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If you own a high quality car, including the Audi Q7, you will want to be aware that when there are difficulties on this high quality vehicle any parts will probably run a high bill. Mishaps are sometimes a part of operating a vehicle, but it's possible to reduce the chance of causing a disastrous accident by purchasing and maintaining your safety components such as signal lights and brake components. The police department requires your car to run with the required safety-related equipment - avoid traffic tickets and avoidable accidents by purchasing all the necessary parts or accessories. Vehicle trouble can cause a lot of anxiety, but a site like is here to help. Whether a big part or a small one, fixing your car or truck with OEM quality parts is the smartest move over time.

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Audi Q7

Bursting onto the automotive scene in 2005, German car manufacturer has given us the Audi Q7, a full-sized luxury crossover SUV. Officially sold since 2006, the Q7 was the first SUV produced by Audi, who later offered the Q5 and Q3 SUV models. The Q7 shares its base platform and vehicle chassis (PL71) with its cousins, the Volkswagen Touareg and the Porsche Cayenne. The Audi Q7 was designed for road use, and the design lacks the inclusion of a low range transfer case to allow more-serious off-road utilization. The Audi Q7 has a permanent four wheel drive system and adaptive suspension systems which makes it able to handle some light off-road applications with ease. The four wheel drive system is known as "Quattro" and that is where Audi got the inspiration for the model name beginning with "Q." This caused some controversy between Audi and the Nissan/Infinity auto group, who had been using the letter Q for its vehicles including the Q50 and QX7. A settlement between the two companies led to a restriction of Audi using the Q model name for any additional cars beyond the three Q SUVs in their lineup.

The Audi Q7 has been available in North America since 2007. The vehicle has been offered in a variety of power plant options. The initial Q7s featured the 4.2 Quattro configuration. In 2005 the Audi Q7 hybrid was introduced as a concept car, but it did not see its way into production. In 2009, a clean diesel option was made available and this time frame also saw the introduction of the V12 TDI, the only twelve cylinder diesel engine used in a passenger car. The V12 TDI boasted a whopping 490 horsepower and a 0-60 acceleration time of 5.5 seconds. The Audi Q7 V12 TDI's power required Audi to redesign the Q7's suspension, tires, and brakes and all of this tinkering produced one of the best handling versions of the Q7. This version of the Audi Q7 was not widely sold in the US because of emissions regulations. A planned implementation of "diesel emission treatment technology" to allow more Q7 V12 models on US roads was shelved after the car market softened in 2008.

The second generation of the Audi Q7 was made public in 2015. These new Q7s included major leaps in technology, including optical fiber data to allow the onboard computer systems to handle very large quantities of data. This allows for innovation of the Reductive Efficiency Assistant to predict curves and read traffic signs and help reduce overall gas consumption by 10%. Other computer-assisted features include obstacle avoidance systems, traffic jam assistant, night vision assistant, active lane assist, and adaptive cruise control.

If that all sounds complex, you'd be right! But even a high-tech vehicle like the Audi Q7 has basic repair needs and you may find yourself searching for Audi Q7 parts for sale in order to maintain your vehicle. If you are looking for an Audi Q7 parts catalog and hoping to buy Audi Q7 parts online, there's some good news. You can utilize the computerized parts search function of a website like to locate the Audi Q7 performance parts you need. will make sure you have the right part for your Q7. Get the right Audi Q7 parts, right away by ordering online. They'll be at your door in no time.

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Reviewer: Louis

Pagid front brake pad sets, great products! you can't go wrong with OEM semi-metallic pads. Tried many other cheap ceramic pads and lost a lot of braking power! Will try brembo ceramic next time see how it goes.

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Reviewer: TPMS Sensor

Great brand at an excellent price. Its the perfect fit.

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Really great product, no hassles, no stress. Highly Recommeded

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Great product, quick shipping, and excellent communication. Highest recommendation!!

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Product was as advertised. Came in the box very well cushioned and exactly as I was expecting. I chose regular shipping, which the website said could last a week or more to arrive and yet I received it in half that time, which speaks very good about their service. Im very satisfied and will definitely come back everytime I need parts for my cars