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See the country while you go in luxury, driving a Lexus LX470. Just a small investment in the best safety equipment for your vehicle now will prevent major expenses in the future. The police require your car to run with the required safety-oriented gear - avoid traffic tickets and dangerous accidents by purchasing the correct equipment. Whether you own a smokin' hot rod or a hard working truck, we have all the aftermarket accessories you have to have right on site at Your fine Lexus was manufactured using quality and craftsmanship; it needs new components of a similar high level of value. Every car or truck will require replacement parts once in a while, so when that time comes is here to help you. Selecting a Lexus is a smart choice, now maintaining it in excellent condition is even more sensible!

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Lexus LX470

The Lexus LX470 is a part of the Lexus LX series. The LX series is marketed as a luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV). The LX model started production in 1996 and continues production today in the LX 570 model. The LX470 was the second generation of the LX series and was produced between 1998 and 2006. The LX model is based on the Toyota Land Cruiser. The 470 model was significantly beefed up from the first generation 450 model, by upgrading from an inline six cylinder to a more powerful V8. It also utilized a unibody design mounted on a steel ladder frame. With the introduction of the 470, the LX increased seating to accommodate eight people. The LX is the most expensive model sold by Lexus. As with many larger luxury styles, the Lexus is not available in Japan where it is manufactured due to size restrictions. The LX470 used a 4.7 liter, V8 engine, originally producing 230 horsepower and later upgraded to 235 horsepower.

The LX470 was well equipped with a stone leather luxury package for its interior. Added features included a smog sensor for the air conditioning system, a night vision backup camera and a driver heads up display. The DVD system included a Mark Levinson premium sound system and rain sensing windshields. The 2005 model year added General Motors OnStar emergency notification and monitoring system. The LX470 included adjustable height control air suspension and adaptive variable suspension that allowed it to raise its height to adjust easily from on-road to off-road conditions. When stopped, the LX470 can be lowered for easy entry and exit. The adaptive suspension system can adjust the firmness of the shock absorber for each wheel based on input from many factors such as road conditions and driver steering patterns. These adjustments can occur every 2.5 milliseconds, providing an extremely smooth ride. In the 2005 through 2007 models, a variable gear ratio steering system was also added to make steering easier in situations such as parking and less subject to over-steering in emergency situations.

The Lexus LX series has won numerous awards from J. D. Powers, Consumer Reports, Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds. The awards include best initial quality SUV, best to retain its value and most stable ride. As an indication of its quality, on one used car site, the Lexus470 was rated at 4.5 stars. Lexus forums do not indicate any significant problems with the LX470. Even so, it is always a good idea to have a reference to Lexus parts and accessories. Especially on the high end models such as the LX470, it is a good idea to use only OEM Lexua part, but with a bit of searching on a site such as, the Lexus owner can find genuine Lexus parts online catalogs and with a little searching, might be able to locate the necessary Lexus parts wholesale. During it's model run, the LX470 averaged about 9,000 units sold in the US each year.

Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: TX Lexus Guy

The check engine light would show up after 20-30 miles of driving, the code indicted the front oxygen sensors. PartsGeek verified the correct part numbers needed and all is good. Great support and communication with good prices!

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Peck

Great fit. Very firm quiet stopping on a 2004 Lexus LX470. Quick delivery.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Mcmanhandyman

It's,awesome,you're one of the best online stores,Mabuhay,More Powerful To ALL!

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Denso Oxygen sensors

These Denso sensors are identical to OEM. I had read that the new OEM Bosch replacements sometimes trigger CEL. Denso's were excellent. CEL staid off, car runs great. They came with anti-seize compound too (others including Bosch do not). From Parts Geek, price was excellent! I'm very happy. Remember if you have a "V" engine configuration with two exhaust manifolds, replace both of your pre-catalytic converter sensors at the same time.

2000 Lexus LX470 Oxygen Sensor

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Lennis Brown

This website is great. It has very good prices for parts. I am hoping that you will continue to stay in business, because I will be purchasing from you. I am getting ready to purchase a part shortly. However, it is very difficult to talk with someone on the phone. Thanks very much.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: DanI

Excellent part and service much cheaper the the dealer. A great place to do business with.