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Pontiac G5

The G5 is a popular compact car that balances high-speed performance and comfortable driveability. It's a surprisingly quiet ride and has a comfortable interior for daily commuting or long road trips. The Pontiac G5 was manufactured from 2007 to 2010 as the Pontiac version of the Chevrolet Cobalt. If you've just purchased this car, or you're looking for maintenance parts for your reliable ride, explore our online store at

DIY Tasks That Are Made Affordable by

Maintaining your car can be costly if you take it to the mechanic at every opportunity. Preventative maintenance can be more affordable than major repairs, and DIY maintenance is even more convenient. Gather some automotive tools, review professional instructions and clear a few hours to tackle on or more of these DIY maintenance tasks:

  • Brake pad replacement
  • Fluid flush and replacement
  • Oil change
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Belt and hose inspection

Brakes require only a few components and basic tools to replace. Measure your brake pads and prepare to replace them if they're thickness is 1/4 inch or less. You have a few brake pad options, like ceramic or metallic pads, so use our product descriptions and customer reviews to find the best option for your driving habits.

Brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant and other fluids need to be monitored and periodically replaced. While not as common as brake fluid, all of these need to be replaced to avoid contamination or moisture issues. Review the recommended replacement mileage in your owner's manual or a professional service manual before tackling one or more of these tasks.

Light bulbs, batteries and electrical sensors may not offer many warning signs before they need to be replaced. Automotive batteries typically only last five years or less, so monitor this component carefully and consider using a battery tester to see if it's time to replace it. Use caution when working around electrical items to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Inspect your serpentine belt and hoses in your engine compartment for signs of wear. These items can dry out, crack and split over time. Preventative maintenance keeps your vehicle running, but a sudden snap or leak can cause significant component failure.

Major Automotive Repair Projects for Your Pontiac G5 also makes it easy to tackle major repair projects. Your Pontiac G5 is a reliable car, but that doesn't mean your engine, suspension, transmission and other key systems are going to last forever. Run it for years and years and you'll eventually need to perform one of these major tasks. If you have the mechanical experience, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars by ordering the necessary parts at and performing a DIY repair.

Convenient Shopping for Pontiac Auto Parts

Quality parts at great rates are easy to find at Explore our catalog by entering the year of your Pontiac G5 and sorting through our components. Whether you're looking for a remanufactured engine component or an aftermarket exhaust, you'll find plenty of components to keep your compact car cruising confidently wherever the road takes you.

Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Rich , New Jersey

Prompt delivery, exactly what I needed to get DRL to work again. Had to remove instrument cluster to install. Wasn't very hard.

2008 Pontiac G5 Ambient Light Sensor

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: trolleywot

Came on time fit perfect works great! Saved my car Solved a very persistent nagging stall problem. G5 runs like new again. You can change it yourself and save a Ton of money.

2008 Pontiac G5 Idle Air Control Valve

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: strivan

I was extremely satisfied. Perfect match and on time delivery.

2008 Pontiac G5 Sunroof Switch Bezel

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Winston

This was a very great product. I installed it as soon as I received it. It works fine.

2007 Pontiac G5 Hood Latch

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Perfect fit

It works like a dream. Not hard to splice into with and it feels heavier duty than the factory wires

2008 Pontiac G5 HVAC Blower Motor Connector

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: b moore

very good service, good price, speedy delivery, and right fit.