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The Mercedes S500 is a luxury car that is well-equipped. It is a spacious automobile that provides luxury and comfort to its driver and passengers and it is still a favorite among many Mercedes drivers because is so comfortable to drive and handles so well on the road because of its braking system and much more. Because it is an older model there will be a time when the auto parts will need to replaced, repaired or upgraded and when that time comes the best quality parts must be used to keep this old time favorite in the best running condition.

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Mercedes S500

The Mercedes S500 is part of a line known in German as Sonderklasss, or "Special Class." Literally, this means "a specially outfitted automobile" - and so it is. Since 1972, these have represented the company's flagship line of top-of-the-line vehicles. Over the years, the S line has featured many technological firsts, including advanced drivetrain systems and safety equipment. The Mercedes S500 and its sister models have long been the most popular luxury vehicles in the world.

The Mercedes S500 has a heritage going back more than six decades. Its earliest direct ancestor was the classic W180 "Ponton," which today is a classic greatly sought after by collectors. The next step in the S line's evolution was the Heckflosse, or Fintail model, introduced in 1959. This was designed primarily for the North American market, and indeed featured some distinctly American styling - including the "tail fins" popular on the Cadillac El Dorado, Chevy Bel-Air, Chrysler New Yorker and others. (Believe it or not, these tailfins were more than just stylish; inspired by fighter aircraft of the Second World War, they were actually intended to stabilize the vehicle when traveling at high speed in a crosswind.) By the mid-1960s, tailfins were out of style, and Mercedes introduced the W108/109 series. These had more conventional, rounded bodies, and were the immediate predecessor of the S series. It was one of the first vehicles sold in the U.S. to feature fuel injection.

The 1972 Mercedes S500 featured four wheel independent suspension and disc brakes. Style-wise, it was nothing to write home about, but the vehicle offered safety equipment that was quite advanced for the time. These included padded interior surfaces, head rests, dual asymmetric windshield wipers, and a system of actual rain gutters to direct water away from the windshield and outside mirrors.

The latest Mercedes S500 offers a streamlined, aerodynamic appearance. The interior is high-tech; instruments are displayed on two widescreen LCD displays, featuring animated graphics. Also featured is what is known as "Magic Body Control," a series of windshield-mounted stereo cameras that monitor the road surface and communicates with the suspension system in order to make adjustments for road conditions. Also included are on-board driver assistance systems that help the driver to negotiate heavy traffic and avoid accidents.

A number of different power plants are available, including a twin-turbo V8 and V-12, a diesel BlueTEC and a hybrid S400 with a 20 kilowatt electric motor and V6 in both gasoline and diesel versions. Currently, the Mercedes S500 is equipped with a seven speed automatic transmission.

None of this comes cheap: the 2016 Mercedes S500 price is over $120,000. A used Mercedes S500 can be purchased for somewhat less, but it is recommended that people in the market for such a vehicle avoid models older than 2004. According to consumer reports, these early models were unnecessarily complicated, and interior devices were prone to failure. If you own such a vehicle, a Mercedes S500 parts catalog may offer some aftermarket options that can address such problems.

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2002 Mercedes S500 Air Fuel Ratio Sensor

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