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Take advantage of any time you want the best OEM or aftermarket auto and truck parts to be rewarded with our excellent customer service and a great price with every order. The Saturn SL1 is always a well built car or truck but with wear the best-designed cars require occasional maintenance or replacement of broken systems. Saturn markets best-selling vehicles like the SL1, and they are regularly found on the American road.

The reliability and level of engineering of a Saturn SL1 are good reasons for remember to use performance and aftermarket parts with equal level of value; outstanding parts don't have to break the bank. Many times the most difficult part about restoring your vehicle is the quest for a dependable source for outstanding parts. When your Saturn SL1 gets in an accident, the logical answer is installing a top-quality replacement component to restore your vehicle in top running order. When it turns out you need Saturn SL1 parts, you'll do well to get the most world-class performance and OEM parts on the market - and if you get parts from PartsGeek you always find the best prices anywhere, along with first-rate order fulfillment. Quality replacement parts are necessary to keep your Saturn in top condition however rough the conditions.

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Saturn SL1

The Saturn SL1 for sale was a very unique car because it was named after the rocket ship that carried the first astronauts to the Moon. This automobile began as a dream in the hearts of its manufacturers. It started with the announcement of a small car to be built in the early 1980s. In 1984. the first prototype was launched with the car's unique Z body design. Later in the same year, the Saturn Corporation was founded and it became a subsidiary of General Motors with a new plant site chosen in Spring Hill Tennessee. Two years later, the Saturn logo is created and 3000 workers were hired for the car plant. The first model year released approximately 1881 vehicles. By 1992, approximately 100,000 units have been sold by the Saturn Corporation.

The Saturn SL1 won its first award with a top place on the JD Power customer satisfaction Index. However, production of the Saturn automobiles were plagued with various problems. In the beginning, the first president Joseph Sanchez died 3 weeks after being hired. At least 1,836 vehicles had to be replaced because they had an engine coolant problem. These problems continued with the largest issue being a recall of 300,000 automobiles to fix a problem with the car's wiring in 1993. Despite all of this, the Saturn Corporation did have a profitable year for the SL1. Previous issues affected sales, and the company decided to reduce the amount of SL1 vehicles produced. The company was reorganized and Saturn was brought into the General Motors Small Car group. Sales continued to climb for the SL1 and it then sold over 286,000 units. By 1995, Saturn has released its one-millionth car.

A lot of publicity was released as Saturn Corporation announced the SL1 was now available as a right-hand drive car in Japan in 1997. Then a year later there is a National Union of Automobile workers strike and the car plant in Spring Hill was the only General Motors facility which continued to produce Saturn automobiles during the strike. However, the General Motors plant in Delaware became the new production site for the new L series. The Saturn SL is also recognized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and awarded a double five-star crash rating. This was a step up after the previous safety problems which have plagued the Saturn models. By 2005, the SL series stops production in 2003 when the SL1 is dropped in favor of producing the Saturn Ion. Production stops in 2007 of all Saturn cars when the Spring Hill plant completely stops manufacturing them. Other brands of models of automobiles such as Saab and Pontiac would also join it in the history books when production of them also ceased.

There is more to discover on the difference between the Saturn SL1 vs SL2, and how to find parts for these automobiles if you visit a website such as for more information.

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2001 Saturn SL1 Throttle Body Gasket

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Dennis

Great deal on a brand new part

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Reviewer: Jack Johnson

Good Replacement. Fast Shipping. What more could you want?

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Reviewer: ELD

Prompt, reliable, accurate service at excellent price.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: ELD

Prompt, reliable, accurate service at excellent price. 100% satisfied!

2002 Saturn SL1 Mirror

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Reviewer: tmmurphytim

correct part, perfect fit, fast shipping, satisfied yet again.

2002 Saturn SL1 Mirror