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The quality manufacture and excellence that belong to a Dodge Stealth are reasons for always buying performance and aftermarket systems with a similar quality; those parts don't need to empty your wallet. Dodge builds popular cars and trucks, particularly the Stealth, and they are commonly spotted on roads in the US. A Stealth is always a fine car or truck but with mileage even the most well-protected vehicles will break down without mechanical service and new replacement parts. Shop PartsGeek any time you want the best OEM or aftermarket auto and truck parts to be rewarded by our topnotch service and a great price every day. In the event that your Dodge gets in an accident, the optimum solution is installing a high performance OEM or replacement auto part to keep your car or truck in ideal running order. Some find that the most frustrating job about repairing that Dodge Stealth is searching for a reasonable source for quality parts. When it turns out you want to order Dodge Stealth parts, you'll do well to seek out the most world-class OEM and replacement parts available - and at PartsGeek you always see affordable prices on or off the Internet all handled with the very best in service. Quality parts and accessories are what owners need to keep your Dodge in great condition no matter the roads.

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Dodge Stealth

The Dodge Stealth was a restyled variant of the Mitsubishi 3000Gt, with either front or all-wheel drive, and galvanized by engines ranging from a mild V6 to a double-powered twin-turbo version. With its low nose, muscular haunches and wide stance, the Stealth was a model of early-'90s cool. The coolest was the 300-hp twin-turbo Dodge Stealth R/T that could run with the fastest sports cars of its day. A firm grip, strong brakes and styling that turned heads for six straight years rounded out the package. However, it wasn't quite a model of efficiency. Crammed within that bulky body was a cockpit that could be cramped for taller folks, and a pair of rear seats best left to transporting a couple of duffel bags. .The curb weight of the top twin-turbo, all-wheel-drive version, which also featured four-wheel steering, was nearly two tons. The Stealth also had a frontal weight bias that prevented it from feeling nimble, even though its handling was competent. Enthusiasts also felt that its steering and shifter were sloppy, and its chassis less connected to the road than other sports cars.

The Dodge Stealth ran from 1991-'96 and initially came in four trim levels: base, ES, R/T and R/T Twin Turbo. All except the R/T Twin Turbo were front-wheel drive and offered a choice of a five-speed manual transmission or optional four-speed automatic. The R/T Twin Turbo had all-wheel drive and didn't offer the automatic, but added the powerhouse engine, all-wheel-drive system and four-wheel steering. The Dodge Stealth received steady changes over the years, with the first major freshening arriving in 1994. Reworked styling replaced the pop-up headlights with projector units and a second airbag was fitted into the interior. The ES trim was dropped while the R/T Twin Turbo became an even stronger performer thanks to a boost from 300 to 320 hp, the addition of a 6th gear to the gearbox, and upgraded brakes. 1996, the Stealth's final year, brought a body-colored roof and the R/T Twin Turbo's option of chrome wheels. For the serious driving enthusiast, the non-turbo Stealths are a bit of a letdown. Still, the 222-hp Stealths are an alternative to domestic-brand coupes like the Ford Mustang V6 or Chevrolet Camaro V6.

The transfer case is part of a four-wheel-drive drivetrain system. Its function is to engage and disengage the four-wheel-drive when activated and de-activated. Most are either chain based or gear based. Due to the moving parts inside the Stealth's transfer case, periodic maintenance needs to be performed to maximize their lifespan. Usually, draining the fluid from the transfer case and refilling it with new, clean fluid is all it takes, but the transfer case may develop a leak from the output seal, in which case the oil level becomes low and internal damage will result. If this happens, you will need professional help in assessing whether your transfer case can be repaired or if it would be wiser to pick up a replacement from partsgeek, where you can find a surprisingly vast assortment of Honda CRX oem and aftermarket parts

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Joe Green

The part arrived quickly and ready to install. I was pleased I didn't need to apply the grease coating myself.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Michael

I went to advanced auto part, autozone, pep boys, and napa none of them had this part, but they all said they would order the part for me. It would take a week to get it in. I went to Parts Geek ordered my part with two day shipping and it was in front of my door by 5:00 pm the next day. Great job Parts Geek!

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: FWFP69


Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Fasteddie

Just the part I needed and good value

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: joe

You have to buy 45mm x 12mm (should be a 17mm head) other than that it works

1992 Dodge Stealth Wheel Hub Assembly

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: Gb

The ECU worked perfect but it was shipped in a very careless fashion...The part was in a box inside another box without any kind of wrapping or could have been easily damaged.. Also no instructions on sending the core for the $70 credit.