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Rely on the solid engineering of genuine Mercedes cars like the S55 AMG for long-running service. Preventing life-threatening wrecks is facilitated with the proper safety devices. Traveling in stormy weather over rough ground can be made more comfortable with additional devices engineered for greater security. Looking for an honest source for quality parts often feels like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but it doesn't need to. Often the most difficult thing about restoring an older vehicle is looking for a good source of quality parts. Every car or truck will need components once in a while, so when it's time for maintenance or repair PartsGeek is here to help you find what you need. Owning a Mercedes is an intelligent choice, now keeping it in top condition is an even better idea.

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Mercedes S55 AMG

The Mercedes S55 AMG was part of the German automaker's latter-day S-Class vehicles, based on the W220 platform. The "S-Class," or Sonderklasse (literally, "Special Class") has been Mercedes' flagship line since the early 1950s, when the company began exporting its products to the U.S. The W220 represents the latest generation of the S-Class, debuting for the1999 model year after several years of development.

Compared to the S-Class vehicles that came before it, the W220 cars were smaller overall - but had roomier interiors, thanks to careful design and smaller, more efficient and powerful mechanical components. Between 1998 and 2005, over 485,000 W220 cars were built and sold around the world. The Mercedes S55AMG was a high performance sedan, and had body styling that was a departure from the company's usual design cues. The designation "S55" refers to the size of the engine; the vehicle was powered by a 5.5 liter V8, generating 355 horsepower. In 2003, this was upgraded to a supercharged version, rated at 493 horsepower. That device, powered by the serpentine belt, uses forced air induction, compressing it before shooting it into the fuel mixture. The result is a substantial boost in power - which was greatly needed for a sport vehicle tipping the scale at more than two tons.

These vehicles could be identified by a badge that said "Kompressor," mounted on the side of the vehicle. With the supercharger, the S55AMG could go from zero to sixty in less than 6 seconds and could travel at a top speed of 152 miles per hour. Small wonder this particular model was known as "The Hammer."

Additional features of the S55AMG included heavy duty brakes, consisting of 14.2 inch brake discs for the front wheels and 13 inch discs for the rear. This system was capable of bringing the vehicle to a dead stop from 70 miles per hour in just over 160 feet. It was also equipped with Active Body Control for greater stability and better handling at high speeds on twisting roads. This is something missing from its BMW rival, the M-Series. It consists of four computerized hydraulic servos mounted on top of each coil spring. When vehicle sensors detect any body movement (pitch, yaw, roll or any combination of the three), the servos make fast adjustments in order to keep the vehicle on the level. This is a full time system that includes a "sport" setting able to minimize roll by an addition 27 percent over the normal setting.

At a sticker price in the low six figures (the 2012 Mercedes S55 AMG price was north of $100,000), the Mercedes S55 AMG wasn't for everyone. It is still possible to find a Mercedes S55 AMG for sale on the used car market, though even these still command prices in the mid-five figures. There are few Mercedes S55 AMG problems to support, but even precision German engineering requires regularly scheduled maintenance. Granted, German auto parts can be very pricey, but you'll find them for less by going to, an online parts retailer offering steep discounts on everything automotive.

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I was very satisfied with this motor mount. I previously bought one of a lesser brand that failed after 4 months! Beck Arnley is a reputable name and by far a better quality product... don't skimp!!!