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Introduced in 1998, the Jaguar S Type is a midsized luxury sedan. A powerful engine and exquisite interior provide an extraordinarily comfortable ride. Jaguar S Type’s flowing lines echo Jaguar’s famous design, but with engineering that delivers a more modern edge. The interior of the Jaguar S Type is full of rich leather, and eye-catching wood. Lavish carpeting cradles your feet in comfort and luxury. With all the extravagant beauty in the Jaguar S Type, any upgrades or repairs being considered should be handled with the utmost of care. The essential nature of using only the highest quality parts and accessories cannot be stressed enough. The quality of the Jaguar S Type is best served by using only the parts matched in quality.

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Jaguar S Type

Introduced in 1963, the Jaguar S Type is a midsized sedan. Its dynamic engine provides an unbelievably comfortable ride, while its elegant interior, lined with rich leather and conspicuous wood, surrounds you in royal luxury while you kick off your shoes and sink your feet into its lavish carpeting. When it debuted in October 1963 it was the transport of choice for such British celebrities as Patrick MacNee, Tom Jones and Simon Dee. Later, it became famous as a getaway car in crime movies such as "Villain" and "Robbery." This vehicle embodies so much of the company's distinct style that it was remade into a more modern mid-size executive vehicle that was also called the S-Type and was manufactured from 1999 up to 2008. Although these models were made decades apart, they share that unmistakable "Jaguar" look.

Because of the two very different versions of this vehicle model, Jaguar S-Type parts are not interchangeable, but particular to each car. The 1963 version used a 3.8-liter engine, independent rear suspension, twin wishbone front suspension, and a Burman power steering system. The modern Jaguar S-Type has updated parts, including a V6 engine. Both versions were popular in their times, but were discontinued when sales figures started to decline. The 1963 S-Type was outsold by the Jaguar Mark 2 and was later replaced by the Jaguar XJ6 when it was discontinued in 1968. The modern S-Type was in production for a longer period but was then discontinued in 2008 when it was replaced by the Jaguar XF.

Although both vehicles have been discontinued, repairs and maintenance are still possible thanks to available aftermarket parts. In the search for quality and long lasting service vehicle owners go with the engineering that can be found in every Jaguar car. Jaguar is trusted for creating innovative automobiles that deliver durability and great driver control. Your Jaguar S Type was manufactured using quality and expertise; it should get new OEM components of equal quality and reliability Your Jaguar S Type Radiator Hose contains two hoses, one coming in, one going out, and can bear extreme hotness and stress. It is attached to your engine block and radiator through clamps on each end of the hose. If it is damaged, it needs to be replaced. You should also regularly inspect your Jaguar S Type AC Hose, which transports coolant fluid to a few essential components such as your vehicle's compressor and condenser. With a damaged Jaguar S Type AC Hose, your climate control won't function effectively and will likely seep refrigerant on the grass beneath the car or truck. Although they're not needed for keeping your car functioning, cabin comfort elements of your car or truck such as the A/C and temperature control are critical for keeping your car or truck cozy and nice to use, most especially in difficult climate situations. That's why systems like the air conditioning or heat system are vital to keep functioning at their full capacity.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Mary Anne G.

I was very pleased and surprised at how quickly this product shipped. Prices are the best!!!

2005 Jaguar S Type Automatic Transmission Pan

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Gerald B. Hubbard

I have always been very satisfied with the parts and service received from Parts Geek. Pricing and delivery can't be beat!

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Alex

A great upper control arm for a fraction of the price that the dealer wanted. Fast shipping and quality item.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Big W

Part was OEM and worked fantasticly.

2002 Jaguar S Type Lug Nut

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Br00klyn MaDe

Excellent genuine jaguar part.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: WW

Fast & efficient customer service. Part seems to be fine so far. Will be repeat customer.

2003 Jaguar S Type Control Arm