.

The Toyota Supra has shocks at every corner with an unusual geometry. The length o fit is about 4.2 inches stubbier than the previous year's version. The 1979 version needed only 11.2 seconds to achieve a speed of sixty miles per hour. That is pretty decent for those with a desire to be conservative in their driving. However, like said before, you can go up to a maximum speed of 160 miles per hour as soon as you hit the highways and toll roadways.

If you are shopping for a vehicle that gives you a good enough punch for your money, then the Toyota Supra would be the ideal choice. The success of this vehicle is measured by how shoppers like you react to it. The style of the vehicle was conjured in Japan and this included the front of the vehicle to the back of the vehicle. On the snout of the vehicle are ten lights to give you enough brightness to drive at night. Some would say it looked like a Christmas tree at night. From the side of the vehicle, you could equate it to the newest version of the Honda Prelude. The vehicle has a hatchback similar to the Celica. The rear of the vehicle is basic and plain.

If you are looking for Toyota Supra interior parts or used Toyota Supra parts, visit the website at to find the parts needed, whether you have a new vehicle or used vehicle.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Just as oem part

Well I installed the product in my gas tank. It worked and fit exactly as the OEM part.

1987 Toyota Supra Fuel Screen

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Part is perfect

Well I installed the part and I dont smell fuel any more. It worked and fit as the OEM part.

1987 Toyota Supra Fuel Pump Tank Seal

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: J. from long island

Fantastic product !!!! Almost bought some "universal " link but luckily found these at parts geek. Installed the other day , car feels and handles spectacular.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: cmtost

Great company, part availability, shipping and price.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: pistolpete

Amazing quality, OEM part!

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Byron

Quick shipping. Nice milling on water pump. New product not rebuilt crap. Good price. Thanks