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Dodge Journey

First launched in 2009, the Dodge Journey is an affordable three-row SUV. At, we offer a range of replacement parts that help you maintain your Journey for less. Explore our common maintenance components, sort by brand name and discover why we’re a leader in affordable replacement auto parts.

How To Maintain Your Dodge Journey

The Journey comes with many benefits, but there are a few common maintenance steps you’ll need to take to keep your SUV safe and efficient. Here are some typical issues and how to solve them with our affordable line of auto parts:

  • Grinding brakes
  • Low brake pressure
  • Contaminated engine oil
  • Faulty engine sensor

One of the most common maintenance tasks for your Dodge Journey is replacing brake pads. If you notice a grinding, squealing or scraping noise coming from any tire, it’s time to inspect your brake system. Brake pads are usually the first component to wear out, but it’s important to inspect the rotors and calipers as well to look for signs of wear. Failure to replace these components could reduce the efficiency of your brake system. Pads can be ceramic, semi-metallic or metallic.

When you press your brake pedal, it activates the caliper through a hydraulic system. Brake lines, filled with brake fluid, are required to keep your brakes working safely. A leak in a line or water in the line can cause serious brake pressure issues. If you press your brake pedal and notice a delay in braking or reduced stopping power, you may need to check for leaks and bleed your brake lines. Order new lines and brake fluid at to prevent a dangerous situation.

Every vehicle needs routine engine oil change. The most cited oil change frequency is every 3,000 miles, but this rule of thumb depends on a number of factors. Consider the age of your Dodge, the amount of miles you drive and other factors before changing the oil. Order the correct weight of oil online and don’t forget to order a new oil filter as well. It’s surprisingly easy to change your own oil at home, so avoid a trip and take on this DIY task on your own.

A common cause of your check engine light turning on is a faulty sensor. Check the error code related to the warning light before attempting any repair. Typically, a new oxygen sensor, throttle position sensor or other sensor can remove the error code and restore the full performance of your engine.

Why Choose for Your Auto Parts

Looking for a great deal on routine maintenance tasks? These issues can all be solved with a few components, a couple hand tools and a few hours of your time. Turn to to find the exact replacement parts you need for your year of Dodge Journey.

Turn to a quality online parts warehouse for affordable prices on common and aftermarket parts. Because we buy in bulk and sell online, our prices at are highly competitive. Stay ahead of routine maintenance issues or take on a more serious repair project to keep your Dodge Journey driving smoothly and safely.

Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Kervens Myrtil

The 2016 Dodge journey action will came as soon as possible.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Smith

I received my order within a couple days. The part was exactly what it showed on the website. No complaints here. I will definitely order from parts geek in the future.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Gary

Accurate Product description on the site. Timely delivery. Good price. Very satisfied.

2009 Dodge Journey Expansion Tank

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: journey

the bearing came in a timely manner fitment was correct and quality is great installed one year ago no problems yet

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Jeff

Part fit shipping....freiedly knowledgeable staff

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Great quality perfect fit

It was a perfect fit and my truck hasn't sound as perfect as it do now and it was half da price I was going to pay thanks to parts geek for the win win situation

2009 Dodge Journey Wheel Hub Assembly