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The Mazda Rx7 is a high performance off road vehicle made with the most durable and reliable parts that are built to hold up under rugged driving. The Mazda Rx7 is designed for endurance. The auto parts of the Mazda Rx7 allow for optimum performance and help this car deliver the ultimate driving experience Mazda Rx7 parts are well made and are built to withstand the harsh elements of driving on rugged terrain, but whenever this well-made automobile has the need for new parts or repairs it is imperative that the best quality parts are purchased to keep the vehicle in superb running form.

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Mazda RX7

The Mazda RX7 made its debut in 1978 and continued in production until 2002. It was a two-seater sport coupe with many innovative features for its time. Models sold in the U.S. also had a very small, virtually useless "jump seat" in the back. The reason for the existence of these seats was not to be able to carry two additional passengers (one could, but it would be very cramped and uncomfortable for the unfortunate rear seat occupants). It was for insurance purposes. Actuarial tables used by auto insurance underwriters demonstrate that two-seater sports cars are involved in road accidents far more often than other vehicles because of the way they are driven; therefore, sports car owners pay a penalty in the form of higher premiums. The existence of a "back seat" lowers those premiums significantly.

The first Mazda RX-7 models were powered by the diminutive Wankel rotary engine, which employs a triangular-shaped rotor, moving around a stationary crankshaft. Instead of cylinders and pistons, the combustion process takes place in chambers, formed by part of the engine housing and sealed by the rotor's facings. Although it doesn't offer the best fuel economy for its size, the Wankel Rotary has many advantages, including simplicity (there are fewer moving parts to wear out) and a better weight-to-power ratio. This engine, which powered the rear wheels, was mounted behind the front axle, giving the vehicle a lower center of gravity and improving the way the car handled on twisting roads. Over the course of its quarter-century of production, the Mazda RX7 was selected by Car and Driver magazine for its "Ten Best" list no fewer than five times.

Throughout the course of its production run, the RX7 was regularly updated. With each new generation (there were three altogether), the vehicle underwent significant design changes. Unfortunately, when the third and final generation appeared in 1991, it looked as if Mazda had carried the concept to extremes. The engine featured a sequential twin turbocharger system, which was overly-complicated. The vehicle was wider as well, which caused problems for sales in its home country. Its larger dimensions pushed it into the official Japanese government classification of "upper-level luxury sports car," making it subject to higher taxes. The result was a major drop in domestic sales.

The version sold in the U.S. was as close to a "pure" sports car that Mazda had ever offered. Its 1.3 liter Wankel Rotary put out an impressive 255 horsepower, able to take the car from zero to sixty in blistering five seconds. The suspension system was specially tuned for the race track, and many high-performance options were available, such as a five-speed manual trans, a limited-slip differential and four wheel anti-lock brakes - making Mazda RX7 performance parts superfluous.

However good its performance and handling for sports driving, it proved to be a bit much for daily driving. Between that and the $35,000 sticker price, auto consumers gradually turned away. Production came to an end in 2002.

If you love driving just for the thrill of it, a pre-owned Mazda RX7 for sale in good condition might be just the thing. Provided it has been maintained in good repair with genuine Mazda RX7 auto parts, a used one at around $5,000 is a pretty good deal.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Jerry

Product is the factory metal plenum gasket. Packaging was sufficient to protect product and was delivered in a timely manner.

1993 Mazda RX7 Intake Plenum Gasket

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Cameron

Great product... works Great

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Cameron

Great product... work like a charm

1986 Mazda RX7 Wiper Blade

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: binx

awesome service!

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Dave Treasure

The muffler arrived intact. It appears to be what I ordered. The real test will come when I bolt it into place and test it. So far, so good. Thanks

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: copperfd

cant beat the price on hard to find parts and everything fit properly.the picture they show is universal but you will recieve the right part.

1993 Mazda RX7 Caliper Repair Kit