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The dependability and spirited style of a Chevrolet Impala are two reasons for the purchase of replacement and aftermarket components with at least that level of value; such parts don't have to empty your wallet. Utilize PartsGeek any time you want great aftermarket or performance auto and truck parts to be rewarded with our outstanding service and a reasonable price every time. An Impala remains a fine vehicle but with mileage even the most solid cars and trucks demand maintenance cycles and new replacement parts. Chevrolet designs highly regarded automobiles such as the Impala, and they are regularly spotted on the American highway. It seems like the hardest part about repairing your vehicle is searching for an outstanding source of quality parts. High-quality parts and accessories are needed to keep that Chevrolet in great condition however rough the driving. If it happens that your vehicle needs to visit the shop, the logical answer is acquiring a new high performance OEM or replacement auto part to restore your Chevrolet in perfect condition. Whenever you need to order Chevrolet Impala parts, it's smart to get the best quality auto parts you can find - and here at PartsGeek you'll get the best prices around, and our first-rate service.

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Chevrolet Impala

The American car industry produced many models and styles that could be called classic. So even to be comfortably somewhere in the middle of that list is quite an accomplishment. To sit at the very top of that list, like the Chevy Impala does, is to say it is the best of the best. The Impala defines what it means to be a classic car. In fact, the Impala defines something in just about every category of automobile history. Introduced in 1956, the Impala defines American middle class. Power, comfort and durability wrapped in attractive and innovative styling. And of course, all at a reasonable price. The 1958 base price was $2,586. For that the family got a 3500 pound, 280 HP workhorse. The Impala was so successful that it became the largest selling model of all cars in only its second year of production.

The 1956 Impala was designed by legendary styling chief, Harley Earl who also designed the Chevrolet Corvette. In 1958, Harley turned over the design responsibility to his understudy, Bill Mitchell. Mitchell oversaw the Impala's growth to define what it means to be a full size, overpowered, family sedan, the very definition of gas guzzler. But what a ride! The Impala design team had an uncanny ability to surf the giant wave that was the American automobile industry of the 1960s. In the early 1960s, Bill Mitchell's famous tail fins and four door hardtops impacted car design like Apple impacted computers a couple of decades later. In 1961 the Impala had become more compact and boxy, but still just as powerful as evidenced by the introduction of the "Super Sport" or SS label. By the mid 1960s, Impala regained its muscle car status and produced the classic 1965 model.

Through the late 1970s, the Impala lost its way, resulting in its nameplate retirement in 1985. In 2000, Impala was revived and continued to find the balance between the new demands of fuel efficiency, safety, performance, comfort and styling. In 2016, many people think Impala has regained that balance point. The newest Impala is powerful but fuel efficient and large enough to be a comfortable full size family sedan.

As a result of Chevy's incredibly successful run with Impala, not to mention its classic design simplicity and performance durability, even Impala parts catalogs are in demand. Knowing good sources of parts from distributors such as Hubbard's Impala parts or Edmunds Impala parts are a necessity to own one of the older classic models. It's not hard to find ads for the most popular models under titles like 63 Impala parts, 64 Impala parts or 65 Impala parts.

Since its introduction in 1956, there have been ten generations of Impala. During the 1970s, along with most of American auto manufacturing, the Impala gained the less laudable distinction of lower quality. But thankfully since the early 2000s, it has regained its prestige, back in the same market niche where it started, a solid, affordable, comfortable and stylish meat and potatoes automobile.

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Reviewer: Terry

AWESOME PRICE and great parts Im very satisfied with the Tail Lamps

1963 Chevrolet Impala Tail Lamp Socket

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Reviewer: Rockcity52

Good item, good price. Good shipping.

1969 Chevrolet Impala Arm Rest

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Reviewer: Rockcity52

Great item, good price, shipping was good.

1969 Chevrolet Impala Arm Rest

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Reviewer: Parker63385

Great price, and since I was not in a hurry to get them installed the 4 days shipping was no probem. Plus FREE shipping, could not beat the price.

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Aspi

Excellent product works well

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Reviewer: lcstokes68

works perfect!!! Fast service Thanks!!!!